In Case You Missed It - Who Has The Best Lobster Roll?

Wednesday, June 27th

It's time to decide who has the best Lobster Roll in Massachusetts and we elist the help of some listeners to judge who's the best!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Solid lines and your schedule. Today asked dot com. The next blind food taste test under way it happens to be because it's summer the lobster roll. And we are joined in the studio not only by the lobster purveyors by a reminder. That a friend of the show Kayla Cummings for naked and afraid. On discovery is in the studio with a since she is going to be a celebrity judge. A lot of meets. Everybody who yes worked hard this morning to come up here and help us find out where the very best. Lobster on the CommVault is on and so I'm gonna go down idol is over here everybody and will go down in and will get a spokesperson. From each. And now that would would Mendes. In assets of course and are you Maureen. I am a Maureen Woodman from the Whitman Stanley up in Essex Massachusetts now Mike Hsu has been having great conversations with the filming for quite some time I told him Miley came down here it is -- wind today. And how lie and how long has Whitman's been there would be delighted in July. 1914100. In four years old this 104. Years old. And what's first of all before we get the lobster roll I just want to attempt to validate your claim. To mr. Hsu at the fried clam was invented it would moments that. I clam was invented on July 3 1916. It's actually national fried clam Dane now polls say blood calendar and find that out all we're coming into season so that's next week we're pretty excited about it and chubby and Bessie. Invented the fried clam my sister on the story to everybody here it's all documented in its rate there and a Wikipedia a look at up. Now is this the kind of thing that often happens. Win these kinds of food things where. I chubby was walking by the trial later and dropped a clan into it by accident and I realized how good it was as though what happened there. That is really what happened Billy yeah they that clam diggers are right across the street they said to him he made potato chips in the fat. Some want to throw Claman Mary through it and exploded his wife covered it with meal and put it in the next day they sold them on the parade for 38010. Cents in 1916 has a lot of money. While some waive it what he knew how many did you get for 38 dollars and ten cents I was a little ice millions of people you garlic I have quite. Oh OK all right yes LB obviously dimensions showed. I'm sure you're familiar with Max Palance which was Democrats eliminate competition Matt and Suzy a bartender there are you a fan Woodman. If you've never been up to Essex on the backside recurring speech. They're there is not a better day than being on our jet ski or boat. Going to win men's Robinson lobbies crabs and clams and bang and out onto the backside a crane dismemberment of a summer day in the sun it's it's outstanding. Yeah I spent some time on the river last night it's absolutely beautiful up that much is just there a color green in the waters just three column blew right now now in your expert opinion. Yeah what makes. The very best lobster roll the very best lobster roll what is the key he. I think the best lobster roll has to do with the bread okay and that's the time and now now I agree. I would agree. And I think the other secret is an edge is gone back my husband and I were actually up all night to redress it before we come dress it let it set. We'd like to we'd says the same thing about LB didn't. And simply doesn't make us out and that's an answer based on happened I guess I tell everybody as a naked girl does have clothes on the NASDAQ added yeah my god yeah I'd better let us. And I put it out of she's gonna and I didn't realize she currently practicing with it currently as the clothes on if they get a lot yes currently. They did would you put it together. If you let it sit too long it gets milky oh if you dressed quickly it's a little fluffy hair a I would say the secret. All right that's Whitman's. Who's representing Kelly's. And EUR and 67 years this July 3 will be a 68 the wow. Wow and are you claiming the U invented the clamor you allowing wouldn't know it will will that Woodman says on his little wit away acclaim in the roast beef yeah allow access morning he's back to back difference or factor at some point we're going to get to roast beef sandwich challenge and be back for that. We have a phenomenal serve and terror via social and it's a loss of rule with the rose beats them. Is that at all. That sounds Kris. Can you put the lobster on the roast beef sandwich you can win anything on on what is in your opinion what is the key to making the best lobster rule I would say it again it's