Danielle/LB Debate - Hugh VS Harvey

Thursday, October 12th

A texter sparks a spirited debate between Danielle and LB on the the differences between Hugh Hefner and Harvey Weinstein and why Harvey is being scrutinized while Hugh's lifestyle was socially acceptable!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I can't send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. This is a 617 text honest question about Harvey Weinstein. He asked girls to sleep put him for movie roles. And he's vilified. Hugh Hefner asked girls to sleep put him to be of money. And he is immortalized in what is the difference. In an hour. What I did early stages. I don't we talked about the cute thing before it said that I found a lot of those girls were manipulated and do good if you really can't centers and I think I think it's I think the Hugh Hefner thing was more public and glamour eyes so you know you get to see you made the connection with these women to heal and I was like oh look everything's lovely and wonderful on sparkles in sequence and make up and boobs. And then you know Harvey Weinstein. It wasn't like a public figure thing it's like he's the producer. You're in this role in the movie people that really make connection to it and. Now an audience but you can't. Like because a bunch of Playboy bunnies haven't come out and charged. You Hafner with the crap that once he's in charge what they haven't charged him with that stuff that they a lot of them have come out to talk about their experience what are you Hafner walked around naked and and made them. Do stuff without their consent. Growth wore robes yeah there's sort of were robe wearer so I think in both in both situations. Both Hugh and party IC you could say that there are women who willingly slept with. Or dealt with those advances to further their careers whether it was in Playboy earn a movie. And there were women who were coerced into it who felt. Where things may have been inappropriate happened that they kept going along with that because they refused to speak yes they are afraid to speak guess this American their ruined their careers. Americans at its finest. You have to there has ever been accused of doing anything wrong and then everybody just want you know what. I'm I'm pretty UN with Harvey Weinstein. I wouldn't be fair Brian that's not it there's there have that you also had. You know. Girls that they had to sign nondisclosure agreements in order to be within the Playboy empire. So a lot of people probably couldn't talk about I'm sorry I inserted Hugh hold their hand when they sign that. It's called arrests now there could know and I totally agree with and you need to it was not now you're talking you're I don't I don't know I'm sort of money has come out and said they were under duress to sign their Playboy bunny Contra are we there are many women have come to talk about their experience and instead it was in its. It wasn't this glorified the kingdom that everybody makes it today. You cannot lump you have dinner and and with Harvey Weinstein and you know you can you can't completely different snap jet filter on it but it's not necessarily as Richard Neer that's exactly what you do you throw different role want to do is going to be. There have hasn't done anything no using India born there I know that he's using food wine tasting free Q Hafner is not. And he that you don't think and ninety's yeah. Pop in a minute that I'm gonna forget we're where we're going to run. I'm sorry. If I am. I'm not a yeah. Do you want you to have Turkey can you do have plummeted yeah let's just get have been making DNA Brockman tickets available. Yeah. They're they're out at ninety about it really disturbing that he would lie there and then at all like the guy from Viagra you definitely can't. And what you want it. As close to Harvey Weinstein is I'm not trying to make this thing down apparently are a bunch of security guards hurting the girls and he used bad you know that. You know that if they did that big it's not it's not that you can't just we know when he talked podium openly DNA and I didn't have to vote no room pray locked out in a role global print and you master began. Yes they have them half a giant parties in the of bottle like the midsummer night's dream like fruit and every bottle. So hey you had money Barbara date yet again in the band and. Once your point what's is what's there's a similar to ignore your Audi design. And mutinous check. Can the very interesting. Discussions I think they aren't I think it's hard can be hard it could be are from and understand because it. That you know they see that you look at Playboy bunnies they are right she wants to be doing which I think is what LB is saying. But your saying that there could be in balance of power I think this week between a playmate and somebody like you left. The whole thing about being a plane made so glamorized. That people don't look at the underneath him what happened you know behind closed doors where like with like data down the lawsuits. Or B you don't want do you have one Playboy bunny. In I don't know how long is play more around eighty years one Playboy bunny that was the whatever check. The rule calling yeah but aren't there are others who I'm out of his hands now it's the above. Everything's free where the New York Times story and human error and and girls being abused. There hasn't beaten Harvey Weinstein being airs in all this time Democrats. So regularly ordered an ounce grave at love them when they play yes. Hey the one glaring differences are absolutely freaking me since I don't believe it what you're eating out but you know you what you get here. Little site. I don't need them and writes he had a group of people there and I'll certainly look loading like it move. Yes so you're saying Hugh Hefner admitted that he was a tree and everybody knew yes there is finally. The nineteen tread act like he was above board this is Bryant hello Brian. They looked on not what I'd like it. What he has a little bit is that what I find amusing is the hypocrisy of all thank everybody was Rowan raved about trumpet yell in my Billy bush got fired in. I think that the the president is in you that. Eat you know he's at peace. The fact of the matter is actions speak louder than words all you liberals and he's not Democrat because what people. It there and protecting this guy that you're back here what is so look all that well aren't saying what sets that let you know Daniel pick. It's not about yeah now there are different it's because. You know I I saw a lot people posting so let's not make this about politics it's it's not I think it it. I think because you know Donald Trump. Is that Republican people party didn't like him for certain things they took the Billy bush stuff in there and when it. And then because Harvey Weinstein is Democrat who donated a crap ton of money to Hillary Clinton's campaign and likely others probably Obama's two I don't another letter I'm assuming he'd he'd write a lot Hollywood is so full Democrats and hardcore liberals appellate well. We getting this person in office so we've known as a scumbag he's gonna donate nine he's gonna have an event for Hillary Clinton fund raiser on the guy. I don't agree with putting up behind closed doors but I'm gonna go silent killer in office it's. That's hypocrisy is hypocrisy and it's good they are the people who many times. Wanna sit up there at an awards show like Merrill's street. And you know and tell you how to live your life both Roman Polanski. A go to Atlanta they wanna tell you how to live your life but yet they can't interfere short or intervene on the would be like. You're telling me Merrill Streep. Can't intervene on behalf of yum. Actresses you're immature and track and try to you know say something publicly about it I mean she's she's one of the most powerful women. In holly yes correct correct in the thick of another who's a more powerful woman in Hollywood and Merrill Streep nobody else. Maybe it's me out of my rambling close maybe some. Maybe some studio had or something like that but now that they'll streak is at the the upper Echelon and Hollywood royalty she could have shut him down with. But but she was worried about her. You know where where's the next Oscar nominee and coming from it he said she went in and shoot him if your favorite yet. And she ever done anything with Tom Hank. Why didn't Tom Hanks say something about this is busy making a deal did not announce. Yeah I should probably didn't even now who's going to play Harvey Weinstein in the film nobody always I don't know how to cope yeah I am salvia and from shallow hell London bombers as Harvey Weinstein needs dad zero respect for women and that looks like you warnings. Very interesting. They'll they have 25 Oscar nom between. Tom Hanks and Merrill Streep did not appear together in a movie scene ever. Until they shot something for the movie the papers this past June really yeah that's Canadian and rendered they've never been and never he never shot a scene together prior to that. This is. Paul Paul Paul hey you guys what's up all and kudos to resolve. Them. We're talking about this for the passport from Monday and figured great you got it yell rated where they'll be at a and you know struggle all my point. You know this is the size from the the horrific situation what is it took off from Miramax. We have to. And finally see these people in Hollywood there are no different setup they have no big. Pose themselves lose these social warriors get no greater credibility and any. See that you are you're absolutely right about.