Comedian Matt Kona - Bad Roommate Habits

Thursday, April 20th

Matty and Nick producer Stiz Grimey lets us in on a nasty habit of his. Comedian Matt Kona shares some of his worst roommate experiences too! 


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We talked Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF dot com all right. So we've been taking people's text messages on the 9717. Tech needs text line or tech needs staffing excellence man yeah man. And the grossest thing that I've read so far who came from a text there in the 978 he said I had this roommate. Who was the worst he used to clip his fingernails and toenails. And then leave them on the coffee table all the time for me to discover and throw away now might remain. Said remain I was talking about before Roy you step like do the dishes pick up his boxers and socks but there was a sort of like beer exchange for it. He did that a couple times as like now that's a nonstarter we're not gonna do that were absolutely not gonna do that. I just mentioned this story a second ago and Matt you said you've seen people do this before as well. And we just for just more rational and just turn on everyone's microphone Matt I don't know her mad con a comedian visiting us today yeah it's it's. Unacceptable of the tournament. Topic tables just majora like everyone else exactly or ride the Red Line if you don't read it exactly on the train him. Does go north on my god all those years I rode the subway a million times in New York City watching people just clipped fingernails in the commute. Ear you know iPod earbuds and just clipping toenails as. Where the hell do you think they're gonna go. But wait it gets worse as more there's more. When bringing this up off there a moment ago. Our producer here young's it is worth said. What about fingernails and toenails. I keep mine stayed in the jar and I chew on them. You know get out get out get out of the you are fired and I've never wanna see you again but only like them like the big ones like halo like three of you all. If you bite your big tall when you get like a big one it's almost like. Don't pick up. Not a whole lot. You mean to tell me you take a toenail clippings of yourself that you come from and I like to buy it on a like that you want well. Not do for you and even my attitude. I'm not doing the twenty saving on by not much can toothpicks can I just a kid I hope that you would think if I could and all of totally alienate go. I know like you've been no shops reform bill that would have liked no teach real flavored toothpicks they're great. No like have you seen that helps you stop smoking whatever day you need to start you of these is gonna help stop smoking and Pete. Do not ever leave my mind's eye with a picture of you having a Mason jar full of discarded what do you guys think undone before you got to get to work payoff may I demanded picture this and our social media beat were calling your girlfriend right now get on the unknown dinner on the phone on and now. What are you Howard Hughes. Are you pitching in a jar now know what is going all I would much rather he do that at least your own urine is sterile Juno lives on your toenails. Well do you clean when he learned to box on. We hunger what do you think lives inside your foot it's basically (%expletive) you store club isn't. Other I. I know I've ever heard of any reminders of you know why your fingernails that Tony has records and then you want to I want you fire all used they don't make I would checked I didn't kill them implement a jar and keep them on display actually from time to time that did happen. But this is ridiculous. The orchestra is a clear. Thanks period. But there had written assurance that moment I do guys I thought you needed to hear that I thought that I know I have ever know I imagine still is sitting home evident Netflix and channel as pollen at a nice to month to month Krispy walloped the hardest part is trying to get your foot up tee or mouth. That's the hardest part what have we done nick what are we grew we hired that's when most people do yoga rates that can examine this in his book and. Sean you are Matty and nick and the toenail clipper. You know that Decker has gotten out tonight at a podium who east he became a shouting. And he would just eat eat you know I got really lazy didn't pick up after and so but there was one sitting and I and others saying they got him on our common uses split used to just dump this cat litter right on the floor next was washing drier. He didn't have a litter box in images senator all the dirty laundry would get piled up right next to this cat litter file. And over time he just you know Stuckey that never got to clean it blankets and stuff like. I was open we know the basement when Simon and I was revenue split it up the floor and all the sudden layer upon layer it is such accurate or out of business. Thank you I'll John I think all way to say it says the guy made. He did even have enough money for like a rubber maid tub kind you can put in just zip. Why did you could pick up a cardboard box and put key literate he's putting on the floor. Didn't even go too lazy to pick up a box and get reusable box why don't wanna cat though because I swear when you have a chat in just it's now now. Now people have that sir and you know you can't buy you everything you can't exactly right you you keep toenails in a jar. You're like a serial killer and HBO series I'm the nicest guy you know how did you know he killed this is showgirls we found toenail clippings kept ajar and his apartment in Chelsea I'm gonna bring you in one mil I wanna see a picture of I want it on our. By the way cat turns my favorite ninety's grunge and they remember. Really really strong not so funny they used to play at the homemade litter box now had a little dance where they're really Clinton and their great bill failure over the Matty and neck and the toenail clipper. It as let's say that there's a map and we believe Malone had some great things. Thank you bill that. No I don't I don't I don't keep them in the job but I do by my toenails and then eat the big one. Don't. Dogs and broke what thank you and thank you. Oh Phil thanks. Expert not meant for spirituality though yeah. They'll pay and right now it feels as milk with toenails I can't even do for you I don't think I guess we have to be to east let's and and god. Do we even need do at this point let's do to you should see our techs like let's do two there about 500 people that just texted and said I do the same things this Grammy now I've never been so shocked I had to pull over I was so grossed out thanks register open my mouth again ever listened to the radio again. That's disgusting that sick what is wrong with you. We need to stop it is Grammy well we got to oh. Alison I know this world is killing you but your own with men in neck. I idea. Thank you now reads darkness. If you. I felt I hit it and let the people that like. Act it is it like it but that final out of. Yes Alison I think she's a one mice consummate ultimate an audition then might be more common than people think. Alan your house and don't knock it to you try it. Thank you rounds and I'm sorry I apologize on behalf of show I'd honestly like can I just kitchens these things that is wanna get you container. Those tea tree oil to makes them eat like a bad report crimes and you get the same since they. Thought. That's disguised grows that's your line. Californians. Are loved and well it's wrong what do we can assure you that the war crimes came from the pig's foot on them okay. What. We can again. And the shower I don't wanna hear from you did you -- call in the girls like a tape all right well you animals actually homeowners typically goes to you I don't in the shower I don't people I'm eating like YouTube animal though not normal according to your and he abnormal hold on what is wrong and what's Rottweiler if you. Slices if you have a slice of teaching your hand. And you gotta go number one what's wrong with you don't have does not have a slice it always know you can have a Coca smile what's wrong with a slice and a winner Matt. My bearded friends pick up forming now I gotta go to hanky. You want in one of that's too much rebels it would if you drop the pizza and the Euro polar on the web opium in the Charlotte DP in the shower. Yeah but hey what are but I IP into the shower when I'm will be closed all eyes are now that's what you do it from outside yeah. That's different thinking outside the box that's tickets that the that we had to fine I'm often. And that's been your news.