In Case You Missed It - Terry Crews of "Deadpool 2"

Thursday, May 17th

Terry Crews joins the show to discuss Deadpool 2 and why playing the role of Bedlam means so much to him!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Hey Terry. They put up very good in Poland. Oh great great just I'm real quick. We earlier on the show we had patriots former patriots offensive lineman Matt Light on. And he's he's being inducted into the patriot golf game. LD was advocating for the fact that map ought to be in the hall of fame. Purely because Tom Brady is so good and because he was his backside actor for so long so. Wheaties and that we stand on that without having all the statistical information in front of you Terry crews. So harshly ought to make a lot of sense. I mean you know these some infertility. Later. Also I know for a fact that quarterbacks this kid had their blood and so if you all saying it's all on call this kind of like saying you throw the ball in the air and it can which outnumbered and garden you know. In other words it is having and I like he can he get a little editor at the end of that so. Bill only would you gotta put the people would not all the same that deserve to be there was straight that's where no other. Now as a guy that went from the NFL. To acting. What do you think about who wants it chances to do the same. I think it's great but you know this is this the hard part that happens with all the athletes out there. You have to holders of the coast. What's gonna happen is you're in the talks or are. When you come out to Hollywood and so might you could don't you do there instantly your view like yeah. Oracle the yeah yeah. Perhaps some are laughter. It's not that we can't do it they just can't take the problem. It's cool. It it is questioning daylight I'll go back and we also eroding it and they quit it just can't have it won't. I and there are I don't know I don't care ought to look good on much doubled my water at Iowa you know what I know well we're working. Working security for. All of everybody. Audio will do well and learn more. Equipment. I think. An aircraft last. I think our current encore you know well no. Doubt that but I do. I'm gonna do any good news that their. Governor of the people who was a year ago was what sweeping floors. Sweeping floors because it took a look at that needed but I haven't you come. And by my way into people who live in the trust me. A little more responsibility on me look really good at it like a Cuba so humble and there. Looking ahead at starting from the community is something up and learn how to do yeah instead of all clear problem. It's ego are okay. And could push guys who were colored. Everything you want and don't let partners say it's all part of the Clinton. Our well our chief there officer Mike you have several questions about death hole too so glad you went first of Narnia. For about your ego. I was a ones that your that your agent calls it largely to be in a marvel movie with the likes. Jane and it got. Out I think it was like what took so long ago. I. All alone why didn't always being called adult. Also need. I want it the right thing I wrote about PO and compliant call that Leo who like lions. They're cool so good public speaker and comedy you have an actual. And the what our issues and Cooper who run it like to purpose that it. The perfect deal and as if I. You know multiple weapon that political obligated. So all about that levee that you want the right the right. Character what was it about that he wanted to put. Altec itself that would look as comfortable over the game is there will be more like characters. And my big thing and I can go and and enable side. Like characters. And playing them or. No public schools black guy O Eric the partner that it goes dark the words you. What you are good the whole scenario and the night. And look what happened at Rhode. Their cook doesn't you know I'll let the light realize what an old. Couldn't pull it really political lot of character go already existed among all. It's. The bottom left and utility tables well. Hope we had to go got to dig in Britain and creative director quarters with in the comic book but you know bottom and it was the little you know and right. Apparently. If there are did not want the record there will always billed as. You know. Well all white guy who had been trying to trying to all limited and we feel that we didn't hurt. Yeah I'm itself be Terry and Terry I mean huge span the movies I think our end just unbelievable off the charts amazing. What are the outtakes like there is so much mayhem going on Ryan Reynolds is completely hilarious you guys must have a ball. On outtakes arm you know when when they they yell cut. And you guys must just enjoyed their entire. Predict what would regret saying we reducing. It would end up like a different way. Oh or you be. Look at what happened there could still quite another joke. That being added good about it. It could imply opting out and they are running. That's what you do that but the ball we put a lack. Of all the oil belt at the locomotive. Line and we'll. Move on both created. Very all who wouldn't let. Who couldn't create any. The movie I think we can I could get to hit you cannot. They ordered it all the stuff that's in the movies yeah. Football and all are also. The crowd and amount based its mobile. It's a big union. And let alone. They or they won't be not laden. And they're all you. And you would appreciated if everybody listening side. Dead bolt to survivor sixers. And some. Several techsters wanna congratulate you on their renewal of Brooklyn 99 which I am not says team. I haven't seen. Also okay you can't go in beat the knicks could interpret. That they're code witness. Colonel oracle. Thirty hours later. Picked up side in peace he couldn't utilize so we note watching and are actually out there. Well that pulled two opens up. Fries for a while Friday yeah credit. Opens up tomorrow and Terry it is bedlam and Terry crews it's been a pleasure to have you on this morning thank you. Are you got it guys think you do yeah and you. Are right. We talked about yesterday guys were saying that I was is a buffoon because I haven't seen dead pool so to me now. Maybe outline one the Thursday and. A comedy yeah yeah it's it's a really dark. Action marvel movie comedy. I just don't like the superhero films that's been well documented on this show I think you'd like this is they make fun of superhero films are packed and it. So it's got a great sense of humor doesn't take itself too seriously and bullies at Ryan Reynolds justice done well maybe after the corn hole championship and on Saturday I'll go home to my to my place in ocean park and sit down and watch it. And watched it.