Comedians Corner - Aunty Donna

Wednesday, June 13th

Aussie Comedy Group Aunty Donna stops by to promote their upcoming show at the Wilbur Wednesday night!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Powell is. And your schedule. Today asked dot com. I do wanna bring the guys from on the Donna in here they are an Australian. Comedy. Group it can you still use that term troop tours with regard to. Let's just get these guys I'm so sorry guys we've been running on and step right up to the Mike who's going to we all Hocking has won the designated speak how are we doing this week with the lawyers still here know the lawyers like it's. You know cancer can you. You know swear on the radio in Australia summer ideas on summary of Sudan and ideas that aren't plugged in you concerned that it gets around us. Now swear at him. What how would you describe the sense of humor in Australia is it any different in the sense of humor here in America. Do you know what you are the best audiences in the well and arms and ensures the unity. Really we in Australia to get a standing ovation you've literally golden dude that Greider Sheridan and the scene in their line he would do like these are robs diaries. Yeah actually in a jacked me out. Ya there and he when we Timmy everyone just wants to stand up and pitch and each year and have a great time and it's incredible I'm really I don't know that I look at us Australians say well that's a sometimes it can look at a country and say that's a country with a sense of humor them you might you know Australia. You know you you you held Johnny Depp and his girlfriend and his dobbs turf for months and I know a lot of the guys. I don't know I think it is funny yeah got a funny was it just show that those have it we make Johnny did make a video apology for. Taking dog yeah. This news. Australia as the funniest the kids and no apologies alone it's some funny yeah totally got that I guess the as well as that the other thing we got the politician who made him do that has recently. Been call it. That having a mistress and having him by eighty with his mistress knew yeah and now he has had this he was there as he was advice. President of Australian and the advice what are your pride is apparently haven't done in the end I or yeah aren't as. Yeah he had to step down yeah that this that the funniest thing that could ever happen you know. Bob now how often do you guys get to come to America. Only common name bad every. Maybe two or three times a year the I was really really gray now more where the wiggles from monster and usually will. So there isn't even now I wiggles. And I know I know all of them the hope I. Those are that he had done arsenal know he red cap the red the red regal is out. Current prime minister's son police. Nissan and restaurants it was that are legal that did the whole Johnny de Spain yeah. Yeah as the fluid and then on the a team based thousand bloody politics and it's in them. Yeah. It'll mean aren't the illegals filthy rich or Marco you know that the richest people in Australia they would be up there I think it would go Olivia Newton-John literally John Russell Crowe and did you join a game again it's yeah I sandy gum rescue. Grace yes the inventor of veteran Mike the human intervention. Which is an American GI vigilance have for a long time is American aren't the isle beach the rock the the condiment that no one in America can can put in their math and joy who is is owned by Americans do you like it. Hello oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it might hear it boldly now is that you might limit of the mine but all I don't know that I'll I thought well. It. It's very nice Seattle. What other kind of mites aren't there. From a prime mom my mom Obama. Our minds and Hamas that it if we know we would have brought in some might look bushel full right at the minds they may have might he have that backstage tonight at the Wilbur we will analyze it get on your writer. Rhonda and I got mum on Friday my veggie market what do you want you know all my. Any east. Any Sonos bridge you can make from yeast. What is your problem with the salty yeast it was why are there aren't any kind of an issue with this I was just bringing it out. Because for instance people were saying a country that has a National Anthem like wild card. Colonial boy. Obviously doesn't laugh much. Will we Arab country built on convicts we we work I prison as ever organize yes it became that became a country yes of Irish people which fill the Boston and to do you know Irish people have a sense of humor. I think so yes yes I think sensitive and real draw one. I. Guess probably from so you guys at the Wilbur yeah tonight tonight and hands. The show is IE I hear you do you guys do a lot of music yeah it's Skaggs and a day where young where young give the you know like Monty Python mates the Marty Belushi if you if you know that reference point like a big. The bulls for the walls gates that's Olmert also a bit like rock enrolled is alive musician on scheduling stuff that's really high energy skit should merry month decline a spasm. Both school district and he went on to say yeah. Yeah yeah and you know the reference point mighty British it and dynamited dish out an uneasy lies well it's exciting and just say it is kind of like Monty Python yeah Zach that is your pay when I was saved my schedule pitch from Boston. Yeah that's like Good Will Hunting meets the tarot mediating yeah yeah I. What's the what's the suit the style baseball but that guy be united that you love pizza parties let's say he's Ortiz will be units and I'd always