In Case You Missed It - Shawn Thornton

Monday, July 31st

Our pal, former Boston Bruin, Shawn Thornton joins the show to talk about his upcoming golf tounrament for the Shawn Thornton Foundation. August 14th Putts & Punches for Parkinson's Golf Tournament. For more information check out !

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I'm delighted. To welcome our next guest back to this program he is now an NHL executive. And therefore unavailable to do things. For his friends that he used to do like their golf turns. It's. John Horton joins us now I assume I assume from. Lord I don't know authority where are you you end up here now ha. Not known about LA bella how many people out so we talked earlier. And what's the temperature down there in the morning what is it like 9900. Five's like what is it. Third. I just heard you ran I K yesterday yesterday for a little good. It was Friday night to it by the way and a view ceemea on any of the social networks but. I get it Tyson kid I am absolutely. Yo I want you that ominous India photo. No food timeout. No food chain and necessary anymore yeah he's embrace the chicken and rice thirty. I thought sonic and it'll act when captain dump that what is. I need to use that as the first of all your count big hop birth birth the volley that I get real and I know your heart out. But Gagne not. Highlights talked I didn't and I didn't do our job guys like lay. Limited job I could barely move whose daughter of honor on degrees here. A 101 half degrees yes if we got a yes no I mean it's it's. It's yeah I'd put up there on radio alerted thought I'd buddy sir yeah. I know that's that's the day what you have to say it was really high tech is really really early. February. So are you. We're we're awaiting a phone call from Rob Ninkovich who's supposed to call before 2008 teams. And you know he retired yesterday. Is it hasn't been an adjustment for you don't like him and has it been hard or has it in what you thought it would be. I. No I thought I would do it again on borrowed time outlook retire a year earlier but my mind that was. I think quite easily into an good mentally and so it can happen. Excited and captured while I don't think retired on the oh yeah it would pop up doing great. I now I I and I think LB believes it's because that CT study came back and and 112. And about a 111 brains at C two years on the that's I don't know what what do you think. It can't get mad mullah I don't know I have no idea haven't thought Bloomberg it gave me and my career so yeah OPEC leader out there some common ability dark. Don't bother taxing and he doesn't get back I mean there's I mean that's what I do I don't. I'm ten. But. So US now do you are you doing. Like you go into work every day like you on nine to five or what he would like would he deal. Got this out on oil right now. Just the June. To pick up and I'm a little bit. You've got the 839930. Depending on the data and not meeting at all. Went there to exert bought some kind Dayton airport and it mattered 630 I'm up all. Do you bring your lunch in every day in in in a brown paper bag here I mean. Now we have launched there. Not like we might want to bet on the stadium card. Provider but certainly not an accurate and that they want to build ordered it but I didn't support them or division. He is I can't imagine do you send like late in your office emails and I can't imagine I Canada and like what I'm sure nobody lumber I know. Like nobody gets an argument nobody's gonna get an argument with a in the office because steel kicked in Austin and. I don't know about it at all they thought that book but I'd heard it was quiet I don't agree with David an Irish people are aware out of approached it. He dropped out. Yeah not a you know sure people got. Oh my spirit world and compete and feel like a calendar in Taipei at the summit on the all new to me. Did and invite any calendar it will be a problem. Yeah I haven't assistant. Now and on I don't have enough responsibility out of it and you know in the city or. The thirtieth today it can grab signed an amazing career and I love the here and exactly and the Panthers have a huge asset. In new what what's the tone. That that that your any used authorities can use when he asked to send someone down to the eight shell. I know not be in the comedy and thank god but if I want as. I mean your example now on the organization myself and Michael Elliott design applied burst because you get sent down that means you'll be god. And I'm sure that it would quit mortgage don't insult. Yeah. Brazilian threat that they were opt in I think at a well I guess that would be my message I want people thought but thank god that Libya quickly call or higher jointly. I'm not art it's not in the top. Any idea what you're any idea when you were running five miles yesterday when your pace was just that that just out of curiosity. Probably 81830. And got us yeah. And this. So. I'm happy or not. Or not we'd at the end of the day it's eight. I don't I haven't quite I could always yet though it. A little bit left McKnight I'm not unhappy here. You're gonna you're ignorant and mean power even recognize it yet. People are not becoming like alternative found out but it could come to your that would hit working what are you. Did you come to my golf tournament. Now I I'm not I'm not. I don't now I don't really quite frankly I don't need anything from me anymore so I am not now I think. I out another. I I had committed to I believe another golf tournament on what is yours next month as it next Monday. It's the fourteenth yes I am playing in I committed last year. To play in the ad tech needs golf tournament in theirs in their sponsor and it's on that exacts on today so I was out of I was very upset. Does nothing to do it it was it has nothing to do with the fact that you were you were not. In my tournament IE. I know the event this coming up on the fourteenth is there are at it are you still accepting foursome you guys sold out what's the deal. I'll actually reluctantly pulled her a couple of might not should had to make an exception for a couple people that. I needed to get it and so we're oversold. We are now. We would go from you. All dropped from