Cookin' with Coolio - Coolio Calls In!

Wednesday, January 11th

Acclaimed rapper Coolio calls in to talk about his cooking show “Cooking with Coolio”, prescription drugs, Bill Belichick and weird Al Yankovic!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I believe that Julio has been found and I'm very excited about this take holy hell. Yeah. Well they they said they couldn't find this morning and we were worried that you were you were off looking aren't we we knew where were you. How do I think I've not been on that yeah. Who are. What. News where I am expecting airmen. I was born. And play away I don't wake McCarthyism. You can look. We appreciate the year away and the and we were glad your on the show and I Danielle was telling me that there is he had it is yet another cookbook in the works is that correct. Very remote because we're good work and also although windows single cover mouth. And outsource their recipes you can decorate continues. I want to ask you a little bit about speaking of speaking of of rap I wanted to know who you like. Land Chris Brown boxes soldier boy he's do you have a prediction on that yet. I was always normal for the underdogs so. We'll move was going to blow you. I always got option because we've got fired by security there's no result. Nobody gets lucky person. I've done that who's Tyson training we discussed this the other day Chris Chris brown and he's working. Is that an advantage you think for Chris Brown. Although a little bit because they work very well that led political joke. You know Mayweather is the simply can't feel like I did my site that one of the alternate that is hurt. So they let the so bummed me out publicly that this is going to be a fight. Amongst a must watch the fact that Libya. Oh that's OK you know what did you get that out of I didn't and he didn't have a good and it worked here and everywhere. He left and that they and that but I got a glass jaw. It and that is that a good thing that they. Mohammed Ali George wherever I play very bad people would probably be in a very big candidate. And there are certain built up by the very glad are you aware that people get knocked out. Mascara. And I was chairman. Now now speaking. Speaking of of the feuds. Mike Hsu was asking earlier. You what's. Yeah every single. Feel of feuds. It it was it accurate that you are not happy with the we're now over gangsters paradise. Almost normal. I. Then it's very I've never had a problem we're out I looked. I'll Google but. I don't Patricia brigade you're go out without legal outrage. The great excuse me is that really for anything it's that. And let things that you wanna play well the white. Let's go to pharmaceutical companies could prepare well. Yeah. Now. They're out of doormat out of O'Meara. Was asthmatic they have better today than it was kind of like Ben make big. Ibuprofen may look at the metric. Wow. Sounds pretty good. Now Coolio. I don't know about I don't know what outfit. That right now when it may go out that there. Wanted to get bigger problems at the big ideas in my career. They'll trip in Britain and that'll pop would have gotten back I would say probably I'm a lot of people that eternity. There are players who. That had a problem lit bit that found the blowback effect that that they get that practice so now look at Google about this very. Oh yeah out to get mad at bay it was stupid bears. Where values every every day here. Say you know if you're doing so we'll be got to turn. I. Huh huh sounds like you've matured I Palin we won't matured a. Now that I'm glad I went into. That is a good day idolatry close to. Coolio did you have a prescription. For these said prescription medication but that's a question that I am. Yes but it is I'm other as they're all let us. Know about it goes back into what I look for. It got yelled out but they didn't look back also got a normal Bible got to give a better people and about the only good at listening that would nullify those guys did. The W that don't know but we'll dramatic move. That whatever your condition is so whatever probably rather it been duped by you are. And that. My work a little bit more than is typical or. That is scary horror. Of the three. That was and I don't run block. Might have been the it may have been that counts he smoked every day. Well actually it. Well I respect what else does but I have money. I've got yankees mariners again. Update although I doubt that pop up on what it looked before a game that I don't want them. That's I think where it bears record we've gotten my vote before projects that I didn't name a look at the last barbecue always goes through as well no not. Also hopeful some still don't vote as there's a real situation. Actually that bad yet medication. That didn't look America is now but a couple of other. Couple other. Whatever it Ed hey hello there are regulations that sort of thing. What date what FaceBook who don't vote you have to look at Connecticut that Mike Bennett. Well. You get it won't that moment you don't read the particular who bit that don't make you free. Get. Well there. Bald and golden boy. And you're a great beer. Okay and I'm back in the world about being. But I like them because they saw it well critical about it because he can take all of a towel. OK cool yeah. A general rule Angel. And is astronomer who optical. Yeah. Then. Beyond that it detonated that popular device in any bill supported the boy got this big old long been I don't know what the. But I need to put a camera. Around here. Don't let nobody has been good at technique. Possible learned how much needed to address until it was truly a comment toss. If fact it's been a little bit about exactly. Op you is that they'll vote. Yes I like snoop ducks who does a great football coach. What doesn't and as a couple articles. Oh god it never got you have got to think. That is that I decided that. It certainly absolutely he should. That the N double Wednesday I'll pick you ready yet a lot of work has a lot of thought our effort that we put into that and well. Do all the yet it has been as you're seeing that source. Now Cooley Cooley and you know I'm very well OK okay and yeah. Think I did. And we. I need each. There are good beaujolais get if you rush out to be decorating look at that love being probably. Does this from combat global web connection that you don't brother says he was gonna fight these days. That's the way the other days if not I'll I'll have distraught and barbecue right now. Good you have a lot harder they're not right now does the outlook outbound local. There. Yeah that's more than about being ready it which is about to be that says so. Yeah. Thank you Corleone and then of course. You. We asked the rap as the U Leo's person yet who Leo's a giant Indianapolis. Letting Coolio now that he had to do another. It's very interesting interview not sure what it was about but it was. Very very contrast that technically yeah and our own food I don't think there are these guys got food Jones took it wasn't talking with coolly on my. My damn channel the web channel more than channel. Strange show.