In Case You Missed It - Stephen Hoffman

Friday, June 22nd

Stephen Hoffman, the Chairman of the Cannabis Control Commission here in Mass, stops by the studio to discuss the upcoming opening of Pot Shops!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I only saw the pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. We have in the studio with this and this is very exciting with July 1 right around the corner we have the chairman. Of the candidates control commission here in the commonwealth in the studio with a Stephen Hoffman. Mr. Hoffman thank you for being in this morning my pleasure thanks for having me this is a very exciting time I'm sure it is. If you have a question. About what is gonna happen on July 1. Then you can text or you can go home now. You have issued. The very first license provisional license provisional license and that went to. And it's provisional so they have do. Finalize the build out of their facility let us inspected and the simian meets all of the specs they'll be ready go get a final license after that on. Me how do you how did the commission go about deciding who ends up getting these licenses. Well there's two things one is in the legislation that you groups have priority station if they apply for that don't want our existing medical dispensaries your natural being one of those. Second being a group that we are called economic empowerment candidates in those people from disproportionately impacted communities from previous drug laws. So they apply for priority starting April 1 and those that got priority got to be in the front Q and Vince's question who got their application first departments here. Was the first one I think their application was submitted. April 18. Here's a tax. Asking if you live in New Hampshire yes can you come to Massachusetts to buy marijuana. Yet is it like fireworks and the opposite direction well the fireworks to allow everybody goes to join marijuana laws and marijuana you certainly can come and bar but it is illegals across state line it's OK so why you'd probably you know to be totally legally consume it within statements used to come down for Ford weekend rashes that. Syndrome now I'm do you anticipate that by July 1. There will be actual the column retail outlets and political political retail stores they will they be open by July I have spent my last month refusing to consider that collective one. We really are dependent upon a the applications that are coming in beat we have our own review the applications but we have to do background check which is done by a third party. And the city or town in which the facility is located has sixty days once we tell them we have an application to get back to us and tells everything's okay. Those it's just just your park forecast I will say I've been saying all along it's going to be a slow roll out there so. You know it's not gonna look like Colorado or university yeah I mean you know. I hope people on camera doing this right our Canadian record there is gonna take a little while that counts and other governors of the same thing you just said and it's because you you went you did the research in Colorado on the other states of water. What you're doing a slow as you don't wanna you trying to make mistakes what are some of the mistakes he so exit Colorado got. America America criticize other states but I will say that there're couple other states that pass there or rather their legislation same time we did. Put in place the and and store data target start date arm. And they hit the start date but in one case they hit the start date retail stores were open they had no inventory. So didn't want that to have run on in another state they hit their their target start date. They did not have background checks performed so recruit suffering under a provisional license. They did not have what because he to sale inventory system in place which tracks plants all the way through retail so you ensure that everything has been grown in state. Has been black tested. They were doing inventory by by hand on paper. And we just that we're doing that it's you know it's more important we do it right we're really focused on what decision is gonna look like to our first morning nineteen in July 1 120. And I hope people. Thank you for the work patients. People in addition to known fairly well critic will get this right and it's going to be an industry that's gonna work for the state it's gonna be in street it's gonna create jobs tax revenue want our opportunities. And it's gonna help public safety and public health. Will be here's the texts are wondering if the grand opening will be at high noon news. I just aren't so I'll let you talk. I am her I pretty much heard every march and I don't know where everybody is there have been many many times did did you I don't know if this question would come opera and I wanted it would it comes to the commission when asked if they if they smoke. I don't know two. A I got appointed. September 1 I had a press conference on September 2 before and actually are sworn in. And I knew that they're going to be two questions that are come up and it just didn't know which one was gonna come first one was. You voted against initially how he do this job yeah and that was the first question the second question was. You know you smoke. I answered it what was the answer well I I it was a multi part answers