In Case You Missed It - Ray Bourque

Thursday, April 19th

A Legendary Boston Bruin from the 80's and 90's joins the show today! No, it's not LB, it's his old teammate Ray Bourque, who talks to us about the Bruins quest for the Stanley Cup, golf, and even sets up a challenge with Hillman!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Joining us right now. A man. Who. LB sat on the bench lit for his whole entire career I've pom pom adequate notice for a right. Banners. Of great ray Bork and former Boston Bruin ray Bork joins us I believe from a place. Where it is not 42 degrees right now is that correct correct. Good to say it's probably going to be intimidated today here on Florida. What he went on to that what he's doing them. Yeah at all but celebrity. Ultra rocker. Couldn't Muster and I'll be back tomorrow and push to. Too little Soviet Union gone and so they were preapproved so foundation come from Russia weakens so. We'll go on the Marlboro was sort. Visit pretty busy week. Guys don't we're doing great how's the the ball game these days. The players won't show up pretty good trigger well didn't you gonna move to recruit potential. Oak Creek can you do not let. That you have improved since the legendary. Day when I took money from you and Gordy clues that and Gordy who's that was enraged with I wouldn't want ordered where we're there. Yeah ha ha that's a CO people was dreamed a dream last that's picked up that well the year when my countrymen. But when you called right held by you is Penn went to stack gritty gritty clues back. Is the most competitive human being used on the Internet is does not work through. So listen. I don't wanna get overly excited. I mean so far. This looks like really good bruins' playoff team. Your thoughts on that. I would look great and they're tremendous here who go to your ankle can't go before it could play out stronger. And then that's fine recruit the top spot in the Western Conference the internal. So. You know. Surprised a little bit like Howell. You know these guys can men and really has an impact and achievement. And how far and playing. And the veterans have done a great job in the country. The move will I think it and so much fun to watch and the roster includes old Christian being a little more so in the garden on the other night because usually. No one can have their chances so. Billion controlled. Political solution that. Looking forward to watching church thought our. I think you have to say and it bothers me when people don't say it. Because. They both have taken some abuse. Around here I think you have to credit. Cam and Don Sweeney. For the incredible job that they did putting this team together. In and it's it's a team for the future too don't you believe right. Well I think it's look at all these younger as an option come along this year. And that's what little bit and prediction for the last true users to be patient. And to withdraw from what control we cannot be in what is in and sign insert guns from. And you've got a couple. Young guys come and learn and make an impact and how six. You know we're seeing that happen now and that's the schedule will host its that simple reflection earlier doctor. Well look we see in this series just credit. And look at how they were about during the draft under the direction. Leading. Good job you can you know guys certain general and pushed around and stricter accidentally. You know couple young defensemen a couple of didn't forwards there's more controversial couple yeah significant profits. You could probably not I can't. You know security here aftershock. I think you're right they do deserve a lot of credit and moments. You know. That's so touched on the everything you can't disclose the Chinese trade goes you can go to the one that's signing people or certain faction. It's that's different watching you because truth come out and play look to close it out. Ray Bork is our guest that race would you play for 21 years in the extra. Point return on what do you think that when you look at. Big Z. Are you amazed that that he is still there on that. Well not many people. It is that he has since he's just great that we can turn into contention and how well I didn't about the game and that's how you go to the year to play at that nature of inside the lute if your split really well this year I'll. I think he's still he's positioned in the perfect spot to shut down we have. It will play in little over twenty minutes and being because he's so well it'll. Also played yet since. I sit at the time the capacity than it also true. Tonight it's up front and so that's. A couple of 5000. Plus is leadership and how people who shot a true professional. Our political culture that good leaders would have been a recent. And I'm sure it's also one of the best players in your best people how to prepare an article about your business and now we have all these young guys come and watch and she and her. And it just all souls. I like to be telling you learned about preparing by watching LT. OK okay if you will it. OK you know what I'll say it again though we can't let us. Let your second well currently purse well I was I was around him and I guess I was a little help help could play. Hoping to play what happened Israel these first couple fights reality he killed you guys who cycle. All right you can follow through with that this. On this noble will play. You know beer being too nice I was lucky enough to play a photographer mariners and you know the and someone that came you know like I turned pro. Got drafted in 82. Was a training camp with rage you know race where you you re 779. Rate asserted. Some sort so. I wanna ask you where's. You've you've got a great core of older veterans with two restaurants and you put a Calder cup in your pocket your first year. As as an eighteen year old turning nineteen you've got Charlie knocked her voice what does it mean for Charlie and he say enough for math and he would have put Calder cup in his pocket too are you he didn't get hurt but. To have that veteran leadership to lead these young guys because you went through that with cash and Sparky and nifty. And ratty and all those guys how important is it. Where this team with this this older core in the younger core. Well election so it wouldn't you're. You're that's. The best players in the best people how they how they work or look at checked the preparation. Let's let him who you know black partly honors went public this year. It is slow popular game and almost like on that particular thing yeah. You know cute with an extra time with you after practice shunned talk bolster things look a certain tension. We'll go until rally that's how this important the first thing that ever played would. Now he goes over that's a telephone. Or not looking hard to let you know. Move just by a look and you know attacking. You don't final practice. I. Will own you know look good veterans and as a young guy who's competent. You know. People started to speak English with a single blossom. Stroke affecting interest in speak little. I was watching it looks like