the role it's that close the rule makes a roasted toasted okay. And it's the New England style. Roll that totally okay. And then do you do seller re in and and we do light like celery in a white male Nokia. It's just the phenomenal sandwich and Monica half pound of flops. And look what kind of plot what kind of rules use use it's just your traditional in the radio and hot dog world okay that until recently completed. Yeah the like thank you and Colin Powell on I'm calling foul on you only had one. I'm all right. Hooking who is rep resenting Lauren jeans and the good eats food track and that's you wanna Gina is my eighteenth Felix yes I have a sterling okay sterling now you're far away from the ocean. You have to I assume you have to get your lives surviving and I have that brought in daily but I would only open one day a week only one day we went there is that Friday Friday okay. And in your mind what is the key to creating the greatest lobster roll it's a combination. Good lobster and and toast general and those that role and we grow their roles or is it is it all toasted looks like everybody hears those these minerals okay. I. Who is representing Sullivan's castle island another legendary place Richard and Paramount here in okay that now how long has Sullivan's spin it's gotta be their since the fifties from 195119. Finishing line runner and coming up on sixty years 6080. Days of the fourth generational solvent and the Sullivan family. And any particular secrets when it comes to the lobster roll and in your expert opinion. We got a lot cement them down for me that we buy from a lawsuit comes from Nova Scotia that's frozen. And he basically said after you start draining it and letting it. Let it sit for about ten minutes. Well the water on what the then you can now mixup and we uses to in those we usually like mean aides might manage comatose at new wing and stuff hotline. Alia toast. It is I mean everybody is I've learned can I ask is because you know the a couple of the guys have been doing the lobster thing and we talked about it. That they used to you knowing. Massachusetts. Who used to serve the prisoners lobster 'cause they thought it was you know the garbage you are on the bottom. Where it went to break through like Floyd when you click. How did everybody decide this is like costs of. It. What I've heard is that somebody decided that you know arrest Toronto decided that they can make it a little different you know instead of just the boiled locks them out they could actually pull the meat out. Mix that with something and end up. And then on to say it's mixing processors were male and here Harry is years ago lots that was too expensive. You know back in the seventies and all that was too expensive. We went to Alaskan king crab legs we ended up doing a little while listening to mine in in in my experience anything can be made into a sandwiched. I. I. And then finally who's representing our rob Barr from Ashley I'm Rachel Rachel. And it's I want as a rob bargain we got a lot of people were texting and you guys heard that we are documentary on the radio right Pete and so how long as the rob Bard in the act. 34 years 34 year I mean we are by the greatest wanna note this Texas says. We ire we have the presence of New England royalty you know I don't know I don't know all these players is their idea all these lists have been here for decades so I'm so glad he has commit so. Tom what do you think what. When it comes to the rob buy and how you guys do your lobster roll what what do you think is the K I we do not toast. Their own blue hey. Oh I don't. Policing role and on its simple you know no pillars I nannies you know they're huge. We got the biggest advantage. Is lobster and how we got an AM. It is and it can add the fresh squeezed. Vodka agreed great fruit or fresh squeezed like orange you can every yeah. That's the rub our right with the backhand to hand held machine the bartenders we don't have. Well but the other day couldn't get that yeah. The difference that need it yeah. We had a couple already won three. Oh yeah there's probably means that they're. Shown so much Donna missions are itself. Let's get we have time right 8:48 and today's man morning show is presented by Echostar technologies. Your data center solutions provider for more information go to echo stored dot com. Now we met. All of the lobster roll creators let's get our listeners judges in here and of course Gail Cummings is serving as. A celebrity judge. And we're gonna start present the lobster rolls and but first I guess we'll meet our we'll meet our judges this is a link to us it is yet I. My own and I we are we have time and it's transparency is key do you think social capital yes the hustling video games in the Olympus. I was the last into Asia integrity. I would bring