in the first part of the didn't inhale did you try. That's a first for the answer is I I I went to high school in the sixties in college in the seventies what do you think. So yeah. Osce yeah. This guy. Get away with that but then there was a poll question. Houston which is how about more recently and I told the story of going to visit friends in Colorado over to our fourth weekend when a sixteen. We went to restore a border joint smoked it and watch the fireworks. And I want I do have to point out my wife did not protect. OK okay probably less they get the results aren't in the minor little and I'm Stephen Hoffman is here he is the chairman of the candidates control commission here in the commonwealth. And long about July 1 there after. Recreational. Facilities will open Marie can go in and and and by Merrill well here in the here in the state what line asses so obviously it's the way we're talking it's not gonna happen on the first play again and Wilma come as soon as you know we are located. It's it's gonna what will we expect that we had our first laces review and approval yesterday. I'd mentioned at the meeting yesterday. Our expectation is that we're gonna you know on a regular basis weekly you know have 34 far disliked his right under 58 completed like applications that were working on ourselves into and going to cities and towns and getting background checks I mentioned. So I think you're gonna see a very steady flow. Of the 58 on twelve I think I'm granola I eighteen are wreaked. So we were giving elections were cultivation for manufacturing pro labs for transportation. Of the 58 that we have that are currently complete. Eighteen or retail store it in that process I was describing we're gonna get to retail. On it's actually you know arm important too we did cultivation the first Clinton's cultivation. That really has to happen first because again you know we can rush is a retail store but they can't get product product without all right so and so I think it's OK that you're the cultivation is coming near came first and and retail will come hopefully not to Fordham warrant. The editor on the rogue iceman tonight. I'm like just can't tell you this is it that significant energy demanding industry and so putting on plays some pretty stringent requirements in terms of energy consumption. That'll push back on average it's threatening to do what you can look at the experience in Colorado. Are not what percentage is but significantly lower percentage of energy consumption and in Denver. As for growing marijuana yeah. I mean there's so many things that relate to this that aren't just about. The you know the ordinances that with regard to selling there's all kinds of was. Texts or want me to ask you about voting against us. Or why why did you vote against and was it hard for you to be the chairman of the commission having voted. I I could question I've answered few times already. The first things I was private citizen in November report sixteen I could not have been a million years imagined party myself in the roll on and currently. On the as a private citizen I thought about it talked people who respected. And I voted against it not because I disagree with the objectives actually do you think legalization. Provisions it has been complete failure. I'm I think the idea generating jobs and tax revenues and getting sent back communities that have been are invited marijuana prohibition all of that's good. What ice what I thought it's time to restore order against it is that boy this incredibly complicated and their. Putting it in a very short time frame yeah and it's kind of ironic that you have given them conserve and now here higher average well over a period on a conference. But given that I objected to use the time they argue that I I I agreed with the objectives book was concerned about timeframe. Once I was convinced that the state was serious I saw the other commissioners they were being appointed us all the skills are going to be applied. On I felt like he knows an opportunity to to get it right so that's why it took the job. This is. Paul and Paul you're on with Stephen Hoffman. More each element based secular much. On why did you work on the commission mom and a lot of domestic and I think it's good to have. In the right direction for the state. The question I have been I saw him in the back of back. Beard. Legalize become October. You would consider it in the commonwealth regarding the case but because the candidate deterred. Editorial in the coming days old and we see that being a non issue given the way we're regulated. Why are I think that that you're clearly one of the the benefits. Legalization. Is going to be tourism I've spoken with with. Chambers of commerce and and tourism bureaus for their own Nantucket. And the cable on the North Shore so I think people do you think that there's a benefit there you know IE I I still think Massachusetts is an incredibly attractive tourist location I think this will be your correctly beneficial so. Now I I I'm not worried about Canada Canada's actually pretty inching laboratory for us to observe because unlike the United States we're we're doing a state by state candidate yesterday legalized our national day the whole country the whole country now each province is gonna do a little bit differently. And yet some promises to be our run by the state and sons can be