helicopters salt yes we just we. We just about upon. Shall I eat out again. He's got a link on any whatever Tweeter and Graham. The I got an arrogant out of all curtain and 8 o'clock and gentlemen are grand we don't thank you pretty good idea. You know mom you know won it at my tournament Diane. Dooley and rich not LB LB one I'll bet my god. Somebody's stupid yeah. That is cut and this incredibly stupid my lucky enough to get through the senate and it couldn't believe that I mean has I am it's doing a lot of people would thought it was rod like the five K like my iTunes so. You can Wrigley thing I want my. I. Gee I don't have already. Idea that the key to win the golf ball drop this don't be cheap wreck it's worth it to spend 4600 parts to walk lawyer the five to act. I agree that you should probably go online and your double down he's only Simon and I'm hoping. I'm iBook I will do that ending well then you still 'cause he blew through the bucket and I think it's I don't I don't agree on what happens yeah. I mean I chipped into a little bit. And then if that's cool all right so it's we're talking about two weeks away. Get in nine gave to get in on authorities great golf ball drop and you can just go to your foundation like all of your social for your foundation correct that you do it. Yeah a child up my finger on it all time of course yes he has what if you need another super celeb authorities and keeps Russia. We need people actually are well armored. Allows it to be if you don't know on this one caught. Should be cut and it. Just have had to have the foundation reached its my way albeit WA AF dot com. Went it might have bought it and you're able. Vomit when athletes say LB is in the show he's in the notion though that the hookup thing about this show that he's exactly that puts. Every year are down there Mohegan Sun I well a what do you. You paid any attention to Donnie Sweeney in the Bruins in the offseason I guess you have to because you're you're an executive competitor now so. If an. Nominee moved on up there it they have done big idea that there. They're gonna make him our thanks come up. It's clear title and put the thought that critic oh and didn't actually get it came in yeah. James immoral he was a first for under two years. Off topic obviously but the whole league's going now way you'd movement making room for your own people. In the works so yet developed from endlessly that's good but these are edit. I think charm place. I don't know if seventy I worked yeah I mean. It's what I think they are reduced to time obviously I'm gonna say he if he turns into a number four or number five defenseman Don he could lead whatsoever. Exactly and then when he downplayed or hear it over the back well locked in place for another thirty years. And I got an animal and nobody it. We just started running to eating well he'd been doing that view quick exit on all running a good. I'll speak for yourself when you say just started and I and poise is beyond. You're talking last week about. Who're talking about who's allergic to their equipment. Help me. 10. God I don't yeah. Is have you ever seen like if you are seen and currently I heard about it. Marion Jones and no outs hosts its hosts hold your thought it would have have you ever heard about it. No I I would yeah. I thought it was a joke with somebody first not the the fact that had to figure off but the fact that they said that was the reason like I. Area that. No I've seen obviously people debt. Rational answer glove and stuff and let too much but never like your whole body didn't exactly allergic to your article about. That just happened I guess but in reality these pop up book. The. It is it's so weird ozone values it's that debilitating that you care employers are a year right amendments. I guess if you take its severity about. Pina analogy there to kill someone yeah I mean. It's crazy. The equipment we added that out of some names by the cleanest stuff and they're like. I'm just trying to figure out what's in hockey equipment but isn't and everything else. Why am I anywhere. Along the runner to win when you played in the ode to click on the dubbed on the dubbed we we've called the dark. And it was because every you know because apple both teams laundry you know their laundry bags at. You have forty cents a different guys DNA get mixed around in there if somebody didn't put the right enough clean air some but it was a it was a crazy. Nasty like really really open sore kind of crowd back in the day out in the western. This is just another example of how the Dublin tougher than the you know in the. Yeah. But what it used that that. Yeah before actually went LB says diabetes before he's referred of the G dub. Looking. I barely caught on the I know I was a one night when I want a standard for winning come on the I dollar authority it is it's great to tock the we miss out here. And help tournament is is is a success and I wish it to be there. I did. Even on the cheap well I did donate you requested some Beers or done in a bunch of weird to you so. Yeah appreciate that I think your beer I'd let true statement I. I wish I had went down there are really into it that I yet. Concert experience something like a. Well I mean when you say yeah or maybe if maybe this weekend that often anonymous and and interfere and when news that's happening out when you say arrange something is there a way that you could be photographed. Wind might appear in your hand down there then we can sense yes. I'd look. Yes but all of this company's chairman and well indoors so I mean yeah but it isn't the zones will leads us to be an endorsement deal could reason. But building a business and I that kind of cash all right it's rare public share that aren't. Are you tell you all you do it on points okay Aaron we'll take care of the house appoint a three quarters of a pointless if you don't get the benefit of Gideon. All right the other best buddy thanks and if you'd like it and get in on this great golf ball drop because you could win it's 5000 dollars right 5000. But I John two and we'll talk decent well. Secretary all right there's former Boston Bruin John Horton now of course. An executive with the Florida Panthers.