Champions Week in Vegas Ending

Friday, December 1st

The playoff drivers celebrating the season and champion in Las Vegas.


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Never take anything for granted but if there is a year they were gonna act confident they are gonna pull it out this it is this way you want to. Champions league is coming to a close in Las Vegas and it wrapped 50017. Seasons. In a big battle for Martin Truex junior. And Dale Earnhardt junior who won his fifteenth consecutive most popular driver award we'll talk to both of them as well as Mac ten the next. Analysts had me in and you're listening to contract on the motor racing network. Drug cantor and NASCAR USA is giving one lucky listener a trip to the 2018. Daytona 500. We'll tell you this country music artists to perform amateur driver who won the Daytona 500. You tell us what year it happened if they Daytona 500 real life. Log on Ameren dot com forward slash NASCAR USA we've your answer. The entry site for details and for tickets for the Daytona 500 call 1800 pitch up or visit Daytona 500 dot com. When the smoke settles the entertainment never stops all you know Stanley's blown race weekends your favorite NASCAR personality is an everyday superhero Brad Kozlowski will plant we'll when they leave the racetrack. There's just like everyone else we just have to find the value package that connects new generation of fans senses the Armstrong. Join me on a daily journey as we discussed the hot topics and engaging personalities. Of NASCAR nation majors world of racing weekday on the motor racing network. Follow weeks of sixteen cuts playoff drivers have been in Las Vegas celebrating that he hasn't seventeenth season and their champion Martin Truex junior. Well it's been nonstop for insurance pretty much since homestead that he said he doesn't mind. Because it proved that all their hard. Work paid off. You know I think after us honestly if it's more than just me is more than just hold our whole group. We it's our it's our communications are trusting one another confidence in each other for engineers jazzy beat. It's really our whole combination everything we do we find all the little hope little pieces. And I'm I'm so blessed to have all these guys in and defeat in such a great just a great system and relationship where all of the men around. You know honestly I think that's the difference its people its relationships is confident sits. Give the love of the sport and all the things we've put into it hard work and determination. You know wait an hour gusts. Attending his last champions awarded to writer Dale Earnhardt junior was asked which he expects that the venture into the broadcast Booth next season. Erica I'm glad I could search your relationship with you always I thought it Finnegan and so hopefully guys except me into the family. Yeah I I got a lot of I got a lot to learn and and I never I don't think I figured it all out on the you know as a competitor that. I have a you know my. Yeah there's a lot of guys that I appreciated. In need in the sport is its announcers broadcasters and public give me Parsons and what he meant to the sport as a driver in the end. Asset and I can and can't afford an incredibly well as the sport is and in the broadcast news. That's me as a standard for. For myself. That's me is somebody to look up to him. At some point soon. To admire and emulate so. If I I never really try hard I don't know. The odds are that if I can if I can he is and you know I can be is. Helpful and important is poured out of the car is I was in that would be. Under the recently in the other recent note a disappointing day Hazen failures along way in mistakes made the we'll be for lack of effort. Also attending his last champions awards next candidate whose wife is about to deliver than he. To their family any week but he had a lot of time to think about his career and being with everything going on and going into the holiday. I personally found of a feel good so I mean you know. I got about a half hour this left so I think he'll take. Few days few weeks guys you know get blown down coming into. In the swing of things go are going well right now so looking forward to this month looking forward to holidays this year. Turn your calendar every other year and got to get absolutely everything is everything's going really great got a lot of look forward to but I'm thankful forced. He's good he'll always come up the skyline gone home right now and none really as recent season isn't over really until I. We'll go to that story about another hour. You know so for me it's hard to be like also the area and feel among all excited and I don't know. Doubled seventeen yet really so until I get home kind of settled in Perth. You're a little while here their thing we are going on let's it's hard to say look so good about everything episode until hell lot you think before Los look forward to. Glad the fans are already counting down until Daytona and even weeks in the 500. And accurate figure quickly faded he was paying attention. You want to enjoy the championship feeling as long as he can't I'm like Henry in and he's been looking at contracts on the motor racing network.