The Comedians Corner - Nick DiPaolo

Friday, February 17th

Comedian Nick Dipaolo stops by the show to talk Pats, Trump, future shows and so much more. 


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. There's always a pleasure. That my next guest in the studio nick Apollo is here. And how are you good how you guys still doing great to have done notice I noticed here wrapping your football team your New England Patriots this morning yeah I didn't have this on at halftime I gotta be honest yeah. What it came time. I was and it's funny you know. How dare I question Brady about they have them I'm cursing the TV. This is what happens when you get rid of Chandler Jones I think I left and by now you know I'm like it's gonna buy this and asked him a lot of people come to me go and at the end I don't. Why let the people who left and and let it like left parties and gave up. And then nobody will admit that now yeah of course that they were they words they were in it for in it to win the whole entire time you know if you leave and if you're leaving. And now. Party whatever it was Brady at the moment Belichick you don't know much about. The patriots history last fifteen years it's now. It's Massachusetts have really been a horse if you have enough party period here next here there's a this you know. You've been weaving what even though I mean you know I got this. Last night. And diesels that into. Netflix the comedy yeah I so idea I just shut that are went out there and plug in are Joseph Rogan says. Talking a Rogen. That podcast it's nine deep. Two million downloads a month and I'll wait a minute 9290 and two million god amazing because I was there two years ago he goes it was fifteen money when you have less time but he out like the UFC stuff is black and out I'll I'll Wear. I just wrote in he charities so talented and so yeah. But does is it that it is does he have a a models like AAF financial model Ford or is it for me. He's he does it free but I mean you know. I've heard he's bought companies that advertised on somebody's eyes. And I may so. Yacht but he the same at the amigos do what do you. I have a subscription model in a big catch my iPod does and iTunes for free and if they like it. They consign it to get to a few more shows a week for certain amount of money. And he's like YE a you know what wind is she gonna get it LT YY I goto. I don't have a kind of fear factor money you had a I got cut and that goes radio before you didn't ask cannot and it's worked out well for me this way so yeah so it's like by. I mean can you imagine he can charge like TV show rates and Alia you know well he's got 92. Milligrams crazy yeah he's attitude got million dollars last month alone which tests searching it's that simple ways many to mean anything right yeah beta and there were any and the club itself support payment obviously we haven't. I'm sure you've been asked about this 97 times but we haven't seen you since. So I just want him now. The the blow back. You're on the comics come home thing and Wanda Sykes and all that because it drives me up all Walsh act. That you cannot express your opinion in this country now without somebody branding you are hater or races. So so first of all. Wanda Sikes he were there yeah comets come home oh was it ridiculous. What what she was saying. Well it's not it was a ridiculous bets of mediacom you can go out and you know the platform as your as the mad do what you want with that and you know and and but she wasn't being funny in my opinion. I like one I've no waterlogged town a worker the Chris Rock show. And but she does announced that it you know trash in trump and iron and and you know it would not joke form. Right she was just sort of you know preach it was a big mistake back. And people started the hour you know and that. I'm statement on when I go here. Other common element there next to my fans know how I feel it like to sit Norton Dubai you know irrelevant bets. You know that. I'm literally I'm going up the stairs being introduced some imply in my head go to a meg gonna go whether it's odd because I chose the pass to mark the path of the most resistant and yeah. Mean and it's like I just say some people like it some people didn't but the but the PC stuff that does not come from the right okay. That is the left. Yeah it I'm blue in the face what are the ones creating speech codes on college campuses when not the ones lately everybody haters and misogynist race. It's it's tiring man and you know what he won. Yes that reasonable people hired guns for a lot of people of a certain age yeah this is the first thing. That they've actually lost in their life like it ever get that they read our guys or are they never crossed the soccer game because it would do we W throw everybody nobody was keeping score. They never they never lost when it came to an exam they never got a grade so they never they never get. So this is really the first thing that they've lost in maker and pats fans and obviously seagull at eleven ranked seventh and and the Celtics and that's. I just think. Yeah I think you're a 100% right when you say that the people