Cupcake Wars with Alina Eisenhauer

Friday, May 11th

Celebrity chef Alina Eisenhauer came into the studio with Aaron from the International Golf Course to try and help with Nicks hate for cupcakes!

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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. Last summer nick went on an unprovoked snack attack you I hate O'Connor case that got cut your cupcakes are the stupidest. Paying wouldn't ever. Why can't picture is so stupid now celebrity chef but Leno Eisenhower the queen of tasty pastries he's here to give nick his just desserts captains are for kids so they can lick the frosting out take two bites and then abandon it and go play Star Wars in chasing each other around for two hours. So grab your jobs and hold on DR JX this is gonna be anything but sweet it's Mehdi a mix. Cupcake war. Is on like Donkey Kong celebrity chef Alina Eisenhower welcome to the studio. You have taken over the fireplace room restaurant at the international country club and which I. Aaron you work in the in the marketing department there and we played some great golf together don't call him sir. Paris or say he played great going out party personal Alina what did you. OK so I met Alina neck and she's like by the way I heard your. Sidekick talking smack about cupcakes right now she is an expert. In this arena she's been on cupcake wars she's been on dozens of all the best cooking shows she's truly a celebrity chef now uh oh. You mean all those shows that I I see it there on in my Willis I am not watching Food Network they're cooking channel tonight I dare you. Do you know the fact that preconceived notion. That certain effect if you sit a five year old child down in front. A cupcakes show on the Food Network or cooking channel. That child's chances of becoming a murderer increased by 47%. Alina someone wants to issue well in your efforts to re convert (%expletive) to convert nick. Back to cupcakes or two cup I've never bit on got guys have never been team cup picks yet cable I leave I can't get them ahead that someone never like cut idiot cupcake is as it closed to criminal activity without committing a crime we have a celebrity guests on the line on the WA AF hotline. Celebrity guests you'd like to say hello to Alina. Vol I can't believe Ding Dong have been on the airline now Fred like an intro to anything to say last summer lick. While blocking shots. It congratulations on Nancy. And I also wanted to stay. It's really not cool that I went off under read on the air last week about how amazingly and then you ever find your shout. You know he's well babies stop navy's stop rescuing baby squirrels and take up golf British secretary cannot afford it. This man. Yeah is that there isn't there. Isn't there a three legged possum out there someplace that needs your. Yet in my room right now with me. That it hadn't they get funding it. How are you know. Oh I'm doing fabulous filly that probably the biggest. Check that out there in the may election could actually have a you don't know what she invented. What is in that she invented. That don't assigned to which was the precursor to the crowd that everyone thought the crowd that was like the big hot hitting it 2013 she would let years that at the track. And deserves full credit for that. Yes yes she's really credible I researched her all the shows you've been on you truly are celebrity chef in your right bull that the fireplace room. Restaurant which by the way anyone can go to other leg had to go to international and be in the private course you don't have to which is great restaurant you have the public you have revolutionized it it's it's. Unbelievable so and have you guys built a crying room for people to go into that they don't have to expect. Don't have updates on the menu so right you can come Aaron is a cupcake free zone in the company freeze out there that's the only kind of restaurant that I go to. Danielle on them have you ever had a mean is cupcakes and you're its weak excuse me what kind of relationship do you think the two of them and allotments. And I miss it. Go to. I have they're incredible and I like I did not really with you I'm not like they issued a cookie stand on the planet but I view it. I honestly. I'm here to them kind of am reluctant. That would get into about a little that oh yeah I just by the way the funny thing is the reluctant cupcake. Not a victory might as barker people that Israel cupcakes from. It's a bar for our wages have been right around the dumbest thing manner. Right and there hasn't picked up data out there that somebody can't convince you otherwise there's so many other vessels and Forbes the delivery. That you can bring about this week is the convection Arie love and goodness that guys have foolish you are presently we bright somethings that you did. And at all. It's not we're gonna tell what it is okay we have to give way somebody Danielle thank you we love you. I love you have a wonderful weekend everybody really it was great getting ill at that I play turn by Jane Goodall did yell percent of it 90%. Chance what do you think what do you think god you think Alina will be able to convert neck. I'll probably not from the literal fact that she's yeah. Anyone that you arrive how can you I've been glad I did it I have an end run a woman that very spectacularly shot and I can't farm yeah but that. She's so beautiful to I got to admit I swear I am my god there's just so much he can thank you don't stop hitting on each other and I think yeah I think it's about. Like the regal being in this week I'll get a room for Christ's sake I did not thank you end up I had that tie up tell LeBron recent high. The day is upon us cupcake wars here in the studio. So every step Alina Eisenhower. Who runs the fireplace room restaurant at the international in Bolton. Is here. To make nick understand that he is wrong. About cupcakes. Now we know we were talking off there about Ito right you've been on cupcake wars obviously you've been on how common or some other shows you've been on. Socked a very very long time ago Johnson's genius mixes that showed it was. Mary's and I tapped the person very often and hard they are so thank halfway through and right. He if away. And we wrap. And you became known. For your cupcakes at one point allergy shots. I've been blocked well what is this I don't outside Erica I literally I I get to a point where not only what I like. You know you're walking down the sidewalk in an urban environment and you see those people like. With the clipboard that idea that moment we will write what I you have a moment to help save the far I'll turn the other way but I won't turn