Dave Mustaine - Megadeth Acoustic

Friday, December 16th

Megadeth's Dave Mustaine calls into the show to share some stories from his storied career, as well as promote his acoustic show that he will be doing with Santa Boch!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I believe they've missed and is on the phone if you'd like to check in with him Ernie or Dave good morning. Jermareo Elijah. One trip and carrier. We're great earnings here and where allowed the box to we are actually just discussing. The WA AF celebrity golf tournament he played in probably about 100 yeah yeah how long does that 1012 years at some point out. It was a while ago I had to accept all the time going out there was Soviet gymnast. Those who just made that comment about to mention what. I was that was LB it was a joke is you know I would I do not as bad I'll be honest an item and was making fun of the time. As just watching him pitch and sent on TV talking about you know. Her crew herself as sick and that's probably want life that it can was on wasn't on the table you would let it slide it. Yes it yeah I think that you totally bullet it totally that I miss you buddy out. Do you carry to Austin to get what you guys. Seth Myers last night ago. It was really cool you know it's funny as Mariah Carey wears their tune and she was supposed to be there. Of course we want Simon and she's got stuck in traffic so I went to assess the Mexican Juan has found on the tape the man ketchup and and I think so scared. We we got a great time. You're out playing journeys event and I hate and and obviously. Music drives us as a lot. To help put music in schools and in music with a organizations and music as as a school. For healing and I was I was wondering if I don't know I don't think it all ties we've talked if I've ever asked about this what were you in the band and high school days. Oh. I was sort of Vista owners out on the bridge. And all that worked out well they got to learn yeah. The guys that were in school bans. Because of the kind of guys that ended up on what's that that Big Bang theory tactic to typecast kind of. Paths that fifth or there in the book playing for like the Boston Pops or something like that. Yeah. You've been you that you guys been touring around in how has the has the reaction and you you run into. A lot of fans like old and I'm sure mega fans but also some new fair system. Yeah we've had a really good ones that's record we just got to. A new record thinking actually it's not new it's just came out last. January 3 two we've been really really close to disrupt with the success we just got Cleo award for a react got nominated for a Grammy we've. Again loads of top ten where America. Some stuff like that. So where were or really really stoked and and via our audience that have been shown of course we have our our dedicated to hard core fans let. It's great to see some of the fans shown up and then bringing you under Islam because you know. I mean I hate when I hear guys say like oh you know the most acute we just started in this seat as things settle around for a long time back. You know I mean I certainly don't feel. Do you feel like you we talked from time to part about. The music industry being cyclical in and genres being up in beam down do you feel like this is a bad. Period time when it comes to rock music. Well I think it as I can say there's anything it has to do with that helped the it traction. The music is she right now. And we know that that message who has been cyclical although it is cyclical. I think that part of the reason that the music business right now as anemic as it's just not a lot of talent out there with the advent of there's a lot of workstations anybody can. Maker saw you know they stick one of those little programs psychologically and or something and couldn't do that to happen plugin that aren't. If they eventually you know they've got some respectable thing to put on within about monkeys in the room was an unlimited about it typewriters and eventually one of the so called Shakespeare. Do you think did Dave this is Ernie do you think they did that the lack of guitar and pop music keys is. A symptom. Well. Could be I think to electric guitar pop music is again going back to the lack talent is we went through it. I try to spell list. It was terrorism can be when it was cause it was called true metal or some crap like that where. There are new metal where it takes travelers to do show us at all. And you know I can't valuation that was for example they can do so those guys they couldn't. We call that the nickel back period. This yeah. Stripped it. Contrary to popular belief those guys actually. Are really. Successful songwriters they and who has been writing her identity in the Summers that. I mention at this year's colts and so we have a subcommittee guys in the band at the time and it sounds to me people would be really really nice. Do you think you'll keep playing we we were talking about this recently who has. Who is Aerosmith and how on you know it they've announced their final tour which oftentimes ends up being. Three or four final tour as you know the who'd done it before. It at that what do you how do you think you keep playing days. Well certainly it's not so much you know a desire to go out and continued to live beside that the pre pubescent teenagers still. I've got my biological clock. This is ticking because it just wears hair on the head banging. And playing at that speed that aren't that on certain players many years I have my hamster. They're pretty riddled with arthritis right now on my my neck it's no secret I've had surgery on my action stars so a lot of stuff going on at bank of yourself. I think it's going to be as long as the you know forever. Lasting just farewell tour I'm curious stuff like that but you know school in a situation like yes. I think they're great entertainers so I'm glad that people get to see them. We're talking would date the stain from mega dad who is playing tonight a sold out show. Called thrashing through the snow for her music jives discerning box charity earnings this we're live at at buck Toyota. Have you heard any of the new Metallica. It a little bit you know it's and so soc image on given games he would says that I hear him. Because as I said well say that you haven't heard in the out of and and successful. He told people that you heard it my suggestion soon happen. I thought. If I love you. Hot bath ice and I love you here. Oh yeah and they think they keep saying you know and basically it gave you this is talking about two in the big forcing and I simply app I ask you think you'll stop asking me. They can interactive. It now does does does Davis being very therapy are due to Christmas tunes for the scrambling. During the holidays ago. He knows it. Are essentially musical but we enjoy listening to it I'm certainly plan it's it's it takes a lot to give the old model he Brett steps. So I don't sit around and play guitar in fact before we onstage at barely touched my guitars you know. So much since a little old friends and family and staff you know basically what we'll do is just. The channel gunman play summer June ago. Five makes tonight even that much more special man. That's unusual day though isn't it for guitar plays don't they like always warmup before they go on. Yes some of them I think it's cool for me so it just be as explosive as I can you get out there aren't just seem. And let the chips fall where they pay. Because in the beginning in my crazed to certain practices. And the sound system myself that it it's certainly hasn't tired me out and by the time it came time to play. You know it's just turner can't go into the motions instead of talking afterwards I. All right let it rip it. Well it'll be a great show tonight it's sold out that sold out and I know you couldn't fly in last night refined today so. It's always great to talk to and would be wish him Merry Christmas and a happy new year David stand. You.