In Case You Missed It - Rob Corddry

Thursday, August 2nd

Actor, Comedian, and Weymouth native Rob Corddry joins the show to talk Ballers season 4!

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Did Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Only. Pinned on your schedule at WAS. Dot com Arnett. Guest plays gel. On both parents and joins us on the Framingham forward studio line rob quarter yeah rob how aria. Right out right right Framingham Ford's studio line yes. Obsolete. The great light. You don't get a free F 150. Let's and I would flip an idiot got a little bit there called I have from you haven't changed. You count for a lot drivers money just a mere 29 years I've been on are you saying that the content and how it's the only change is now you're talking about like experience BM. To beat me in here. Is basically what you're saying is the content of the show hasn't changed in 29 years that's a lot. That's a good thing that the good that you had the same spirit energy. He yes yes I did not I wanna know. Is. And being from here. Is. Is. Bugs settlement. Or Dolan. Was a better actor when it comes to ball hours. Cochran they. Bloom. I don't that element. Stay at home okay. Dedicated naturally so handsome millionaire and well. There are a thought a lot of handsome people on your show. And in return I mean how hard is it as a partisan not to sleep with the rock is the most beautiful human being on the current and. It affected very. Yeah you didn't ask. It is at the baskets from. Has. You well you're happy you you know where are you you're you're Seles fading in and out you you in California or where it now. You know I'm sorry I'll get to California at MIT mobile oh okay. Yeah it's sort. That's not a sponsor yeah I don't know anyone anymore. Who when it comes. That guest stars who have who like it has anybody that you really enjoyed getting the opportunity to work with on bowlers. Bound. Yeah cad there's so many of them I mean this season Russell Brand. As has a long serve are on the shelf. And and the guys are really cool. Factors I would say I mean patent agent of athletes. I'm Victor Cruz is a lot of fond. She says little terror throughout. You've found look at it like it and it did nationals also like these guys it's so much personality. And they can't help but be good actors. And this this season. You guys moved to Los Angeles. Miami corrects. Yeah we we shot last season we shot in LA that we double that for Miami this seat and we finally at all that. Pretense and now that we're just saying the characters of Luke LA for the most part. State aid and asked it's LB. Now are the party's real I mean you got Mark Wahlberg running the show over there. I mean do you guys just get Kasten and everything and chase chicks are there good news is that for real 'cause I live it. Yes just pure entertainment and me. It's always 1975. Saturday night live's. The ball always the OK in front CD out windows it's it's it all back asked. Rob eight text there enjoy laid. Your character portrayal on Curb Your Enthusiasm. It a particular. Paths and whether that they're texting and right now I mean there and there highlighting all of your various roles. Like hot tub time machine. Our school I would know them stated that apparently well you know I played like. Sex offender and at recess that. That's specified what lies but. I think the York and I can happen. Screeched. To a halt in the middle of the street and trying to make this Indian rolls down on the window any point to me with a big smile when he goes. To the way. And you know you made it dead. That's primary here Hillary and what exactly I think. So now having gone from here for awhile what what do you miss anything about about Massachusetts or a what's the difference being. On the last. Probably have to get it conceit here we are sick of that fact I miss the winter manner and that's even as. Yeah I'll admit that this fall and and and what it terms of actual places I'd various. That is great suction cup and attitudes of all that's going to. Make the best sandwich I've ever had in my life please Italians out. Ways that we just had aid does that mean in which competition on the show a couple months ago get this place is in Lehman's and what's it called again. That's Italian too so although like all of that at the carrier also. Yeah. Out of double the number two with T he's an important distinction that you. If you well you probably can't get legit Italians. In Hollywood in California it's probably like those who. Salami back and a and an epic. I mean does any. No but it would. God outcrop. Well let's. We don't have a tough time because I know you're doing a bunch of interviews. We if you ever come back please please come in here. And liven things up for us and season four of dollars. Is on HBO on August 12 at 10 PM hour. That's that's something to me must watch TV people civilians inning any hit check it out and he patriots on the show this year. I don't think there are trying to think LeBron might pound you on the last season at stake. They'll have a plan together you know we articulate dish the show. My release my storyline takes like this extreme sport. Note left turn. So Blogosphere saying and eight Corning and I thank. It's possible that she's.