a lot. I. That kind of reminds me. Of one I was a young player. On the ice during alive. During a live show and a grizzled veteran taught me. Something a little. Which is known as the moods and money today they may. I use that to stash about twelve. Over thirty goals that I have had in my career path using the move which you brought you spent a good twenty minutes teaching. Very uncoordinated. That prisoners are pure. You do. That included thought that would mountain president there ripper. Tonight. You know the may police have done their best. They get. Marsh plus their and I think he's done a really good job. Of of being able to resist that if you're on that Toronto team is that something that you really focused on tonight not only with him I guess with the others. Is trying to get those guys. That takes a bad penalties. Like I think the focus and should not lying down. Personal. Isn't blushing you know he he could try and understand who. But now that's a holy place and use an emotional value. You know just all of a little more I would implore you to crumble player he's so talented that works so hard so passionate and yeah you know that a little less. Sometimes overlooked so volatile. I don't disrupting air and that's what makes him who we have as usual guy took a lot of action on either. Just incredible players so I think. And at least you know they obviously won't shut down that line. Because. They've got killed by them wanted to recruit student. And it did a good job of that. Somewhere in the last game but when you look at it probably has horrified all future and who's worked through those who come open that Shaq at the most of the Crandall saved beloved local here. And the most is going or look at probably our production him. Oh lead for a full grown so solution for the shut down. And that got them you know that second third or origin they keep eventually look at the orchestra and they would pay extra. In produced an excel team without doubt and we have covered that the cup. Or how you feel about here's some hockey people who are somewhat. There when they talked about Las Vegas like you know LB calls in the Cinderella story for me and I hear people say. It wasn't a Cinderella story from an expansion point of view because they've done all the you know they got everybody's bass player I mean. That's a tribute they changed the expansion draft. So you know from you you used to be able to take. I guys about a lot of your roster right now and and bring you to go you to sit through their mind only. And they they changed to I think like ten or twelve guys. How do you feel about that story. I think I think it's a great story our tickets and sound simple you know what about this and strong. It's actually thought all arms and Tampa Bay general luck told him suffer the 1012 years there have become. Decent and have a chance from the playoffs that's not good for different things and you're sponsorship and everything that's come. Would the team had success at the local network so. In this well for the players. I mean those guys have been given an opportunity that no and a lot of the situation is that it will. Lesson there for them so they've got some work to get an opportunity to take them at different position and turned loose maybe the first and second. Or in the lineup. Competitor will they were were there is now older finance and different role shall or you can sit. That's expansion team looks like the Seattle would depend 600 million common. You'll have to wait tenure should be decent and of that. That's sort of it's it's true. Great work is our guest and I wanna ask you about something you have coming out because I'm giving serious. To taking than I guess there are taken the next step in my elite runners status. I'm now. What do I have under my belt to undermine the belt Mujica 35. 35 I believe I have 35 case under my belt in the last nine months and I'm giving serious thought. To participating. In the Bork Stanley Foundation. Seven point seven K which is coming up on June 9 are you are you are you gonna run this rank. Boom okay. And so we we started our senate foundation last year at first that Michael read about this last year. We'll have that we're here and we'll try to get the freestyle and eventually to raise money truly totally different than usual Wimbledon. And this is our our veterans and hasn't ruled great such yeah cultural bunch. True across the globe can win. And not a runner in the culture or two dollar and walkers dirty. There's going to be. And after her little get together and party and I don't know. And securities act and and so the senate in the first triple. Quote won the World Cup and the 2000 want shorts should be. Should be a lot of fun and good day. Our total calories. Some good running for a great cause certain source we're we're really excited about it. Since. It's your race I'll knock them out there and and the about. I may go could have a little later. I'm okay. We could probably. Go. A little challenge I would wager food that's what I like to wager I'd like to current and it was all good richer than I ever right. While we wager at play there your place. You're what are mine okay yeah sold village in. Go out or we'll do it about a road a brew house. And so brilliant and you know do is. We will will bring a couple couple listeners whoever wins will pay for dinner the other and a couple licences example. Sound great. I think I can get. What I can do a five K in about thirty minutes so I can do a seven point seven or. In about 4345. Somewhat affordable. And I've got to get. I gotta get training has for the electric night train but I haven't learned much below are actually start to run this one. If you want to access a if you want a rugged part if you wanna run with a day. You can go to bored Stanley Foundation dot org that sport Stanley Foundation award. And enjoy Florida and then I don't wanna jinx anything but we'll see you next round the of the playoffs I'd I'd. Sound good program worked hard worker OK hold on somebody that people say I'm I'm leaving him hanging on the move and you just explain the movie Tom here. The Cooley. Actually gotten a lot harder shots showed up at my age they're facing the goalie so. The first thing in the shop. Blocker side duke it's normal actually goalie blocker side low you got to stick that shot decrease the goalie. They did bring it on your backhand. Into got a putter out under the bar on. And out there and yeah did the right shoulder. Typical left shoulder to the left shoulder that the left handed shot. Maybe sit there at the right late effect shocked. That kind of program. Look at the picture though quote throughout this process there was controller. But that doesn't. About that coordinated took forty freaking times we've pretty literally we literally finished the show. And I'm like ray could you please choose you can show me that move again and he's like I tied it tried teacher forty times that. All right written great talking about it. I expect him while there are scared. Eric yet he would is the great rate more upgrade able are.