In Case You Missed It - Rob Ninkovich

Friday, January 19th

Our pal, former Patriot Rob Ninkovich joins the show to talk about this weekends Patriots game and now that he's no longer under Bill's watchful eye he gives us his unfiltered opinion on the Jaguars and also what it was like speaking the the media while on the Patriots!


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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark are always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. It is a delight. To have this former New England Patriots. Now. Professional media sports commentator on the show this morning sire we are joined by Rob Ninkovich good morning and Inco. Hey guys I thought there clarify everything right now there's no contract side so much media availability is pretty much just whatever whoever. But we actually see it right Jed York modest eight bit being. They get or acquire them. It out there I mean you're kind of listen I mean from a negotiating point of view the you're kind of sell yourself a little short and and I they're gonna pay more if you tell me Marty have a gig somewhere else yes like give you that give that advice I'd. Well this Jared I wanted to clarify ever but it says that I told and have. December and October 3. Those are did not want a job but it lauded in serious but not so that somebody like silly shows. It is is that possible yeah it is it possible that you're coming back on Sunday and we don't know that yet. Ito that. They. Which well I won't say which is every bit more over there but you do you like do you go flick the fruit and the whipped cream or justice Europe in the water. All of this goes straight original. And like originals back a decade the deal because. Her on the bat that's about. It hash browns or home Fries. Fighting it. Got to go to our. I have you know it is pure. Rudy and Judy fresh effort week. And the other otherwise you go for the the home Fries that fear. If you're elsewhere. Noted the bedroom place. But or private mortgage. You know what you'd like there's a better that I really hot. Well McConnell yeah it's. This strategy yes it her own had a great ink is over you need to meet you thought they were. We do you don't we had to dump out of Rob Ninkovich he's referring to sitting on the essar. The toilet. I don't get how our society there that work. Announce my endorsement you know it's money may go hard to believe you don't you you don't play for the patriots and yeah you're just you're so let's Iran and. Or amid sir but. Yeah it's like an oval or. Who referred for guys like rob it's like there's suddenly he. Read you know they'd they had so many restrictions on them they couldn't say anything other than I'm focused on myself and I next week and then. All the sudden you're able to like that pocket express opinion is great it is incredible it must be very freeing Nikko. Well beyond that every week. And now he's who comment but martyrdom. Your last two years ago maybe. He. Let it go you know it on the radio. Don't let but it could differ you know it certainly you're not. Like other radio we're doing an interview like the funniest but if you're voted diet though that number radio. Yet safe but you're just like block that guy now because OT. I'd be fired her body. Whatever result. It is also because. Yeah obviously the question that you can't get all the playing football doing it wouldn't be in the actual war and I'll play. All you know great team. On the ball well you know I love playing it that they saw. That there. Yeah. I. Now that's that there. As and did that begin from like the very moment you arrive is there's some kind of day is their liking handbook that says. The following phrases can be used to answer the following questions. Is that how it works or is it just didn't bounded into your head. How did your head but then you're you're afraid that anger. Here both Czech government view. To concluding gripping your new one. Like. Or doing fine. You know let you do thought that that happens so. You know it you learn early. I'm sure I'm sure Butler the rookie at that whatever that this week that her conduct over the side. Absolutely destroyed. What what do you I mean it does Jack is if it does I mean any given Sunday you know any team by. He knocks it out of a bit that they're like I said this week ago they're going to keep and they have our dealers. And it was the patriot. Dealers. All they didn't play third that it went well they've played out of our competition. I don't know what that Jack had built built game. What were the worst he's ever seen writes I think comets are like are you kidding me you are getting a check. That terrible oil. All goal. Lawmakers on their guards and I you know I said I said yesterday I might. A parent let's get astray we have the jaguars vs the patriots for your Tom Brady vs some dude called morals. Had pulled something out of his ass last week. Hey Andy you've got a guy with twelve AFC championships. I gain some dude did so trying to climb the ladder. I don't think I'm going against the patriot. Well. You don't you. Combat or fingers were so. So it. Would it often thought if you're just straight out like. Dropping the ball and couldn't hold it up so both offered or oral book. Do you think that do you think the hand thing is trickery and subterfuge. Or do you believe that. Operating yes it is like there are reports this idea they're saying stitches in his and what do what do you