Comedian Wes Hazard - S**ty Jeopardy

Wednesday, July 11th

Local comedian and current Jeopardy champion called in to the show to play Matty and Nick's twist on Jeopardy. We don't call it S**ty Jeopardy for nothing, the questions are junk and the theme is terrible. But it makes for a great laugh!

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West hazard is a Boston based comedian local boy fronts don't know I believe. Standard comic. Random shows of friendly little Noonan and Ahman price. And he is killing it nationally on little show called jeopardy and he's on the Framingham fort studio line right now hello Wes Welker Marion. I don't make sure every dude we're psyched to have you now how did this all happened how does one get on jeopardy. Yeah every year Jeff Reese says we're gonna have an online test in about 300000 people get the chance to take that task. Of those. In the south and about 70000 object actually take it has. And then it by 2500 people per year to audition by and then about 400 people a year to actually be on jeopardy sites look to. The test back in made on seventeen. You know column yet to audition in October auditioned in November and out of college in Iraq. Incredible now is Alex to back. His reputation be a Dick but is he nice reunion in person. Yes he has straight professional I'd been doing this show for 34 year RT it's all business. Yeah that thing you do not feel that's coming up there's a lot of time that you put it on if you get out. That's code for his Benedict the strictly professional aka just kids adrift but think about it though like how many people as he talks I had to conduct the interviews and it has the asked questions you know are rather given category names too like he's got to be eased its gotta be a turnstile at this point because he takes the time. They get to know our review. There's so many thousands of west is now west how much of your own. Previously acquired knowledge would you say you're using verses how much stuff. You felt like you had to study or download or offering him between when you took the test and when you tape the show. That they probably about 70% I knew but that's because the march 20 jeopardy fan. I'll blow that you know how do you have put. But in doing now to say watch the show that's the single best thing you can do not been doing after twenty years so on and so we just. Any idea exactly and and weaknesses you know that is on. Opera Broadway food that is up that was intentionally were stocked up only a month. And how's the stand of clear on body. Yup there work and doing good. Yeah I think we get on the that a common dirt aside bookstores this age sudden chill on national public television. You got a piece and that whenever and wherever I can not just opt in and beyond so things get. This let alone the doors but yeah I'm just gonna take gonna show that in chemical. That this is that was a very Belichick in answer nice jump and hit the it did this may open doors for you like you said that now everyone's got to expect you to be like. Someone who does Smart comedy. Yes a little bit of that but you know black is the fact about me amount let out yet so I'm currently working on a one man show up just expands and workshop and what I can so far obviously can't talk about it welcome to the institute actually are and so I'll want to talk wrapped up we'll be able to actually get the whole thing and pretty excited about. And you've won two is that correct in your on again tonight is that correct. Check of one to about 43000. Dollars in 2000 dollars so far. But that's what yeah tonight on tonight. Well we wanna use this opportunity to get you ready for tonight. OK so we've invented a new game which we're gonna play from now on here and there when it debut with you it's not as were jeopardy here we go. And now we've done and booty and Eddie and that is in the categories. As energized. Unless. West has. Your categories last. This can't really be a show candidate. World Cup spelled WH IR LD. Your audio daily single seat as were Japanese. And heroic app to suit spelled ATP news. What Serb wrote there there. Barack aptitude. Okay the top selling comic book of the 1940s. If you use his name you can discover your powers. Or a random song. Oh would issue them. At a bull I you've got audio Delhi's single World Cup this can't really be a show can it. Our amateur World Cup. Okay this effervescent beverage is being given away free today because it's July 11. Would that it. Slipping. To. Yeah okay. Is. Talking of course to communion with hazards don't look at Boston man. Killing and on jeopardy and he's keenly on passwords two so you've got this can't really be shown a candidate or audio daily single. Let's try you know this attribution that can. Okay. These hard protective coverings on our bodies are made of dead skin tissue and are old news just is driving like apartment is small. I. There's Oregon. Well instant answers. On these hard protective coverings on our bodies are made of dead skin tissue since his government pops when as well. Lou. Yeah she's. Yeah. It's Tony elves the answers to who nails. I was looking for a ask that other thing again about that another it's okay. He says password jeopardy because it rhymes with V. All right. Yeah outside that it's I can't say what its called its customers who fare OK and let's do your audio daily single CD and come out on top pick Aaron got there. Our co host nick sometimes. As yelled out the name of this dictator what did Clinton say I was quite controversial. Car. Now he had his own musical comedy in the producers. Okay you want limited to capacities. Would interpret it. That tells it there. I understand now why you are the reigning champion and let's open we're looking at a threes that made him more body. Aren't appreciated they're Democrat or good luck by then kill on the night all right take care take it.