Comedians Corner - Lamont Price

Thursday, February 23rd

Comedian, Lamont Price stops by the show to talks TV, comedy and much much more!

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF dot com. LaMont Bryce comedian is in the studio this to be headlining on Nick's comedy stop in Boston this weekend you can follow him on Twitter at L chisel. LaMont. I. Let's yeah and your own Twitter handle them now I'm not. I. New ones and when you before noon there was nick. Obstinate that would that would just say hi I sent via ice that prince beef from impact on wow you are sold already. Why why you so corny snake like that you've got. Out of everybody you come out with you but it is that interpret not make it to other television and on our heels and a do you view compiled a list of light bulb either fat black guy that and so whatever them you can't. That's next and that's the answer is yes he's now we were looking better and be creative re I have to. Can you at least insult me in your stupid over the top but the next half. And the an athletic and Bob you know late six. It. 01. Here. Setup yet act now it. Our files audited brand and I hope and pray that you can't jets. We owe it. Myself I enjoy the end on. That's not the boy talking thriller like my mom. We've idealism about he. Well I'll handle salary Utley. Black guys that I can do. Entitlement. Bay yeah. I don't know how are we go back I'd probably you know Madden from good times. Quoted what the government unions dig radiate from Finland is not the eight. Yeah me grammys along lost had me you like and you look like an adult. Gary Coleman. It's who will look at Julia yeah it's we didn't open pit. At a record. I thought Boston looks like Esther Rolle the values is a native though. No games no don't know his racist Roland action. Premier have to have one. The carriers we have of the comedians and rip on them as well you dislike big on the doomed yes we delightful Murti you every time well I was just I was Roland I was rolling with the Prius that dynamic for an appearance of one then that you do just that was standard that you made out. In your Ben Affleck wannabe had yeah I don't wanna be then that little low missed it the kid you look like a fact about this bit of yeah it Mugabe regards to fat garbage god coming up. I'll tell you how you can tackle as a period settled cheating spouse of the pricey dinner. Mossad had to you know Stallone did with the expand animals. What is new gangster enemy or lack actor. And for good if he had not food that guys Jack what it. Eric comes terrier okay an opinion it's 100 pounds. So that this kid from but we can make model among the Mets haven't then you go back down from the expendable. Yeah the decreased in the millionaires I can and it's. Gonna come when you don't become a better yet have made and I thought would be. I've still trying to figure when I and so you. Yeah that was her on how to cover. Both clever. I thought you guys I always enjoy the lookalike in myself but I guess I'm gonna have to double down on my local sportsmanship you can all right to put our hands around Egypt and garner who got belligerent usually. God would drop I challenging. That didn't that even things out but I'm looking I'm looking at how easy this is look at how much did you look better then why do I look like can AFLAC. And about any event that went right your younger guys you're all the salesmanship the cards would've been tablet you'd have to give credit to my. Comedian LaMont prices in the studio Nubian Nick's gonna stop our old stomping grounds but it Yemen we went you know we do and he was just in my comedy stop the government the way it's it's about everybody up listening com. Network for him to send users a good. Offenses. And it was an old tapes of light up Patrice on who donated these did Saturday. Teach others so I had but also. I know is we're in here doing our lame version of Tony seventeen I hit five. I four U I that promised. Port lesion on the 4 o'clock hour number one so. There's this cell spyware. You get it over the counter from 170 box. You can now well it's been out for awhile. You can totally spied on anyone and it's designed you can collect GPS data is writer for motherboard a division I vice tried this thing. He collected GPS location data intercepted phone calls. And stole photos. So you can if you are thinking your girls cheating or your guy over the counter for the price of a nice dinner. You can complete piece by immigrants take all the information now. There's ways you can protect yourself to that's ousting Michael what do you do because that legal now. Good question you can buy an off off the shelf so what is I guess. You need access to the person's phone I guess like I have to physically go to have your phone LaMont because I do think you cheat on me. I. You don't see those girls on Twitter and talked and as I'm about that please Bobby can protect yourself with some steps you gotta. Like they say there's a Cindy at. Which sometimes pops up on a jailbreak your phone is jail broken that'll pop ups you know you can also on update your iphone's. So that if they updated some interesting anyway golfers. You