Comedian/Actor Dana Carvey - Straight White Male

Monday, November 14th

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Well here's somebody you'll have an expert opinion like you'd like oh yeah you cannot and that's Dana Carvey on token yes and after the US hey Dana Carvey how Mario. Great and I did it did it well enough. All of love it yeah. Did you oh yeah we were talking that there was a charity event here in a Boston on Saturday which Denis Leary organizes which is called comics come home. And it. It got a little. Got a little political on the part of one of the sites and then she was booed and anti. And and she flipped everybody off and and stormed offstage so we've been debating that this. Walt Aldridge is widely seen booed with it. Which is saying something bowed forward and Hillary our top. It was coming on it was anti trust. But apparently I wasn't it god how it apparently wasn't done and and I humorous manner she's just gonna go on now. I was it. Is this really crying out here now I didn't people just take it all down. You know these people Korea without about it won't. All of you have an interesting how. That we want hated it you know very nice. Now let's pull this nine normal. You have an interesting point of view on that actually because. Some of straight white male sixty is about. Raising Mullen meals. And then you again you have to do it won't. Order expires in almost a no way now. So. I thought that what they've done what we never knew what giant also you know. So therefore you could make fun of a lot all the right now but it now based in that it's more. Well it won't totally out of the irate is under millennial open. Probably that they're resonate on that and the actual use outlook for the it's the same opponent you know especially at home you know. Yeah exactly what. We don't have any heat or power as. What you call landlord and then there's little weird. I'm not really committed holding landlords. Should a. In dealing hikes on. That's the exact quote I'm not we call the landlord where it out oh you did. It wanna get it shatter curtain anyway. Bluntly every every tickets and trophy you know you look like they're a particular sign up against what we hope we couldn't imagine it ever you started putting them down on the long. Is equivalent to what that pet cemetery. The I. The rowdy mentioned the really play eighty. The entire I love. You Obama and from the media all beating up. Usually careful when you're gonna have a nuclear goats yet you can't just go Willits. I won't do such a kid that they launched just one little and cute to ruin one game. Let's go to had a good admitted they just don't want what's the term I'd want fourth street took. That it will Obama on almost 143292. Eleven well what Obama Obama you get along Coke and from what the final what what Obama. Thought that. Yeah yeah yeah. And you are playing here millennium meeting up with what you shall. Okay are laden may share of not bid is. Wolf is that they've been very active and ever do that but it is the. Leash. This is. Or that it is there are special or. Hey is there any chance in this is just that you know a series guilty pleasure grown up in the ninety's that you. Could possibly do. Wayne's world three at some point. Like go way way way caught up in the future you you know I mean like the second one where did you get tubes and I'm no you don't want to mention that. Weighing in is there any any chance or I'm just kind of bag and per year given deposit. Nor is it that go to camp I don't know if a decision that I. Let your guard immediately face let's continue nick sent you off and put your chin up it gives you say let's let I have all that hair look flat this but. And it hit right so the enemy we have to really start making middle aged well played late but it enlarged and goes after being. Couple of the art but they're really see without my glasses. And personally would be sort of you know we it's too bad here before we just actually. Asked that we. There are outraged that. Oh my god I don't know of one of the greatest characters it and I I don't know if you get enough credit but Dell press than I always thought should how to spin off movie because the stories he tells her you guys go to London to see him. I just we've just brilliant. If that woman that can't have dealt crack. Tell press them. Think this shows maybe I maybe have seen his movies way to buy us. Yeah. Yeah. Outgrew it a lot I would call Mike today and yes we want. And who is the son directing a perceived isn't it doesn't duel out these days right. Neither of paint paint you get greeted me thank you paint colonel Sanders and really really cool military and the colonel Sanders did want to know more and different things out but he has and colonel Andrew. Is that the only thing he thinks that's a little bit weird dance. That's a little stretch right until they always say it it intimately and AdAware yeah that's that's awful are. Series on the gold and gotten on a guy from with the companies not Mike Myers a mental strain that the man hasn't vision that lets it as an artist it's inside of him he wants to paint the colonel but did something happen I mean did he have an atlas district in this they have and I comparable experience. A. I absolutely nobody you know any or all of that Campbell and I think it's something might when what Canada you're just looking at it. Incredibly capitalistic society you know and so that symbol of the corporate symbol of the call. Which I think is in China is like the number three known symbol is McConnell right after -- main. Not that and then separate colonel Sanders could have all the Kentucky sites such as American. Corporate imperialism I think I'd do it yet. I personally hate the you know Jack about clown I've done 72 of these. Think it's if it's. Lou icon. That. Does he do variations like like colonel and dragons public so I what does it is an off handed. One light yet kind of a kernel that little bit like normally fact. So I'm not kidding yeah yeah it both ways art boat was the eighth in the colonel yeah he's. On an open mind busy avid like velvet the velvet colonel Lara like colonel Elvis like Elvis Presley is the colonel. You know they'd edit that cargo plane also what are. Yeah. Other terrorist acts in the area but very strange our bullets that check out. Dana Carvey and straight white male sixty at premiered a couple of weeks ago we can go on nine Netflix. And thanks for being on. Okay they got. Well oh my god now. Here's a Texas. Obviously we get both civil get a ball place the caller was right should. Should I got them on the air side the eulogies got a call I he's pretty funny. Oh my god I like Myers things very yeah that's yeah so I only does she. Anything and that an elder did this disease but it's a ball on line at an evening because I want one really they Wayne and Garth who colonel Sanders I have to that it might. Yes. That's extremely interesting it only does is it paint the colonel in various shapes forms sizes that senator. Very I mean there very very interest of the colonel's chicken of course but it isn't that the re occurring vision in my head that I have to put down. Well it was I think it's your best Halloween costumes ever since related I stopped trying after that causes an hour ago as the alien gets only down from this month. Amber.