all of listener judges in the there. Leo ones who treat poll where five of our listener judges. Hands. Let's go ahead and say hello of course high pitched voice Jaffe is here again. I. Jeff last I knew you didn't have you been here for that peace testing and for the Italian sub yes it okay. And how do you feel what do you what's Acadia when you try lobster roll. Meets. Then meet Dan Brown again divorcing Brad is Q a began. You know to me it's about eighteen bucks for a role I want more substance and bill yeah exactly it was money. Now listen yeah. Did you bring booze inferred and you know again it did it. That's radio show ever on the day before vacation. Ice and I agree start throwing siders that time. Up next your names are read. Read. Where where you come from Brad Hudson man OK and tell me what sticky deal when it comes to laughs a lot like to meet you like today that he that the key it was the best when you've ever had prior to today. Finnegan and that it actually has again and I had a fiasco making cut Fries. We have a moment speaking of putts and we have a moment of silence for the bar lines where where one would have found its routes or no disrespect to would Minsk. One would have found the best fried clams in central Massachusetts at the violence when it was open an irate at apparently okay. And let's meet this person what's your name Valerie Valerie where you've frowned legendary Londonderry New Hampshire and how do you feel about where one would go to get the best lobster roll. And and it can add up and key. Today. And what's the key DO. In the meat and everybody saying to me. Our next touch Samantha and Samantha where you from within and in your opinion. What is most important about it lobster roll minimal celery. In commie. Man rule there and that's it you're like in you know yeah in the you'd prefer the law meet that the only contract. That is just that things are they just texture thing it's different flavor. I have bad Kilmeade is to not be in like. Grizzly for me now on the separates those. Like again. And get these cloned meat is. Applicable lobsters. You just get out. You need the shells. The how. And view our Josh Josh you're here for both of the previous out of the Italian just Italians out of that in a row where you from I'm from apple from outlaw OK and com in your mind what makes him amazing lobster roll at only at 10. Really so I got out I was at all alive so he says you know archer in your mind whether it's the I was gimmick it's going to be to meet the medic and he's gonna happen absolutely. While shall we start yes well let's bring in. Now courses of the block it's gone blind taste tester on wanna get this incident we're back right I tell them. Submitted samples. Lots of articles. Are elegant. Drivers such Clinton's. Look at that. It's just that wanted to be amazing display of lots bastard yeah madness where FaceBook live FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks if you wanna tune in and you wanna check out. The lobster roll blind taste test challenge. To solar but he notes of each sample it comes and is numbered. And kind and yes of the reading on the number would ridiculous and 110 ye we didn't want the ten things that we wanna do it yeah that's right yes. No no no please. Yeah not enough or not I'm not a Christian Susan massive challenges don't end. I'm not no please don't. Wait a second glad you guys can yeah. In. And I am just now sending to my story and instead Graham a look at the very first lobster rules that have been brought in. Yeah that would be 11. With a freak is gonna. Yeah I talked to scare and like the LP the president. By the careless and that's not code. Sector. Sector this thing is loaded with lobster that looks amazing. And I get a Owens-Illinois I don't personally lobster for Kerry and I'm I would not mind that at all our. Let's get your opinion from the judges on that one. Jeff I just not this bullets go to red if we could every good what what what would you give that read on a scale of one to ten. Innate and eighths okay. We have an eight. Jeff what are you giving it. Seems that that crash salt on which is great UK okay it's obvious common giving. Seven a guy what I will say about this one not very many easy which I like and like a lot of minutes. Asked what tactics giving it 6876. Samantha 777. And you don't with a day OK all right well. So it's 778876788. Says it sixth seventh eighth. That's why did you keep them do not count average all slowly as well I'd I'll have another bite I guess on more about him a self all right. Let's bring in number two and of course this is our blind food taste test challenge while they are being brought in all might not although. Only been 000 wait wait we've got about Kayla yeah and we've got about Kayla Cummings from naked in freighters are