going to be there tonight I don't know Dyson had incomes and slam dunk stride BA now. A bigger issue today out to what's hooked on and knowing all of that. But Monte Klein you know a guy who want to provide the music media explaining that networks' songs yeah only limit I was so mad or mentally it's just that the way they talk about having evade you might enjoy my answer on my mind yet it's just repeat that it is still on the time it's a positive and today as you know the two. This and I and we really done a particularly those that I can be hunks of mine. Their own home audiences a Texan says the richest person in Australia is Paul Hogan. He was up David and he got in trouble for tech extraordinary story oh did he gave them that ignorant are this is the textures state. I'm. Going to be doing terrible but I should've gotten in trouble for that but with the community needs experience. Commercial right now and he looks ancient. Sea of color shortly out there. The idea that he would like like an insurance company or something essentially. Yeah woody you'll get hooked on that that suitable I'd wherever on foot that was going to be huge. Crocodile Dundee knew he had etc. yes yes look that's documents to Clinton for a sister and still wheels and it was a real Indians. Is our football. Big in in Australia is the NFL does anybody watch FL roster. NFL is massive with like 25 year old dudes yeah like say are suitable is like a Monday morning in Australia and I Iran takes off work guys entries. And it's been assigned to the MBI's well liked and you've got a lot of Celtics fan nobody will win it from feels a real kinship with Boston because it by our cities who loves sport to the NFL is massive. And a lot of New England Patriots fans really get totally and Tom Brady yet it reminds him. I always wanted to visit Australia. Then would you would you it's what. Would you say essay Melbourne is the place that now or it's the place to live. Yeah it's in the places they visit Sydney so I just don't bring your dog number I'm an envelope and Dan people. That's I president judges in Austin. I have a game he's doing that during the show tonight do not bring your dogs and we will put them down now I mean dot. I'm Donna from Australia there in the studio and tonight they are at the Wilbur yet and is there an actual. On the dharma. There is seven. A connection is that in out when the reason we coalesce those are two daughters because with the announced. There is sick and auntie dawn is that we hear analysts just when we started working at a almighty god. We have to. Call that group that because it's seven auntie dawn is you have to auntie dawn is you have to and I have. Three and it's out of the air really confusing because like a bill I was. The dinner with auntie Donna last night and that was like lobby with my auntie Donna you know it's like 9000 my second them. And I was we've been always with mocks auntie dawn now the wait till Miami. And lie I was with on the non Euro the dollar reminded them. Shortly we had them beaten the crap enemy to. After he leaves LB will tell us that he's been of all of your auntie dot yeah so it is slightly away if that's already out there and Arnold. Places in the world I am not and traveled the world. Strenuously but I have not endorsed or are you share more me it's what I will say I have much respect. Restaurant. Because prostitution is legal and I believe and if I use it it's a weapon. That's why so you sweat and yeah can't shoot it keeps relationships together hurt OK so like it's not even what I think what it's like she's used to get get a site. Honey. She's prostitute it's legal work must truly are British content what would you want me go with the guys there is a blow to quarterback a blow to a bush at forty. I minutes there's there's there's a place in C killed up old. Else that week in Australia which has called the planet. The daily planet has its eye and each is a 30 full story brothel. And does huge businesses they're it. Doesn't get better does it go out on that isn't where I thought it they don't put out the yeah I'd no I I I imagine so it could be like channel is that even with the legal brothel that and it's sneaker brothel at the back I can't. Well they did that yeah it's. I was shooting at a brothel now. The idea that the of the dies out code in Melbourne. It's. All in all honesty if that's nor did different kind of weapon yes I was united. Music crazy just record from him through many brothels. There. Original brothels text that's there on the problem and he's a brothel boy at a lakers could. Any time two led the way the brothel where in the island only in it has. A taxpayer who is a typical woman says. Says I'm afraid to go on and watch FaceBook life. Because if these men aren't as hot as I'm envisioning yeah be very disappoint little are you in a society ladies going at it's it's you'll be at a continue work madam now. Isn't a problem is. Is is is just one of those countries like Iceland with them and are outnumbered by the women. Okay. Definitely not out numbered by dogs we dealt with that. A little bingo when that big no wait the babies being a then yeah the the we're an were and a koala pocketed and it was a little by B passing a actually blend that someone put that in your in Kuwait and the baby was with padding yeah just walker India's like that pretty much dogs that have been you know have been the main street yeah and down and and a real. The tones that they beat me yeah. Haven't had a chance I don't what is that like idiots. I am glad that if you haven't. I thought I'd live off these tonight Muster