have ever and yes you need physical access to my phone a mile run that's. Our coach says forever like wives and husbands who think they're cheating wrecks other they describe phone Monday. Install this. And blood scandal this week. It's not tonight is but it's not really you advertise that well there but yeah I don't shelf again you can buy this on the shelf well. Everything. That people who views to pirates steal or get what they want for free is technically legal it's the act you perform it. Rat I shooting ASE in my head but yeah right I got great content in night. He can also restore I used a factory settings and or move any malware so that's if you think your spot so forget about. The fact that all those pictures that people upload to the cloud. Can one day get hacked and you can be part of the happening appears regularly I had not known in this removed part of the now that happening any time soon but. Every single part of your digital footprint can be found can be had that's why any time you ever decide to use whatever that's in between you're gonna regret. That to that status update you make it to 37 in the morning when you're half in the bag don't do it. Because even though he deleted someone's gonna you added some data out there that cost somebody less. To go to buy this than it does is go to patriots came to ruin someone's life and fallen anywhere they go forever Favre. Number two OK listen this cast. So Rick I said you know it Stallone did with the untouchables. A magic gangster version of that who would be in that film and aero yup. Actually yup. The big for a good pros. Handle any data Freeney. Oh the real ultimate no no but de Niro patsy pitino about Keitel Bobby oh well who would director Bob Ibaka law. You know. What he says is of course Scorsese of course for whom it's happening. Souls who all of them it's happening to gangster movie picked up by Netflix. The irishman it's starring Robert De Niro Alpa chino Joseph Pesci Harvey Keitel directed by Scorsese in early on Netflix production starting now they have a 2018 possibly nineteen released budget 100 million dollars a good goes through what's called the irishman and it's based on this guy out frank Schering. Who allegedly killed Jimmy Hoffa he's a hit man so that and you grow one like visual effects I guess in a hundred million dollar budget. And they're gonna be able to make the actors look like they're decades younger flashback scenes can weave that Netflix that'll be is going to be under leaders know Netflix I don't million dollar budget if my. I'll take it the irishman aha. Hundred million Netflix is doing so well now that they're gonna make 100 million dollar an incredible so look for that in a year so I still wanna know they won't release their ratings they don't tell you anything besides you can I think you can find enemy subs they have expendable sorry rebels. So and how as how to Arnold similarly in the money because the only shows that advertise and there's no free roll of other people's content there's no right actual advertising on Netflix where the hell are they get all this money because. Every time I log on to Netflix now. There is ten to documentaries I haven't seen there's five new series I've never heard of it's not just like house of cards drags the new blanket on the user. All I'm a different shows upon. It's fantastic for an amazing situation. Senator Webb are my actually complaining about this massive first world problem my guys and I didn't have. I got a 100 Mandela gangster movie that we don't even have to leave how to get it to go see basin due that would ever movie deal and so tunic up mammoth amounts like. The selection of Netflix is still attic you kidding me sitting watching your huge flats you people fighting for their freedom the Latin countries I've weeks eleven Nolan. Netflix watch that seventies and I never watch them for Ali act but we are talking yesterday with. Can read about the idea of shows that you may or may not of watched that are worth going back. To watch all over again all of them. Like I know I have a million shows I need to watch now there's fifteen different shows have just been told by U Matty yeah listeners to watch. And I can't figure which was what I was gonna go back and watch like cheers from day from episode. Debacle we're gonna go to that'll McDonald's up really well here title line really market like it came on in syndication on 38 by which to me that it was the boring and also I didn't wanna watch it and that's at what is watch cheers I think it but I have watched. And it's amazing the shows on radio that supplements so if nobody walked in toolbar and from the door ever iPod market about. What you do to read on the motto we open the show every single day albeit a likeness. And whatever eight. All right number three real quick. If you whiskey drinkers. 