private but you're gonna see a lot of different experiments going on camera which I think will help. Are you saying that even the Freedom Trail could get more interesting for extra. This started for comfort. It would reduce these appraiser and just walk slower. You know at their offices right now are around wrecked by the Freedom Trail and I and I want that it units were part. RIE and start by amateur. Athletes. Here's the question. About the law pertaining to the creation or sale. Of THC. Infuse to appear or other alcoholic beverages that happened not happening now and I mean you would record changed law that the law would have had to be changed to do that indeed you don't you know we would. We are implementing the laws passed by the legislatures are the governor in meeting with the senior legislative officials that all said. Get this thing started and after a couple of come back to have to say what. Legislate changes are hard based on the way to being in Modesto has taken be taken out it's it's inevitable once the money. Throwing hand. The governments do realize I don't care. Yeah you know in my body marred by teammates. Bonner and puts on in onstage can match. I understand it's amazing but it's just inevitable or you know it's baby steps. I think that's right you know I I believe your knowledge so I believe that you go over couple of years is gonna look like. Normally this right now it's gonna be viewed as professionally run business is good for the communities in which they are you re not good for the state. I just think getting low on in there. He's the chairman of their campus control commission here in the commonwealth is in the studio with us today Stephen Hoffman and we're talking about July 1. And a text or wants to know. If you are allowed to buy. On line are you allowed to make no right now again that's something that could change subsequently but right now the regulations are that you need to go to license retail establishment okay and I know you're busy which is trying to get the license is out now. Have you given anymore thought I know this is shut down earlier about unanimous. Cafes and well we're we what we said is that what we and issued our final regulations on March 15 that we were not ready at that point to you are consider licenses for candidates cafes or robo call social consumption. What we did say though is that we're no knock on just delayed and or reporter off and definitely we said it very specific date which is October of this year were we re considerate. We actually have drug charge or staff with doing some research. They're a couple of states that allowing this and so wanna see a working out those states and we will take the issue well began in October that doesn't. Promise that we're going to approve it but we're gonna take it up again in October same thing for home delivery. Does the law art and it probably wouldn't be this slide guest but he is consumption. At a patty Barton. Covered under this law asking for a friend yeah. Is. If I personally use themselves are it's is that I like it. Can you do when you buy it can you take it and and enjoy it when your routed him at a bar down. Ice of the disease in your right is not the law that that governs my commission our commission on civil law right now is that you can grow at home. Six plants per dole twelve plants per household they're more than two adults you consume at home. Are you cannot consuming public everybody can't smoke in public that is that the state law that's not again science mission question so unless and until we we allow for social consumption. Really you're cutting your doctor your house do you see that do you mean you alluded to it a little bit but do you see social consumption being allowed at some point yeah I'd do regular recognize the fact that you know I'm one of our votes on the commission and so you know it's gonna take a majority vote of the commission I won't speak for the other commissioners. But I do you see it happening over time of one of the issues is gives back to the question just asked. On you can smoke at home. Well if you live in a rental apartment your landlord could say no you can't smoke if you live in federally subsidized housing by definition. You can't smoke at its federally illegal and so it isn't it's really social justice issue to allow people the opportunity to go someplace besides her house at Doral a smoke at home. It would regard that with regard to the federal government what would have you guys. I've made any provisions talked about it as a commission as to what happens if Jeff Sessions or others decide that we're gonna common ownership this now. Yeah we're obviously talking about it arm wheat we have stayed away from being involved in what's going on our level you know the legislation that senator Warren has introduced. You know arm that we're we're watching at a solid consumer we're not participating in that that's not regard to banking is what's shuttered all but it's also trying to just get the lead the laws of the state institute level law of the state to dominate in you know in this respect. We're not as Edward are involved in that were aware of it what we're doing is. Our job which as we reported by the state to implement state law and we decide that's gonna be our focus and and we're not really kind of you know involves us and the federal level. If two questions for mr. Hoffman