In Case You Missed It - Vacation Rant

Friday, August 11th

With one day before the guys go on vacation a texter spurs a heated rant by Matty where he defends why they deserve their vacation!


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. We have our first topic serving school that on the tech sign that many industries make you work one year before you get a vacation. Well than you need to get a new industry there. I won't say raw video worked well this is coming in. Friday slalom because they're played it up like we were call our limitation I plastered pools I did stand up shows when there's three Google the audience for years fifteen years I've Boston my ass in this business to get where I'm sitting right now. And to be on the History Channel did that you'll stumble over a good job it's a good job Rachel glad Gulfport Diego my god in my mom like people in my life would say that when I was doing music and stuff you know trying to be eradicated on that we'll know they'd be like. Well you know it's the music thing is so fickle so that deal why did you get a job and radio cannot be like. Get a job in radio bulletin populate the number one is nick ups are you know the number one thing is is the voice over people funny to bush and ago. Tickets so we negated that read I don't really good voice again it's easier to do it this spirited. You might have a nice voicing get work may be. But can you read copy can interpret copy anyone. Bosh are passed I upon you and we got your top off are able to quit having which I did for years and acted too are you willing to step off the ledge and not get that union paycheck regular paycheck put your family apparel which I did. And say I believe in myself on the product and I can do this and there were some lean years a table right now they're war. Why myself match you operating there where did that come from other tour came from it it comes an insinuation that you're looking image why you don't get me. The cubs this insinuation that I. You know if you in this business you don't you're not really work in real. Reelect wooten will work real good vacations I think they cases for years. There is. Because guess what abide and I'd opt guess what I had to be going to do some because no it was give me a regular paycheck. No one when you work resell based on commission. Like based on whatever role you're getting a voice or god job you're getting a commercial whatever you're grinding out acting you don't get a salary is how what he dumped me lately. That's right you didn't get a salary although oh god if he killed. I plaster pools I'm glad prosecuted houses I mean I have an easier exterior interior and exterior. Yeah that that doesn't happen overnight that doesn't happen overnight. It takes time. This film. Shouldn't be to smack going in a vacation no one understands why you're so man I was triggered an illness. Don't blame it on them looking inward friend. So. They go oh we have here ago Lestock Sarah every wants to have their topic on this Friday about a it just joining us where RD on vacation mentally. I gotta get back in an occasion when a little angry I'm back had a little angrier than people would expect them. And so we are going to open it up to you whatever you wanna talk about using our topic in the 3 o'clock hour is up to use. Air your Mac and Nichols was hi Sarah always happened. Sour Beers that are jour Beers there are storms brewing in your hands. And I needed to get back in school and it's something that Elian's potentially important. Appearing in the end I don't think it. And in you had your radio it's totally serious if you guys who in turn Kyle though and suddenly counted. It. I actually didn't want it so I. Wilson well we'll put you on hold you can speak to Stanley about an internship definitely Sarah Sarah Sarah let me ask you really does putting a quarter and still is is donkeys cup outside that place really down his meeting in. I actually thought two era and then. Yeah. I totally dead since Ara I don't tear up everything in my car the value of the past two weeks. Eight and I Lilly unless you add it every afternoon it felt great and now that Italy. One is in the mail for you look. I including getting the radio that Anthony had been the only Asian bullet and do so I'd like a Lily lake airport which should catcher all earlier warning that evening everyone at our group. You Sarah I will put John all but just remember whatever it is you choose to do sic your intentions. Is turning into an AMA has many derivatives and that actually. Say your intentions. You get to work and don't look back OK if you have a safety net if you have something that you can fall back on you'll fall back on it the second times get rough. So if you wanna do this go 110%. Case there. Are you hold on. Now get your info. You go let's talk to it isn't off to a real nice instructional preachy start to the show today this is supposed to be chill chill out and get ready for vacation Friday. And you could just. Hey Matt Dion yeah all they gave us on the tech side must mean it's kind Visio. He isn't he isn't easy. You start thinking loosen that Paul. Dear Kart seven. Nice coastal breeze 77 and sunny not a peak hours a man but you are supporting us a tunic sevens imports when he federal here never at a making about a house last year. Tonight fast Matty awry I hate those entitled move. You know what you want twenty targets took it I didn't have I had in the area the pot to (%expletive) in. The window to throw it out of the Alley for it to land in or anyone to get upset about me throwing a pot full of year and out of window into an Alley. For over a decade I was yeah broke his could be busted my ass amid all the sacrifices that surround myself with the people. And now here and I'm not gonna boast about it Norma gonna bitch about it I'm just gonna enjoy it you know what at the end of it all by making the sacrifices and grinding. Hard AF go and hand would my career in my time and being around cool people. I was able to buy a house indicate that didn't happen by accident my family we didn't have this quote cool growing and we're gonna talk and video but hey how are you start to watch the Stanley videos. They're awesome right. It was and like I said when trump was elected yeah I didn't vote for but would trump was elected. The only way to were I figured or all gonna. That ought to be able to work together and make things happen in the country as tempestuous is things are around the world hard work hard work is always the answer that said. I really wish. I had a beer. Ever alert my gobble their names again Franken guy frank it's got Frankie bright eyed guy. You know we just did that's it we just made him that's than they are Munster wrote me after all the super cup rank rankings guy. Man there's so naive drawn me into your work in preached this isn't the only Internet talk. Yeah I had to take your wife just like the Michael Felger of Ted talks on middle of the afternoon are rock station WT attitude. Post SP chill they would get comedians permanent. And a total for the love of god you know we just did what the total let's get bloodshed. Like. It's all about hard work c'mon let's go on vacation we can match. I. Never really that doesn't talk to a big Willie real quick big Willie's been waiting on the Internet or studio like what's up they Willie. There employer puts out Shelby is now. It's. Take that that's why I could produce albeit since 99 what are what are your niche and a full scholarship to quick vote off this well it goes. Go wildcats. We go wildcats you know what. They salaam. I won not night fight tickets from new guys on the concept. I'll last week or so and I got to overcome their ideal what that I couldn't get back to the concert. Jobs are that may well you know what probably happened is that they were gonna probably let cool people backstage but then Matty bumped into rich Robinson and shut the lights up so that probably like that's it shut it down that shot it's now. I'm sorry mister big Willie but I got a dog vote next time okay rather. Yeah that's always on CNN that the F Framingham blood drive from next week next Wednesday. I don't know there are about what it took so much it's weird yeah thanks meg well you Iraq. Back in it.