who scream aloud this. About being tolerant of them and other on most intolerant people that there are if you disagree with them on a day it's it's crazy yeah now what did you think Danielle was very upset about the press conference yesterday. At that the president held did you did you feel like I loved it I'm not erode. Michael this guys meet idea at CNN have hated them since I was eleven heading into the plot that's. Been honest its PC acted Felix. Not yet the sit in every airport listen to CNN blaring. Wolf Blitzer and it's stupid beard and it is politically correct morons who the biggest they talked a it is still interviewing Donna Brazile yeah yeah got the questions to Hillary ya ya honey are you kidding ya and and he called them out front call tomorrow. I was I was I was all of the road laughed and as well I just. Loved it I'd love what he did. I'm just so you know it's like. But this is to be expected easy white blond haired blue eyed straight male billionaire and he embodies that to uphold the lap that he can do everything to date. I guess they don't feel like he was presidential yesterday. Why are you laugh sometimes I don't I in our in July a some what he. Said yesterday sit down. Sit down just because the women just because the attack if they use and and attacking our network right I just wanna ask you sir I'm changing from Clinton's now that doesn't that under very effective I have an archived. God real news and rumors. Think for. There are reporters and their laughter of that allowed them and another year yet you know yeah if he isn't sabotage bona Obama left behind in the and is it. But is it hard to do. Is it hard to do comedy. I went when it comes to trump because people are. People are emotional about it and they're very is like are you able to a news I'm monorail political comic you know but like Colin Quinn says he's somebody that I do they keep trying to label me like a conservative comic yeah. Any kind of like I'm not at all not conservative. Enough that I like to have a girls and college. But I buy back collar city keep trying to like meet label me like a political conserve he he goes yeah not a political comic movie because nick when you tell a joke you tell a joke about mcdonalds and people can tell how you voted yeah. That Wright State Colin Quinn and mailed it. This is what makes me he's not being presidential the last fifty years in this country all we've heard is how Washington DC doesn't work. Owners got all the politicians the same draw lie is probable but. Now we get a guy who doesn't. He's an outsider certainly not a politician. To presidential didn't wanna act like the last 44 idiots that negated couldn't and it's refreshing. I can't believe these progressive this is what change looks like man guy that gets very people are not ready for it and now leads by Moe will see what I did a huge wedding you both hormonal influence from the that you have been involved from I guess I just. I just wanna something so different Obama to go to the pros. Yeah I think you just to be a rail right yeah that's something that's going to write that article then pitched well. Able. You know I voted for him when he's going like this make a final report on the coach and a half asleep and that's my god if that was your got a little might have caught the kind of media market like a guy makes fun of handicap be able c'mon affect the had a funny way and a lot about like about him again it's a bad back immediately not to do enough is on life but I have fun. Well that are wrong applicant that the policy here. You got it down here you have the show's weekend to learn until I go I would have won last night on tonight to tomorrow night Atlanta Boston. Ya and it's it's a great once you on Friday night open this gate the rest of my life. It is out in a while in bed pilot ignored the thirty yeah I would now chicks. I'll probably watch sports on him happy but yeah and obviously tried to line I watch dateline every Friday night. I think it's SS yeah of course it can't put admittedly I. Get angry if they lie it's always about it's a murder mystery all of that and husband that killed his wife has always does and hello to love triangle and and that's I mean athletic it's got. Married I mean we're going to be there someday he will kill you still married. I am some are yeah my wife is. I just did this they've withdrawn Bennington on the radio you know I'm mask not know and on c'mon I don't know it's good now. Is he one of these likely my conspiracy I don't know enough. Give illicitly by an overnight conspiracy radio show now I'll it's a you have got to listen on the bed by an actor. A cat it's so mound Von Pennington. They do a show on masterly sit on a comic and angle we life and career and it definitely sounds like a live audience and can remember I brought upon man and what did you have before that I was asked you about dateline I know about your mental well yeah Jack and I went to the heart of my wife and a few differences mean but comics always play up how much I hate my wife and stuff but yeah. Then I'm listening put on the way up a burglar really dig Atlanta