I Missouri and differently than any estimate is that a delicacy in Australia baby might. Into this. To lately just gonna say it's very funny when you say you have to take stands saying something yes because in Australia what you call mom can we call it takes that. It's just variations. Like this happy we are magic doesn't like I don't like imagine I was like yeah this copy he had an air and it's. Got aha if you're very using for a good by the way guns are completely illegal. Streets that I vomit except. Okay well we're able to achieve the lake sheet target on their damaged anything it is just it's heavy restrictions have you. Those instances that being able to iron one you know release that at an annual. Holland strictly amnesty and you have very specific license and then. On top of and what about the violent kangaroos we've seen videos of men being punched. By kangaroo. Awed and I think one of the gut punching a kangaroo and yes yes yeah sector I yes that guy out big boys said they if you you've probably seen photos that big man okay neighbors to announces something like food figured you know. Al whole food as a reference point do you think. And down and yet night that he can cut I. They use that title since it is the stands. They get it to. Legs and they can pretty much cut open you'd use you tool side really light yet written a pot and they'd like attack people on bicycles and things like. The goal and I don't I don't NA NA a lot of the bloody ladies yeah but wait eight they can't wait eight angers a love hate them really Ali and lady and hit right mate. It has like chicken ran a taste like chicken or not it's. Can quite angry at Portland venison vibe really yeah I would say the delicious we love it when the only. I think the only country in the world at eight and national animal. Okay and occasional bit daring you since it points as well ego at the rights like the idea of the other thing it's the most environmentally Sam Mehta a complete column it's not done in factories or anything they just culled because they in the desert eagle Obama. What is this. What does this sharply talking about here. They wanna know about if you guys know about the. Yeah oh man that was huge that was the real thing I was down those out probably the biggest. War that is had to happen and extra things except for the bombing in talent yet was there was a legitimate war weeping news. Essentially there was this on a thumb in light you on taking twenty. In a place called that there was a lot of eighties and some immediate pharma was like yeah yesterday's easily shot a few to get rid of them. And and more in you shouted out watched the I had each front in its mouth daylight rescue and it's I don't sound ball ain't you showed up thousands and thousands of gamers. It used it on the in my mental outlook and I movement via Atlanta I don't like it really isn't the pup arrive at the door after my. Because so that would these. That they hectic Cole the omni to show up and tell all of the eighties and thousands and easily shut down to the here and supply side that the humans warm the robot uprise and we have because they had to call the mommy like that he's a week to the EC. About the fact that he's traded them seriously enough to have a war with them we already law yeah. By the way Australia great ally of the United States in World War II after what we would do earns our litigate. Political about it but yeah it we needed Japan was coming we didn't write it England's Alia we can be bothered helping you would be easy without the stuff and shrew minute it's hard is that your guests like. Let's do it let's get in there has we have boys and it's a ten dollar defended us. And a lot of that and that era a lot of American soldiers came back with a strap in wives real nose knows a thing that happens and you introduced she's the UC Davis and oh yeah we gave you that she's. We're in the hamburger you're welcome welcome to Canada on it and you'll probably killed you'll dogs. Six. And Amy. What do you think bitumen that Doug many were making the cut at that I'm. And don't forget the shrimp on the Barbie. And don't forget that as on I had and you sincerely that this most see fit here than in elements that really all year like just eats into heaven and everybody had a lot of shrimp that light and shadow also got lobsters over there are they like the target you know loves Israel fancy and emblems that are in insanely intense you don't have a lot to rule likely a lot of rules they're all the end. What's that last month it. Not with the big annual hauler in Quincy Market yet and this is it yes that's an illicit shows tonight. I'm glad you guys came by. Yeah I'm having us and you can go see these guys at the Wilbert gave you tickets at the Wilbert dot com and enjoy how he only here for tonight and I ultimately for tonight well Max I'm income. We command in and willow the yeah. He stayed up again. And sorry we were a little bit behind nine other guys have looked so good that you had it Richie Sambora on yeah I was threats we've had a great moon what a great lawyer I obtained. Aren't guilty big monster ball Joan V he has every wedding economic ran yeah. Yeah who was the most well I would say is AC DC the most popular musical act that would come out of us can only go low lying when they. Like the BC news network the network. No increase. In excess in excess against us and not oil not oil Midnight Oil yes I have books. Yeah it's. How. Yes. He puts a miss applaud if there were taken out by that you lose are you okay. All right guys thank you very exciting things that might not be done.