In Case You Missed It - Women Who Pay The Mortgage

Monday, December 4th

After LB made a crack at guys whose girlfriend or wife pay the mortgages, the callers and texters let him have it!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Apologize. To all the women who listened to the show who paid the mortgage they're all texting and then. There a bit like an apology you wanna offer of one or not. Well of course I didn't listen I didn't mean to offend light. I know what the 1% of one minute period the more and I'm. I am I got a new line. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm not tighten I think there I think there are more than that and their failure in and they are there all there while listening. Now I'm on pound note not to. Down all Paula as. Well and I think their big thing that there are a lot of women do there aren't yeah that would tell London they can't. I think the statement you really think there's a tonne women out there. There are married with children that pays the mortgage. Before mortgage. Ha. I opt out. But he's been yeah I don't I I'm the guy here let me do me a ten minute head start this morning before we want to thank. Alana not want and the event that the alarm. Didn't tell me I think women and men of all your friends tell me a boy your friend I think you're you're kind of asking the wrong crowd way to run a demo here. And I you're making excuses and no I'm not a lawyer France no matter yes. Tell me tell me the guy. That is your friend that he doesn't pay the mortgage and his way appease the whole mortgage arm and. There are a lot of greens maybe you have you know I'm I am I heard I know I have to think of it for awhile but there are a lot of women who are working. Well I'm I'm not putting and I was innocent and the husband is there's more husbands as they home and ended the it to the house husband yes. Then you get neighboring you know that they didn't fry and I'm 1% of the husbands that are. That are at home hobbies. Gosh. Ladies just you know what women aren't married. That aren't that aren't married there one that pay all the bills well that summit point and you just say just talking about married when it yeah okay. Lewis. CAA year you're dead arm and we're talking about I'm just trying to clarify. We're not really clarifying it. You know I think they just did if you're a woman who has wires Sophia paying your own mortgage gigantic spread that the price and so are not what about unmarried we'll do it together in a zoo inside the male I have one more you picking on me Tuesday. Non supported it pretty easy he now. I don't softball is the beginning solely nursing home and I'll jump on the band and I and I you're not really years not you know. To stop why wasn't planned bingo with a bunch of many girls on Friday the united seven there there is you know you don't brush. Hello Leo. Let them bullets that are more agreeable let's. What rock do I look under that dictator mortgage almost got it right now guys. Albania would your body and I know yeah in 1957 called the accident actions yeah it later. Two. When we were doing inside the male mind it's about. Relationships. So there's a male and a female in a hostile. Years in Europe the single female on you pay your own rent god bless here are eaten. See this is the only way a guy losing your houses. Zip he has great sacks. Otherwise he's paying have to mortgage the stores. Hello John. Thank you Martin got morning bullets out to. Optimize that bluntly that the need at over there and it. I like. About five years. I would act and that the majority of the mortgage linked some property but. I can pick up the slack and I got you mad that I fired all mapped out five my wife is not and the more you keep up. He's got all of. Very nice. Did some rehab step up Larry they are doing the dishes in the wind drift here is Kevin hello Kevin. Yes dad let somebody like Becky pays the mortgage. Yes I put the money in the account until there. I love my guys yeah guys are great. Players I'm so much. He didn't. I in this and. Man is. You. They welcome this young guys. That. Well I'm a bit this older. And so I have the flexibility if sometimes to my kids to be light you have a music together these different. The market activity during the day and you see the proportion of how many of these. Parents that stayed home all day or moms and I around and do their social thing and how many are dead and I tell him one of I'm typically the only debt. Sometimes there's another dead they're they're like the one dude whose wife make bank in his home by that's all these dreams. Always like that we're talking about where the woman get a 100%. And literally gotta guy staying at whole look at it really happy how many people Daniel you know like that. For. Now any talk about Danielle has it been friends that do everything. She does normally she is normally able to find a friend who she knows. That can relate to any topic that is that is on the show that he's. And all LB this type I think he he didn't articulate very well that is talking about. Eight A news bureau person you know there's the guys that do know nothing but stay at home. Like I think he's right. Yeah with his tone that was really more and he can. Putt and if you had a quiet man kept a sound and I can't let me say their country club stunning. Don't accept any founder's wife's not you know counter Rollins yeah complaints. A July while July 7. Do you. Want me team. You guys around him. I would have him on. That when the EU to be married at this expired. If there this evening hello Amy. Hello what's up Amy. I didn't look at how did it now and hang out get it out loud in the sense that I knew what was. Unknown aspect I got it's not it's not a producers tracked. I guess that there are women out there that pay you more usually you're 1%. Of where the other 1% say yes you can see it how much is 1%. About 1% thought he had left and 100 foot. And recently that 40%. Or 42%. Or something like that of the women are the bread winner. Yeah I was ending in today's and today's homes that we announced. Yeah talk about that no I don't want to know when it. And you say that held our and it's very sober guy mates. Whatever so he makes this on destroying a figure out there does so he makes fifty grand. She makes it Seagram so she's had so much she's the redwood trees the breadwinner and a but he saw Hospira mortgage. In 2015. Boarding two American progress that word this easier for which the most recent data is available. 42% of moms were sole or primary breadwinner spring and lean bring in and week. A family earning. It so at least half sell them the man is an average unit or she's on the concept for the mortgage. She does she guns in the house of lies she buys that grows trees. She she. Can't and yeah like these things groceries. In my little worried. Knuckle drag you are there it's. It's easy electric no big deal this is Riley hello Riley. So I've actually got your friend you Lombard relationships and their email they date may. Good Saturday facts and eat automatic remote bill. What are my that's right the real estate agent and him. Well I've been but it Chuck Schumer and she obviously Aaron much much more. And a lot and I'm currently in Nam undergirding all of them. There are a lot more women than there are Matt. In eight years saying an undergrad you bought more women that are in school and so you're saying. A lot lower Marion school and getting higher pain to breathing. Like at tilt. Well all eyes are on a phone call or answer it similarly you're what you're 261 when your parents in the basement. Well. If he threw eliminate the OK you know I'd say sixty I'd still working twelve hours a day paying your. And that's what. It is and it's Derrick Coleman like it's not a baseman Daniel to the rock Obama. That couples and it's his index although Indy. We've gone outside without being here all it does lead paint and older who sent that are recalled have all been built up a you've been up but it. You thing most do you think most used mostly it's the man who pays the mortgage trouble when general work calories and the only and get the problem. Let's there earnestly and yeah coming from the guy who played pays his mortgage. That's. Another. My lump there Harlow hello Wendy. Hey cool how I act and we're inlets are growing along route through the Q in the. Unloved lips won't he had that every day and that's just colonel in the I eat eat. Why are afraid they won't shut up if you need a mortgage you there's. None none of it that I could well be Jacqueline what they. It quiet it occurs to me is having activities that it has and has been. Out out a little bit but it was unfortunate that he does not eight votes she Latin. Lack order in Italy is actually populist hacking and people say homer made it. Do not have to worry about blacks and slow her agent capital to work out well I've few. Journalism here is that yes I am I an event that that that's awesome so you're saying you have paid the mortgage the whole time he has stayed home and take care of the kids. A guy I.