amid the news and up I want I'd be dead without are important computer and I keep track money I've yet. That's about she's the iPad is the best that I yes but in a good look at the boat but. But you guys she younger woman yeah should be fourteen on Wednesday. Yearly unemployment blood I that's what they'll put the time I. But. She's younger than me I just in the eleven years. Matter a brothel in Germany now lives now hot and what do you played it and yeah it was a gimmick wanted to get a bullet used to go there and not matter Caroline's comedy but she saw me on TV Jon Stewart used to have a show on MTV talk show remember that yeah I did stand up on there. And did you sign on there yeah you definitely attractive he said I plugged my gig at Caroline's on the Jon Stewart show and she said to my into her sister I'm gonna marry that guy. It really goes. And think how we ask do you work. Yeah uh huh yeah a desperate person to person that says it's a few years ago yeah I knew you know I had an item what that night my sister seventy men knew you'd never had a chance to mimic what you call me one it is. That's a little soccer match. Yeah but you know we'll call it will be stuck by biological and I care yeah right who carried out a trench coat without a couple minutes past it can't be a night. And I liked that guy who's outside the Taylor soulless house that weekend at that play like that guy yeah well that's dockers asked what looked and Czech hockey me. My wife jealous. You know did you go and did you go to symbol are we all wanted to kind of money let me see. I watched in a black and white TV when basement now I have to. It's well listen it's fantastic to see you sell promote plug perspective we have shows one show on it yet this is one tonight well tonight into tomorrow night and two tomorrow night and go to life at sea so TV OK and at Betsy it's in my special it's actually free for months he's so nice. Yes so you get my one hour spectacle inflammatory inflammatory an experiment and my podcast. He can here and I too was it you like to go to connect pale dot com. Slash nick you can subscribe to a much as well as those laboratory it's 399 a month some ways this is a real eye and I treat it like radio I I I prepare like three hours for one hour show three I. What a waste of time all right I. Got to do Sunderland okay pairs for this crowd. So it three hours as jittery because remarkably technology and trying to put my on clips are likely. Sweet taste of like a beach and it theology for twenty minutes or you guys. And have a producer in my house that would in the woods and carrier. I wanted to get the it would come how fast these beautiful thing on the Dahlia yeah that's going to be talking a here Andrea abolish all right now really to be going from my house from your house yeah I'll clear 1152 radio and actually I don't really pay that let you guys have the same agent as many. Why I'm I think I'm my I don't I don't and now and I don't. I us maybe our best match my guys are afternoon got married is that what it is they knew guys. Yeah alien well probably not in fifty both those guys are there is a wizard same engine. It's. Don Buchwald & Associates and Tony Burton who is the agents troopers who put in I'd bring him all the offers and he just you know I do all the leg work many. Because I don't play aside thanks let's let you out of the way alert level he's actually he got me tickets to the Red Sox when they beat when we won the member against. The World Series and got cardinals' 2000 gallery that once we've Aronson and I was now gotten out on alone that would which one was nonsense then. Oh yeah I remember but it wasn't against Saint Louis once and let the second time we heard that it doesn't. To the fact I thought I I'm from here and I came from other market yeah per year. From Albuquerque and she gets a Tony Burton got made it to and so I have to stay wooden yes they would you don't connect to a cameraman. The million. Radio gig in memory you know I'm an Allen yeah I got operated April. He did. What happens. I don't know how much. Particularly off color comments I don't imagine that went yeah. I see I feel like he played hockey. I thought. So we're like six months now and hope that Clinton doesn't know how does this look at her and I'll be at a greatly and I stand which we did he pony Iraq telling. That's where the grass yet she's cute you know. We got to go but I'll go about it but listen I'm Kelly rip about yet it seems that nobody likes it like I just saw an interview that Larry King did. We have that Regis Philbin here are Regis one of the nice seems like organized is they want to come back and and and he's got twelve. He hasn't spoken a word since he left the Shaka is weird I'm. If she just not get spotted does unite and Noah you're scared yeah and when she got a question yes we got it to the curb to re environment and she's you know she's adorable little things got to weigh your whole life that's in and that's my idea. Yeah and she's not a while listening to a lot of good luck with everything then you guys are much we have to make nick Apollo and we'll read them.