if they may. The first going back to consuming on your property gets because they think people get confused about the definitions of in public and in plain sight here you are on your property or by outside visible from the street are you still within the law. Yeah you are it's it's it's something I'm not a hundred since I know sure I know the answer to get it's not our that's not right on governor passion I think the answer is of your own property it's fun but good but I'm caviar and that I'm not a 100% sure. Okay and you may not also know about this to another a lot of individuals listen to the show who have there LTC got licensed to carry and it. Federally still marijuana is considered a controlled some sister prohibited substance got to meet. You would be in violation of federal lob and there seems to be some Merck Eunice. Within Massachusetts slicing licensing laws do you know anything about that should people to stay away from an if they have their LTC it will. You know where are we without it if it's literally law enforcement issue and and it's up to the local jurisdiction and and and the generals are federal jurisdiction. You know it's not being enforced. That's not my decision and certainly not you know warm anything that I have any responsibility for but but it's it's not being enforced but it is technically. Legally. The text asking if the packaging this will look more professional. They think the whole plastic bag thing in Colorado looks odd professional. We've spent a lot of time on packaging and an aunt and an end and Colorado's did agree testers that I think they've made some missteps that they they're the first to admit when they originally ruled out. Arms or packaging is is in our labeling requirement to reverse directions labeling word dissent. You've got to have very explicitly racist here's what it is here's the here's the key HC component. You know. Here's the chemical analysis is has been lab tested your words ground so there's very stringent labeling requirements and there's very stringent action or apartments that biggest part of her actual apartments or we want nothing that appeals to people wonder what your philosophy is just the guys there's our data is not big -- choose exactly as they say some powerful you are concerned and and that we we we have worked cooperatively with the industry and you know listen to their respect and you know they have some concern that wanna make sure that there lately his toaster and the actions to attractive and I think that's legitimate so I think we found in our regulations are pretty good compromise there but we are very very focused on ensuring that. Nobody 121. Gets into one of our stores or in Berkshire's and one of course this is just thin. Just to go ahead you're on with Stephen Hoffman. Steve I work at discredit right now are up through nine Worcester County arm. Our gear initialize first leave it all day all booked a minute warning shots are like source auto armed. What a lot of the suspension or publicize what's already here CAA yeah that's probably not gonna happen as stoning. I was ordered it adds there are how much noting it's an issue as far as you know parking. Required parking also Medicaid medical patients and recreational shoot her limited although. Handicap spots it spokespeople there a medical recreational and public so that means it's so hard urged it. Well I they always are raises are as an important issue you know are the the laws that you know we are the only entity at the state level where the only answer this licensing the cities and towns are not licensing. But we are working collaborative cities and towns to ensure that it works Francies towns and zoning is absolutely it local issue it's not something we had any say over the loss says. This season Terrence can not use zoning as a de facto way to prevent. Facilities are opening their communities they have to you know and enact an outright ban McCain is zoning is kind of a work around on that being said zoning is up to the cities and towns and and they have to work it out with the licensees license applicants and that's the Fed. We do our work will be completed license but that we sent in notification to the cities and towns and you have sixty days to get back to us and say zoning and all of your other requirements have been met. So not like the AB CC notes there wherever the road it would be licensed by the pound first on a liquor license and Angola and that's great today is that an opponent of you know what I Arnold I think all the people. That that light to smoke. You you have to choose. Be patient and relaxed. Because it's it's it's important. Now it's ammonia relax and go there they're gonna realize that could help but get some momentum every right. It's it's it's gonna grow it's going to be fine it'll become just like liquor stores and everything else and Mars and you're gonna get there but it's gonna take. Biden producing that if that writes thank you kinda. Well. Thanks for being aired it's it is very exciting for Iowa is. And July 1 is right around the corner we will follow closely the worked at the of the commission and thank you for coming in this morning my pleasure I am able reach out if we have further -- and be happy to come back if I'm invited to thank you very much that is Stephen Hoffman and he is the chairman. Campus control commission here in Massachusetts.