Deanna Adler

Wednesday, February 1st

Deanna Adler, mother of Guns 'n' Roses drummer Steven Adler called Mistress Carrie to talk about her new book "Sweet Child of Mine, How I lost my Son to Guns 'n' Roses"


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It's just scary on Boston's rock station WA AF. Columbus just scary how I feel. I'm doing great thank you so much for Collins. Hit the big Guns 'N Roses. Is. Just is legendary for their antics onstage. And the turmoil in the fighting and the hard partying as they are for the amazing music and live performances. Your perspective. On this rock and roll hall of fame band. Is unlike anyone else's. What do you mean when you can't have liked him anyway also everyone else has. Because it. Well your perspective. Is really an insider's perspective what your not the member of the paint. I don't know you know I I. I haven't talked to. Any other band membership vote to thirty years I was just telling this story about. My son. What he did. It's what they say the extra either rocked their world. They mean that does Iraq Iran because it was a crazy crazy time and lots of stories he told. If you read the book just see what I'm talking about and hardship. I just thought it them as a mother you know I didn't hit it fan. I have never thought of myself even as a quote rock unquote. Never I always feel that my son you know I don't put him before I used to see him perform when he first started. This just my son. The naming your book is called how I lost my son to Guns 'N Roses sweet child of mine and when Stephen was growing up I asked this question a lot to rock stars when they call. What did they wanna do. They weren't going to be a musician do you know what he had plans of doing if you didn't become the drummer Guns 'N Roses. You know he's never said anything like that I always that was that was but it when he was I think eleven or twelve years old. He told me loudly it's got me off with my cousin and we wanted to see chip over a massive amount of and I felt case wiped off the law there and then I picked them up you know when he called me. And the first thing he's said to me in the tablet month. I'm do that they just rough in the world that the in the biggest band in the world. And I'm going to be enough rock and roll hall of fame. And I he's eleven years old okay. This is what is said to me and it would have stopped saying that. He never wanted to be anything else as I wanted to do was being a musician. And you are not bombing. He did what he said he was gonna do at age eleven he wasn't the biggest and it was rock the world stock and you lives inducted. Into rock and roll hall of fame. Well how much it how many mothers can say that. Did you buy him his first drums set. Well I think his grandmother did when he was. It fifteen years old he did what he didn't want to stay. With his family he wanted to go with a grandma because grandma would give me anything you want. Wanted at any wood into eleven the only place he wanted. In my house we had to have a role of the home at 6 o'clock at dinner go to bed at night there needs to get schooled the next day. As steep as the type of person that wanted to do what you wanna do when he was doing whatever he wanted to. So I just wasn't working out of all men. And he knew grandma would give me anything I do anything for him so he went to live with Graham I think it was in the fifteen years old west and down. Yeah I'm up I'm. When did you know that your son and his friends and his rock band and he was in. Weren't just your son and his friends in Iraq band anymore. Well was it apparent to you that they wore. Famous that they had made it. Right out at first I didn't realize then that I. I saw him on the front cover of the out we always don't Agassi in all these southern Iraq magazines. And let that that's when I realized. Old Bailey realized more how he's been a big fan you know and yes. They never thought of him as a quote rod and I would never. Event but we knew that it was famous and it went Japanese signed them and all of a sudden they had money in the. He didn't have to ask for money anymore ravens. Is on his own you know very probably that we didn't know what was gonna happen we didn't know about the drugs and alcohol we didn't know anything like that. It's normal family by the you know we've invited some tropical. And a description of the black. It says 25 failed rehab attempts multiple suicide attempts to heart attacks a debilitating stroke. This is a lot to watch her son goes through how have you been able to maintain. Your strength to be a support system for him. Well I don't know why I'm so strong I mean I guess god you know for something in me but we've gone through all these things with him and we know that I can't even tell you can I don't even know it as it's just crazy do we have time for a quick. Story of course. Oh good good where he was also in a coma OK I living in Las Vegas and I get a phone call from this century city hospital. And then there's sent to me this is Adler. Is siren test to have dialysis within 24 hours. Otherwise you're gonna die so I don't want given dialysis what are you waiting for idyllic kind of crap that fat and she can I ask their permission. From the person that passed the medical. How do you know. The medical proxy. Yeah so I I I totaled that we will read the papers I signed them. It was able to get dialysis what the weather was such it was brought into the hospital that a drug novatel. Well. Then they didn't on dialysis. And here I am I'm in Las Vegas and my son is in a coal mine is getting dialysis. And at that time my I would take the camera how they could see that the wind would affect China's very basic. Inside final thought they would take him her husband buddy go do my son. But quiet LA I go to the house. And I walked into the room where my son is and he had tunes coming out everywhere. And I haven't seen anybody in a coma that I have heard stories. Is how they can hear you talking. So I went to the side of the bed. This started talking to them. And if you live well and this is the truth one that I just one eye open and warm feeling good cheer. Some just down his cheek and then at five clones. Of course. What did I do I picked up crying and I'm waiting on his chest I pressed I don't crisis so high I couldn't even bother me. And I told please it and please give it will not take care is so get well. And after about these days. He came out of a coma and general David in the hospital for fumigation. What brand that hit. Maybe it was the tribunal I don't know anymore I picked them up and took them home. And before you went home what age you. He stopped and picked up is Stockton. The change I do it how it. Picked up somewhat. I'm so. I don't know if it was there's just too much for me you know at the wrong time as the what makes a person hit rock bottom. Let's and the adequacy or if I had all the strokes and heart attack it you're in a coma and it kicked homer of the hospital and you're going. I pick up front. What what is it that. What happens that you hit back I don't know what happened. It is not different for everybody. Everybody has Joan rock I don't and for him. It didn't cash it didn't happen yet it just was taken drives and more excitement more traction much alcohol. And I'm so thankful that he's cleaned today that he is well nobody's happy. This whole life has changed just by him going off the drugs is just so completely different person. Did you ever meet him. I have not met him no when IA. Was around Guns 'N Roses he was already out of the bands I would love to his story is life story is so compelling. And such a huge part of that life story is you and your strength and the fact that he made it through. The highs and lows of the craziness of Guns 'N Roses. And it's made it out the other side. I think is something that a lot of parents dealing with this oh peeling up at epidemic can relate to even if there's sun wasn't the drummer and Guns 'N Roses. We everybody and that every mother can relate to this and you know what every mother. Kendall story itself. But everybody that had that child up on drugs are outlaw. There ashamed they won't say anything because I was like that for 25 years I can tell anybody who I last. I was too ashamed that I do isolated somebody told me. All you left is bad you related to Steven Adler and I was saying now that I had a stupid thing to say but I was so ashamed. I couldn't stand it. But I'm not like NA lab when the book put fitted and it was very cathartic for me and I'm so happy that it's been published it to Big Ten years the published this book. And I'm very happy about and that's the other day I picked it up for the first time and I held it in my hand my says I got my first stop crying. Because we're now I can. Maybe help another Monta. Want to say to mothers who don't. If I could just tell them don't be afraid. People age you know these strong it's okay it's not your fault. Well Deanna I really appreciate. Your time the book. You can tell it's a passion project in a labor of love for you. So I wanna congratulate you on ten years of hard work that has definitely paid off and I hope it does really well for you and congratulations. I appreciate. Any help I can get but the thank you. There's just scary on Boston's rock station WA AF.