In Case You Missed It - Sklar Brothers Call In!

Friday, February 16th

The Sklar Brothers, Randy and Jason talk to the gang about their upcoming movie: "Poop Talk"


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Rain coming back rain ended where you Lar it's going to be back this afternoon temperature will be 48 for a high today yet. We got some snow coming tomorrow. Perhaps three to six inches of snow falling tomorrow night in twos and once you're going to be awesome summer I we. Wanted to play and spent money on animal warden who. That dead people talked about one. And l.'s favorite topics. Is in our country many times a subject. That is eight Abu. Subject. We are joined this morning by this Clark Brothers who are. The proud parents. A doc you comedy. Called group talk and guys thanks for being on this morning. Well they keep they have that we've we really appreciate I think that she makes a good point it's a tablet if somebody that everybody does. Yet people talk about. Why your dad that he's a movie you want to debate Danielle. I systems so that I look I've denied that you know and I just knew that you talked about at all. Right then Sosa I'm guessing that you guys have no problem proving what the door open and about it. I don't like I I actually do I I proved it by a nine year old son bathroom just to pay him back for the first two years place. A. That you've got another a year ago that you guys are all square. I mean our own personnel we have problems with it we talk about in the movie like when Jane I went to summer camp for the first. So we were like fourteen what a waste sleep away camp. You know you're the cattle twenty guys could you share you know to Cabot connecting sharing one bathroom public bathrooms and I think that is due to Jewish summer camp out they get approved for two weeks straight to continually eating tons of Jewish it's that'd. That is the worst thing you can have supplied by it has to have been shut down. So I was afraid you're now in the fight that's that's not healthy I didn't feel that way we just start talking about it. And can you talk he talked to lots of well known people for the docking comedy and it is to whom did you find most interest thing with regard to what you learn all wall making this. Jack I mean who lit one of the of that interview we did with the comedian Bradley and he's. Phenomenally held an unbelievable story if you look even slipped in the film we were filming packed. At the end of an LA and he just happens to be there. And he came over in the idiot doing particularly in the developing at night jokingly that the other story. He's like I have these story. So badly if you did dwarf comedian. Like amazing guys had a couple of showtime specials really funny and great and good friend of ours and company. And still keep it down and tell the story about how he was in the bathroom I'm not gonna get little stories for use in the afternoon and using handicapped stall. And his legs dangle below. So you couldn't tell that he was in there and somewhat related to go to the bathroom while he was good things. He did. Lot to him that if he was leaving that other person turn off the light. And helps a it's about his gives adventure once that happened. And eat it really yet the story about grouping but really. It is stories about what it's like to be here. And that's what would certify that we as the impact of these stories of people we're talent like. These stories about the human experiences obviously. You know we didn't sent out to make the sheet of water. We may vessels that it was a lot. Let. But yes I think it would but it we here at this movie this little movement where people are talking about their anxiety type weapons and sharing their stories. That's really funny also has the microphone moments and. Austria because I think everybody is everybody has the story I've I think I've told this on the air but I went to a concert one time when I was like 25. At the CF at the centrum. And I don't know you know obviously. Eight something nation in the Miller whatever with the and I had. Horrible emergency situation. So I race and to the bathroom opened this dollar shut the door. You know. Fire my pants down and start yet you start to do my thing and and obviously you know you feel relieved that at that moment. And as late as I'm feeling really bright start to realize that the voices outside in the bathroom. Our female voice. Brought up. And I and I have accidentally. On him to eat because it's and if you can view thing. And actually so the hard part was walking out after doing what I did today and then I need it. Needed this year you can usually that a title. That's yeah that moment I mean it the fact he went in engage your own drum solo that there and maybe yes yeah you. Does anybody does anybody address in the film that adult wipes the single greatest thing that has revolutionized. That experience for men. In in history. Absolutely it's adult life and the other thing that emerged was the day likewise. Had a big gate here in the United States and they have built like crazy Japanese like toilet seat applicator you can put on utility that they have the you know give you good night full on jubilation and think of of water nearby to you just give yourself. Okay why are we doing this you know are for Arafat must do a show around on the TV show black issue we spoke to. These could help. He looked like he said a friend who told who want to see you by the end of the day and Freddie had was that okay if you had a little who are your arm. Would you just grab a piece a piece of paper and wipe out a call that they take out you can go to gets. Soap and water and I didn't have it wouldn't say that to me said oh my god. Etiquette of the day and why it at the gate not intimately is there like a really strong toilet lobbied heavily for the day. And didn't quite electric cars in the early 1980s yeah. I. Well it is called. Group tock or shapes and waters at least that its policies that we hadn't not yeah waters. There. We should have called it it comes out it's out this weekend in theaters is going to be an apple for the month and and Bob Bob did. What was it what we should have called it knowing that it cannot but we can with the brown can't. I was gonna yeah fat they say expecting ill box office wise you'll do better than a black man to. Well I mean that it's taken aback at their countries about let's because it also called that lady cares and yeah. I don't know that I need the idea that like it's not to look we're not gonna make a hundred million dollars however. I looked at it we screened it like these kids to receive it like three times. In it would of with people who watch and watch it looked like different audience that there are so many out loud laughs in this movie. If you don't want to go to a movie theater and just at an entire theater people just laugh so. We're hoping that people sort of put aside whatever feelings they have about the subject matter and understand that this is big very. Cool funny and not gross really not Grossman. It's the school are Brothers Randy and against a by the way related to the legendary radio man Rex skull are. No way related to Leland school are the basic charity now safer. Like you know James Taylor comments I'll call list released its isolation and no jacket is required for that yeah. Titled good luck thanks to come on this. Hey hey kids you gotta get there and do stand up in Boston was not do that 1 o'clock in the comments studio that's what you guys get to me since I was that he isn't here. Shape so let folks know about apple and Amazon bought into Google go out this week at we'd love to hear it guys. It is called coupe tock will be back. Where is the rest of today's Hill Man Morning Show which is presented by.