think. You get the full up with trickery and then get them vote yes it will limit trickery in the fight broke. I don't know why it I think that that they would do that. This are the like OP's chances but he really did you ever burgers and put it in Bernard and a shirt and practice beat. Some say your credit that somebody had them like old black some sort so. It down per couple days. Ago I. And then com and Orion light. Crazy is our place and goes so I'm sure role. The sea oracle. They somehow you know it's would love all of us who saw that we believe our. You I don't think we've spoken to you since the dramatic ESPN's story I'm on number radian dollar check let though what was your opinion on that. Any any any any truth any truth in there. All I think there are a lot yet he can honestly. At some point prize all of these reporters and people are certainly here they they eat something to create. Ballpark early. Big controversies. And that. Like it but they were in the circle and the guy who loaders and like I let. Him. And that fact the major problem in the effect of is that aspect bill. Because that all of that they don't open it says eight athlete and another thing and that like. It even if even it up and bill and the war some of an issue but he. Ourselves focused on what they have to do that it would nugget effect the outcome of the game or any so. I do think that it's a lot and all you know the open it up to be bigger than it really is. Yeah and they will continue to live. Are gonna be the best or factor built at a Utah coach. Coaches. We're going to be. Why don't you that you mention it earlier and Erica outside you know that got amazing story line of the jags in the bills let's roll it back. Yeah they're they're that would work or are you about Portland brought to that game. All of my friends audience you watch in this terrible. Terrible terrible act like that David just. The worst thing I had seen him out there all time. From the go to that you're actually up or the very irritated short or. I didn't gain and protect record through week that sort of like think about the patriot. And then they got beat them all. It all but they've they walked it could. Go below are actually a much. Purple all in the air or. Created. A more weapons or the authority where they sell. Low. The patriots this week it. Up the run they should they eat out of the block loads of fun up there and let Orioles told her. You are. I is the Rob Ninkovich is our guest former New England Patriots and all around good guy is the let's say that Belichick. You know I stay in and he that ends up. As it appears he's going to. Losing he ends up losing Josh McDaniels and the map Patricia is is that is that any kind of an issue next year those guys what they are because of them. No I mean it went in those two guys would be there or will it hurt us. Goal at depth of that day problems all over me understand okay. He better not hear what the next thing to get in that same production that carrier. I think that's good stuff well good and so are summaries if they were sort of a a guy that he felt awkward hole all the plays golf bad for all the played the you would do all understand you reduce the need to put every of the demon in the possible so. Think they'll be fired. It didn't vote the big loss because bird could cultures. At the end of the day. Which ain't gonna stop its commitment in the Booth well. All right and then what about it. Vikings Eagles who do you think wins that one. Well. I. If these two great all of the quarterback play and they're. And oh. Yeah well I love it. It's the that the that the games are going to be you know whoever it is it's going to be close games where. Fourteen. Yeah that appeals court game. And three I mean it's gonna be all up at the defense is and whoever. Plays but you and it'll have that same. So. It's up and I know the vikings. A dome team in the critical facility. They opened it. A bit of tomorrow weekend are critical. Look at the letter. Let the vikings it really. Yeah I do. The core technical little error old. Yeah yeah you know you don't want to know what's amusing. Is set I I can't believe I had no I don't I didn't remember they were teammates. They were both they were both quarterbacks for the rants. It's or was it there and Syria for the rams and and they sucked. And both guys are. Yeah I saw me and I think David going to be important that that there. And that they're whoever it but look bad football intricate simple Buddhist. Each quarterback throw up in the air and biking her. All right eagle on Sunday. I it will be. Oh round prominent school same. But are interrogating saying. It then. No no for a lot trying to go to hooters. I don't know I understand there are helping out premiere and I work letter opened. You know I'm gonna go at almost the opposite but that it out today. Besides. Well even if it goes it goes all around eleven OK there. Hindu Europe and bring them to dinner I think I think delight in a state didn't answer and I thought I was gonna give you free steak for years he came back and play itself. I needed to. All had our that our technology without them or not around the world and anyone else and you're so workers. Girls look at outside lives. Gagne you're great on TVQ did an element. Thank you Edwards created. All right rob thanks for checking and we'll see you a season and I. Are. All right that's Rob Ninkovich former New England patriot here on the Hill Man Morning Show.