celebrity judge well I'm thinking about this one. Then. Aaron. It's hard to eat and host a shelf yeah that's a drop to the next round and then there's this into the booted government is La. And it's also hard to like handle all of social media. Work. All right now this one. Here's an interesting question. Does anybody judge on presentation because this one has been delivered with chips and with pickles. Rain at all you are pickles and jello and mouse I don't like sweet pickles like sweet Perkins really like easily out hourly is out. I so this one is being delivered and in that toasted roll and of course it's very Sally it's like lobster salad he because you can see. The amenities and I don't know and it's massive six and its its U I it is self dealing that that that's against giant on. You don't get don't get that on the microphone is that they. Concern eights. Loy and I have the social media music balls and are trying to keep up with social media. And all the rest here. Amounted did it work they'll come into speeding and lost. A music might and to push the access and lobster do arm of the role. I'm blaming your throat yeah. Yeah it. It would it would be irony if LB Channel Tunnel and hot collage student and I occasionally spent so it's. And Mike Gartner and children on that jinx waiting now. So. Let's go ahead here and get an opinion from our celebrity judge Taylor Cummings. Nine yeah I don't. What is the fun is Kirk and the body is perfect meet me. Yeah. That's what by the way. I don't like to boast but that's a lot of the ladies and diamond ocean park beach. I mean yeah. All the buttons are perfect time all right so Kayla Cummings giving that in nine. And what we got edited assessment given a seven based and annie's I'm not a big I don't know man it's okay Allah people like the Munis and lots thrower or in the middle of our lobster roll blind taste test. Challenge our next judge giving it a thing 62. Wet with a man two after. The matter you know all right who. What do we got evidence that that's been our rights read what Google with a seven with a seven reds as sad and and high pitched voice yeah. This having not that Beckett yeah toasty and woods above earth to earth aren't lower to win. Got a paused briefly relied on FaceBook. And you can check out the various social media channels today apt to take a look at all the lobster and all that stuff. And we'll wrap it up woman come back and determine. Where one might fine the very best lobster roll for summer here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. And will be that next. This show enough you know that were flogged. Food and our next the blind taste test challenges under way. Quit our listener judges and our celebrity judge in the studio Kayla Cummings from Macon and afraid and I believe Kayla as the as the random thing. You said that the season finale airs next Sunday is right. On discovery next Sunday naked and afraid those. Those asking. Kayla is sampling lobster rules in her clothes she's. LB however is news I. And my happiness. We've gone through the puzzle lobster like. We aren't through. No. Of the five entries and lobster rolls today come from Woodman is an ethics and from. It's really lobsters seafood royalty that's represented here today woodlands. I Kelly isn't over is the outreach. And they'll rob Barr in mash. And Lana genes good eats. Food truck. And the Sullivan's. And castle island itself let's break which we are FaceBook life. FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks if you wanna watch. And make yourself hungry work and let's bring in contestant number three and there lobster roll and they bullish addicts. Though this is our hot dog. Style bar and and it's looks like an awful lot of lobster in there in my lowered. I wanna get now it looks pretty amazing. I did tell them sit in a make him sample size you know commitment half maybe and others know this is the full yeah the foods. Easy as Lisa. And of course. I am I may at the end this reverse the importance that I place on the rule. I didn't place much importance on the rule going into this yet known to us that's act pretty crucial at the role the Bates is an interesting one because I think it can make or break. The lobster what's in the title and it's our wireless. I wasn't thinking it but I think in many cases it makes or breaks it. This vehicle for the lobster. The I'm instead Graham rule number three years though if you're following me on in the grand and he'll be able to. Suffer through. Mouth watering scenarios while you're what you're trying to do some work you're supporting a it is 90 eight's. You're not following me on Nancy Graham Greg Hill 107 and I just shared laughs rule number. I. The collective number of lobsters used. To prepare the roles that were eating today are you asking how many