the other way faster than a feisty cupcake shop. On that street. How nice lady I couldn't turn it burn faster wage your Medicaid to eat when I see one of those people tell me like oh Save the Whales out turnaround but then I'll run and actively trying to kill whales. While trying to find it will you know and I'll deal I'll go to you what I'll do with tactics I'll go to the comfy job now you know I'll do I'll go by cake pops and I just wrote in that mix that pops I think are stupid does what's the dumbest thing I've ever shade people perhaps not pass it tonight people love them because they're easy to eat there and now. Their own list. This has to get a deviated. Hole making grandparent. They quickly made cupcakes are like small cakes for children as we all have children don't have motor skill that is don't make. So she brought you a shirt that says after the Aston. Cupcakes that you may hang out in your day when so ironically. Am. I had decided to close virus right about the same week last year that you had your cocky to Tiffany and hands. As a joke it this is a running joke my staff because again this Africa lately that boundary error once talked about with cupcakes and rightly we do some small right that was a right to open I'll have to Africa. All the time after he made a thousand on Saturday that. Like without them knowing I had surged made the entire staff and a on the and that will be done and then proudly you guys were talking about it on there like that theme week. While so this is been a year in the making unit and you've been wanting to settle the score with this loud mouth. Still it was the first cut a gig I gotta admit that they can be OK some of them are Steve but I don't agree with this out of the hospital while high on what I my issue first of all I it drives me nuts like. I can slice cake and I can eat it with a fork I can you would my hand woman Motorola. I YY. Makes cents cookies that most brilliant thing ever cupcakes require eat the healing up the paper just gets on yeah whatever is gaga all right what is this here. So that I am cat. I should say get better version. I edit your version of the classic holiday classic tactic hostess might have every right now because that hasn't really good race as it already I haven't done anything and RD and yeah I don't know I've got a. OK okay. And roster I think the timing of the line. Is a jog through the 60 wait that's what tons or four would you say that Japanese and other not knowing them emotionally. I've been on literally into evidence. The Melbourne red velvet what does that do yeah. Do you want to open. Let me two cats and how far right so this is a pocket I you know what I appreciate. Right here this is not an oversized cupcake I don't have to look at wonder like oh boy 2 bites of what am I gonna do this 11100 calorie. Acid bomb. True this is a night this vague as sensibly sized confectionery delight now look also cupcakes. Look they're quarter of the desert right there in the bottom of the lacks the right if I did I opened it with they can write really a primadonna. Let's go to John infineon for studio way for me to eat John yes what do you got. Almost brought it goes so pleasantly. One of Obey your leaders talk in numbers beyond the meat eater got straight to dominate widget or Herbert. Now he's most amazing. Amazing Tucker. He's done thank you John I just bit into your red velvet and it is absolutely. It's all it's as good as the cheeseburger that I had it about. At the fireplace from wrestling time I art OK so what I'd eating smaller elite. OK okay delicious. Now. It takes the deft hand in the culinary knowledge of somebody like ship related to now you don't. Port ten bags of sugar into the chocolate and Josh on top the cream does not have to be so coyly sweet. But it literally makes your blood whole soccer when you take a bite out of it have you tried to clamp this is. Delicious. Yeah this is absolutely delicious what this one Alina this next I would never ordered an English all I don't want to scream at. Spencer. I spent just questioned view Alina go ahead Spencer you promise Levy stepped Alina Eisenhower heads up partly through restaurant the international. I didn't really expert opinion. Is probably. An argument between me and my mother and their breakfast cupcake. That is that he are important not pretty big east. And our political. I can't you see that market. Doesn't have prostate Ghana. It's going to be great all urban based didn't trust idiotic. That really sucked in the senate. And it's a cupcake U and oh. Gradually I got it. Tom our area Butler of busting screen time and adding yeah. You indeed know them off announced increased. Thank you for that that very thing we all want to let me in a whole month of let's. Regarding net but no hit them like they're doing you know it doesn't matter you. And there was. Of the point that not all update to the dollar doesn't like them this is like a heaven sent corn muffin that. Had sex with that's the sweet cream from almighty roar and that do it didn't happen in order. Oh my god I. Well third there's the that this is okay I'll be honest is the best game ever had not. Orange card amendment moments where it. Preeminent panel criminal. One this is the best day I've ever had on the show I think. It is. Obnoxious league this is. Iced up so every day I talk about Viagra magnolia right I was stubborn magnolia right at Grand Central station magazine everybody that's better. If that followed his beard yes they again have their frothing right him. It's you got I don't know I can't look. No chapel there. He knows here that rising on my face brought all of how to take ratio is appropriate here it's yeah it's a nice little shelf of frosting it's not like a stairway of property. That makes you so tired halfway through you like well I guess I needed now Obama and the new trend of piling up on top of the frothing about riots and highlighted by thrusting like my Stallone movies over the top. I'm. A flatter I'd leave right after this as I cart guys there programme and warned our blog are yeah. And and I. Alina Eisenhower Aileen WBR two go to chef. I absolutely I you're you're. Right she's our new shaft she's our new culinary Jarrett are on the Matty and I'll I'll say it right now as he can recorded and preserved for all time death nobody talk way. As long as they're made by chef Alina. I love that yeah. All right both sea air and and the gang at the international go to the fireplace room restaurant in goes ahead Alina have a burgers ever desserts however food. Thank you so much guys this is awesome cupcake wars and a half men wanted to go someplace in marriages Boston cream pie alone.