25 year old van winkle burden then Michael Berman high and so good they're probably gonna make a thousand bottles of this PV PVW that's happy van winkle happy Dan Michael Sauer PVW. Thousand bottles. Eleven barrels met the standard only. And they're gonna cost guess what how much 18100 bucks a pop don't have. Happy van winkle is the greatest Bergen made on planner LaMont and allies the only if you make Euro which is porn PV dubs all over been used up in the bathtub. You know me. In my career fourth back. And finally know before I can't say the fact that you bar exam one that you bought half to death about half. It. Medicine that jovial instinct don't feel by the way via keyword. Is a very jovial but I noticed in about the fact that it is that our fifth. At the top that our friends at the tickets you actually get stuck in the tablet I didn't know which one resident Mary demanded to. That was my favored fifty cents on now that's an idea now in the tub. Strikeouts this Augusta is. That's my favorite thing if it's a joke and 97% of them just fly into the law the thousand or an hour. Some of them were just flyover Matty older. And the noble Hitler are exactly around in the pits is at 3 o'clock. And then you get like the chief cook at the backlash ninety image as I watch all six seasons of game of their owns three times has died not ashamed. And seen that Netflix room where all they missed this they must mean not. But I just audio on demand now and I'll love game. No that's easy to do light on the HBO and our entry on demand you get it in itself everywhere aren't Paula we've got a suggestion. For him. Irrationally little Teddy bear Ted you have Netflix show you enjoy like Cherilus. Yes aren't just in the black because dollars and they're always naked yeah yeah. Yes your maker Holmgren and mimic she can't look in the side or another shot making out. Also might wanna check the I am to be on that you'll see an income medically. Owners. Cop number three here aren't oranges the nibbling I've never seen I've never seen it I just know I filmed today I'd put cop chases him and then there's an absolutely without a dry got to pick the value wide outs. I'm alone here. Thanks the company thanks to the golf that. Oh we're talking about Donna from that's as we're she's on the lower for a while you get flogged for once she is use in making. And made gorgeous woman we've got mr. mom's ass. On line one poster. Yes. On many nickel and it's hey guys actually this week are excellent. Mr. downs. Yeah it is comedy it would OK you would ya. It. As one of a group. And unity and got that did you fall for now. I love my. Not that that's why do you think I have that I haven't heard bad things that grade it was awesome 781. Dexter LaMont you big dummy out there and we're just out of evident one we just titled yesterday. About but that shows OK we're talking a second ago about how. Netflix gets all their money I thought that about fifty million subscribers one person so that it demands of some announces that might actually have 75 million subscribers. And it's not fifteen bucks a piece I think it went up and we used to be eight it's ten bucks now Nicholas what the difference is that they have right sixty million subscribers right. Sixty million times ten bucks a month the 600 million over twelve months is seven point two billion supposed to seven. And a half billion dollars operating cash to assure producing a hundred million dollar movie might seem easy think about how many people in development think about how many people. In content acquisition think about how many people just were in the IT department alone for Netflix they're operating costs have to be. Ridiculous well look the answer was in the question they're doing a hundred million dollar film. So. You don't 200 million dollar and in owners say they're growing unless you're making animal like this what they've given me the movie that don't have to leave the house this week. Is only good drive more traffic. Or more people to subscribe and to the right. And they made the Smart move to. Show fewer movies on the streaming service and make you have to subscribe to the dvd plan if you wanna actually be able to get the movies. And fewer and fewer people do that mean it's easy to just wanna get whatever is a first released dvd but who watches TV and again dvd and one mailbox. Packages turned TV yesterday delivered straight to my past finally good joke you tumbleweed just blue cross and our economy. One of them are finally you get divorced. In three words. Tripled to leak at least announced triple a lack tripled to leak as calmly called as an inch and a controversial Islamic practice. Remand divorce is a woman by saying the word. A lock. T a LAQ a lock. So that way to lock the loch to loch and you're divorced if you ever are some reason to doubt this Muslim and that it. Thirty year old woman from the northern Indian city of you were named. Barr became the single mother of three as a husband actually divorced last year by saying a lot to lock to lock in a fit of anger. So it and that's what's it like you can you can in India you can either say. Text. Or you can sit there and literally like. Yet college now if you wanna talk to Matty and thicker Lamotte you can text us that the tech needs to excellent in 9717. Or. If you live in northern India and you wanna get rid your wife you can text to LAQ three times and you're legally divorced. Legitimately. In America about the game to get out.