lobsters lost their lives for the segment without your house. Yeah Elian now there's a great question him. All right well let's go to and get the reviews on number three and wall starts judge. Restarts in the middle. We did the Valerie. Now with that then you're gonna get that a seven finale putting that in this Reggie I am OK that is a seven from about Valerie. Why is seven and that well at the little the role was bra okay all right let's check in with Samantha any. And saying I agree with the role but. I'm male ratio. And by the way in the absence. Of the presence. Of pizza smoke. Is it okay. If we call you two ladies lobster smokes. Yes okay I think Aaron we got a couple lobsters mumps it's actually arming its wrist or you could see the judge's son actually I got that I would have got to get that sent a seven and a reason and the role was dry and roll Esther Rolle was doing number one and number one OK so they need needed more butter on this roller something on the OK all right read what I call them well with a seven now so yeah again seven also. He has a tough judges panel of judges is. Not that they you know you got a mile to impress them Jeff and I goes lobster lard lobs are yeah. I got lots reminding you very much. I'm a graduate and ate and ate the bread was nation crunchy. I like crunch that kind Margie I Brett yeah OK okay good all right let's bring our next contestants lobster rolls into the escort and Kayla. All of its economic and how could anyone forget about the. Don't armed guard. A seven. I thank. I just tried my first fight as it grows when people are eating and talking now Mario yeah absolutely yeah. This up just before you know and now not a new thing. Danielle attacks or wants to know if you knew oh. That the lobster is a part of the Iraq and family so it's basically a big spiders at that and then make an immediate spider it's delicious and Johnson is to see spider. Are we kill them sure the I don't feel like each other and sections. I can't efficient cars vision a part of the Iraq good family. That's still there are what you think it's like genius or file a I don't know I don't remember that far back to man challenging. Obvious is number four we have one left after this. It is our blind our next blind food taste tests challenge. And it happens to be lobster rolls because it's summertime. And this line it is gigantic. I should boomerang adapting and you know you know on pretty good with the social media zoo I should've boomerang passion that. This has a lot of meat they all have a lot of in the world and I'll see a lot of luck ami. Oh yeah it does okay that's a good pointing only lights the claw. Whereas I only lose someone anyone that's also what she uses on on a boyfriend that she says yeah. There's hundreds texting them. And I enjoy it he says this is number four yes yes there for God's war. Now we shall see. You and your tooth and like shellfish I'll be what's your opinion on this one. What's our. No one needs a lot literally inhale what appeared and I thought I won't comment on it I've covered the panel comment so they're not bias the judge is Zach. This and I will say myself lobster smokes for a weird during the race I. Either collapse of what I've noticed the lobster smokes they Yuba maybe there and Tressel panicked move. Stunner right there this one is really at closing that hole is really posted. Let's go and market our opinions from the listener judges what are we got Jeff. Lobs allowed Ilya. I'm given that when it actually. Any. Naked why did little hint of salary then lick you when you buy into what you want a little crisp like Alec along with the rocks apparently gotten. Thailand I agree Jeff I agree but I don't like too much lattice like people put lettuce and so I don't want to mention that I want any lesson a lobster roll period. I read what he got on given that way you're gonna six. What he got over there Valerie any lobsters smoke Valerie says eight. And lobsters smokes man eight is giving an innate ability. Nine billion. And I. All right. And a meat when he got Kayla. A six Kayla is giving in a six. Attacks there was no. LB attacks through would like to know if you're going to be weighing in at TP. After the club circle cup contention now are way again after vacation during the following Friday and ordinary. All right. Well let's bring in our get them file entry I just when you get your your camera and all our underpinning is ridiculous. It's. It's a re GA QL seven a hard time old monitoring what does it so much meat yeah homeland. Is back on the side. I don't if LP were to go to an all you can eat buffet that allowed you only one late. Yeah and it's a number of. Okay. Yeah. Yeah it may. This is crazy and licenses lives she's done on slips WA AF. At the bizarre innings so yeah. I remember dollar don't be bye bye law. What he's saying hobbies that what you can't be biased by the size it's a boat taste. Sometimes over thousands of it and you does that add. That's the yeah it's like you said that yeah that's what you might is that it's not about the size and if we get undressed yeah. And so wow. That. I can't believe yeah it. I can't believe how much. So they spoke on last WA AF rocks are doing FaceBook live right now. Make sure you're very good at providing color commentary long Greg ultimately I think you should. You should consider going into a radio show girls show some day here's how his own show that is an expert apparently there was some of these girls gone and I. Somebody's mom now it's them and I'm could have been an. I miss at a fast. I like where is Rocco. Well unfortunately Nolan that's registered wow and judges are a little over and I can tell right now. They're all out to lunch I was that when you take your home and feed your friendly as it repeatedly style you know. Yeah extra rolls with that. Lettuce at times you really feel like you should. Wow this is unbelievable let's get the response from the judges. On. Lobster roll our fifth and final lobster roll in our blind taste test challenge. And we will begin where is it the lobster in Largo who is known as Jeff yeah. I can't do is to brag because so much lost. Up and down. I think this is probably half my rent yeah but. I aimed. I have to go by this is like and in that. Not no I'm not honors on an argument yeah. Sorry you sorry when we got mouthful when I was nine. And one half what is it content what do what does it because it's got so much about thirty it now okay it's good and it's good. Is that I haven't tried that when it does is it is it is it solidly anchor a lot of a guy who's all lobster. I elements. What what nine all my out all. And she's great news he's got the small hands on cement lobsters smoked number two what do you guys. A seven and I didn't like that it can't hold it and I I'll use an old hands. Race Jimmie had LB earned in the event. Load. Heavily on any given an eight but I think the breadth of little stale well I mean it's well you know oh. Yeah I cannot pick the way and I and then it was like Gary Cahill I nowadays but a lot of that whole entire thing in up there. I'm open at Taylor Cummings from naked in afraid our celebrity judge what you're giving it. On. Seven okay seven I don't know. Well I am. First of all I wanna thank all of the participated at the participants. In today's blind food taste test challenged. They are. What millions in Essex and it's. They are. Kelly's. Most famous roast beef and Revere beach. And the rob Barr in match he. And Lauren jeans good eats food truck out sterling. And Solomon's. Mine castle island movement are right so. I have discourse here. I did not have the since it was top secret. It did not have the names of which restaurant correspondent which number I'm sure you can help us with them okay that's provides the integrity of the judge rate zones you are very interested in the integrity of the judging today someone has to be on the show and at times we live in Greg's. I asked to have some integrity and your kids answered yes. Always judge yeah. And bingo. Are well for the first time ever. In our blind food taste tests challenge. We have a guy and then on I think that's for so the below the thought I'd prefer to us on tight corner Brett. So 12345. Is the order in which they were isn't it nice that the average score I misread the I believe it's the five is leads yeah I'm gonna go 321. Affects a pack okay. So. Coming in at an average score of seven point three. When it comes to the very best lobster roll in the in the commonwealth. It was entry into number three lobster roll number three shill who is responsible for lobster roll number three that is Sullivan's. Cassel lined bullying. Sullivan's get a regular car. Largo lawsuit about an odd don't you lobster and everywhere. Coming in in silence are coming in second place. In second place when these average score of seven point eight. It was entrants number four. Answer number four. Kelly's Kelly. Arctic ever out of applies clues. And the winner. And champion. Greatest lobster roll ever in the history of lobster rolls in the com while the Massachusetts. With that average score of eight point 20. Was number. Five entry into number five witches. The raw bar. Yeah. Where it left on a Mac. Portions of times it's well I mean it's I can't believe how much. There's. Go ahead Jeff what is it because in Nash meaning he can afford. 286. Oh yeah. And let's shape a little jealous of him to be cute and an apartment they don't know I'm in rehab then they. Families unwanted wanted to rent one of the rooms above factories. There. Doubtful that the nasty center for the performing our areas that is. It's basically looks like our keys that you have been there. Let's bring the winners in its lobsters smokes who got to lobsters smokes that have been represented Iraq. Step right up over here what are your name again. Racial and Christina in Christina and are you guys. Ideas worked well time to part of the Stanley like what's that you are. Not part of you're from isn't. Hear from your from down Kate it's people's. Not off Kate you're gonna be on your front. I've program primary. Well congratulations you guys and now I think you're getting an influx of people who are seeking. Nice work by the rob buying your eyes open seven days of Jack and eighty days and days the kinds of OK I am on them are great work I hope you guys are great will be jammed over there. Actually be. That. Fireworks in mastery good fireworks match. Apparently gay rights yeah okay I didn't have to point out there on the harbor. Yeah. I'm writes I recently somebody that. One you know I should I should take I take that back Hazmat and he's more in but on the water were now. Yeah you're right I'm thinking of the place that has this that you squeeze via Diamond Bar. Whether you're the actual peak it's time for me. And the zone angels anymore I think these these chicks youngsters. Yes. This is him on the Framingham porn studio line bulletin. Say good morning everyone sit and watch it on FaceBook. Or my worshippers. City owners. Now I see you guys don't loaded up a lot so it will not public you're established and small will be the same monologues liberals. I believe so what now yeah. Sir your man reloaded them I don't know I don't think their load them up with Axl lobster don't you guys ended service that I'd I'd I'd I don't think fifty enter a new. A pageant. You'll you'll learn from. I don't get time in China again now we are again it's about chase you know again you can put all of a lot of Sherman one now. But beer pocketbook Terry's I mean you fake bake before beauty pageant got to understand right and I and it. A whole lot of second are our army and from Kelly's roast beef has some that he wants to say before he heads out. Just what I want to thank everybody was on time this morning but they also one of the I get them. Gift guides that makes sure that you drop by the judges clearly that judges. Given those out before. OK. Now you notice. So those big lobster rolls come in and reminded them and they did pretty good does what you guys finished in the top three so number two I don't know we'll take it in and make sure. Jerry bid beach this weekend's going to be Powell I'll get down man when does this and cats July 20 OK I like to point half a million people down there a -- weekend if you've never been able Revere beach for the sand sculpting competitions and cast the competition. It as a professional sand castle contest winner three time winner three time winner. I'm I'll tell you the got to go down and go to and go to Kelly's it is quite gel and we appreciate you get them to what fun night that you. And by the way if if people ask you why lasts displayed on the Russian troll farms are that's that's how we do these. Are right. Well that's. That that is that's great. I opt right to our judges. Jeff thank you great to see and even much do you have a great fourth of July. I won't be on the air next week so great for the July red thanks for coming in from Hudson thanks great Darren. Valerie lobster smoke number one saint thank you for being Aaron lobster smoke number two those Atlanta thank you for do you. And so Josh that you are being hit. Thanks to the growers and and I and being for these. Sir who has it who has I was as honest Lleyton orange on a swing on barely paid the army to take everything where you buy now program. It is great guy awesome. I feel like we gotta give the remaining the lobster it to some kind of food shelter or something there's so much got a job there and you can't yeah I do yeah department. It is probably godless sells the. This is. At their guns yes. I know everybody says that the crawl. I even think about that. So. Though rob Barr. Don't they don't host their balance them and they end up winning known partner. Rob arm mash we have you couldn't even. Yeah you know yeah I mean they Portland nine lobsters. It's it's it's unbelievable. This is Denise on the Cranium board studio line Denise hi ally and what's going. I hit wonder like I'll let you know that a lot about lobster world are we that pack and they go on that he had. Real nice also so they're always you're telling me there they aren't there are they always have that much lobsters are always a lot and they opt out about a program our flat. Stickiness to favor. They they don't fresh squeezed on your great unknowns and unknown. And out now. I. Well that's. And our latest supplies and food taste tests challenge.