In Case You Missed It - Pats Fans Are Undateable

Friday, August 18th

A new study, "NFL dating deal breakers," finds that Patriots fans are the most undateable. They just hate us cause they aint us!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I always. Ten yeah so that's OK ash dust up. I say let's talk about the fact that nobody. Once today. Patriots. I mean honestly I'd canceled that we're noxious or obnoxious. We're spoiled and encourage sports. Where there are pretty loud there can't pronounce things properly fill fanatics which is. Or its merchandising company did a survey of 2900 people. And if they asked who they were most likely to date McCain's two fans of certain NFL teens. The New England Patriots fans were found to be the least to date able 17%. Of those surveyed said that they would never date a packed stands a pretty much at one insects are. A bad rap that's unfortunate gotten. We have everybody aids awareness. It's champ you know that they don't know if you're losing anything are you really a winner at the the. Hey here's the game that can't racing and I can't count on that he had been looking for fall boyfriend first sports sedan. And they're really Intel painting a marriage. Yeah hanging a division go out on the day it would their face painted. And India obscure reference until pudding. Well let me ask you have you ever when you're dating a guy young. Would you ever let something like that interfere. Which is. A potential relationship I mean what he weathered a pilot if if their feet and have a certain to I mean they're weak in listening. Who would not date a guy ain't because he's a fan of that of those of sports yeah I probably wouldn't dating yankees and I was real happy with it really hurt Canadian fans particularly now. I don't care what I wanna patch count now you don't care and liberal economic about a hate sex. While there's. Nothing like an effect and a month isn't his and 978 text on the tech needs text line which says they don't to date ask has made a is that. Check out items at those teacher it's not immediately. Got up and and when Jillian pleased now this is an odd text 978 text I met my girlfriend. When I was dressed as Bill Belichick for Halloween. She was dressed as settlement fell. A flag that the Danny Pearl plays weird when I don't want to loan fact speaking hey coach. Who. The battle and he will join us on the show next week for the next two million huddle can't wait how how long are you gonna sit there in pain silence. Before you bring up and then one and I don't think will even talk about the memoirs it'll just it'll just be about football will be nothing about his. Forthcoming memoir and whether I'm an honor and I say at least for personal but I heard I haven't talked to you in a while the passive aggressive mentions you think I'm gonna get passive aggressive yes we have yes if you win you want you should now crafty sneaking. Here's that Texas says I'd dump the guy because he wanted to go apple picking on a Sunday when the patriots were playing out Steve Nash had no days off. I think. Plessy that and the people are they getting on Tuesday. Yeah girls together and aren't some lines in the year apple part is that the is that 170 Texans I'm a woman. And I find it difficult to even be friends with the jets Vienna early Yankee fan nevermind Dayton and there are 27 it would us. 27 year old die hard I would not date any guy who isn't. A patriots there or why she wouldn't date a guy who is not a patriots to. All I got I would navigating advantages. Now on them. If we amend all these unless he was cocked and had money I could and now it does for real to look so yes dual lot of women do that. What might be but their Bruins fans before Bruin season Omaha for Bruins guys sort of gives an older you get to know what our Internet Sox I don't think so much hot. It gets more I think it's more the fall football boyfriend. Because then. Even for chicks that are casual pats fans they have a place to be every Sunday that anybody has a rotating. Venue list of who's house they're watching the game out which weakened she tags along and she hangs out about the other girlfriends and they act in the kitchen over the white wine. Like yes you're drinking white line at a patriots game every year old. Couple times all venture out to Gillette during the seasonal planned the whole menu should get the stuff we drop barbecue sauce and bring new page drugs than half. Do you know in today's Sanjaya claim that he never and I come out of it and I'm Brady here it never done that some day. Near the Texas says this is borderline psychotic behavior. That would be like I mean not dating someone and they didn't like John Sina. That probably is a wrestling fan and it's probably actually. Women probably wouldn't date you because they love John Tina and it didn't have to. Why they would one well not a beltway and it happened when it comes to patriots fans. According to a new survey. You are the least likely to get a date because. Women in man I guess. Don't want to date patriots fans they're tired of you're ego to circle win everything attitude they're sick of it they don't want anything to do with you. Who are the most debatable fans. Brands that blocks the reality is that code. And I know at grants are so. Wa probably because there is no worried that there ever gonna get arrogant or cocky because I. Tony you know as many plays. It was when. You didn't need it now I remember go to Missouri California. And many. Moon. Lot of women texting that they couldn't lead anybody who wasn't the patriots fans very easy very interesting to me against. What about people who broke up because the election you've seen that always there's and there's a couple from Florida who just got divorced. Because of the election you know what that tells me and they don't know how to communicate I don't know how to work through their issues you can. Yes clearly get some fundamental differences but you shouldn't take India election for you to figure that out. Well if your party baker and Brent you've and you've been able to survive okay and I love it that's not true like kids a us bankruptcy alcohol perches. An affair why I'm I'm shocked that the election is what did it for those people. I believe it's already sick at this point so yeah and three years of it's wherever it and. If it's maybe the problem was it was over in three seconds and she was just like Carolina and now maybe now. Here's a 774 text they broke up with a girl because she said who's Tom Brady I'll stop talking I don't know exactly and while I don't blizzard didn't have you know when I know which you'd put on this. Here is a 978 text from a woman. I'm dating a colts fan if he wasn't the most awesome and hottest guy I've ever imagined it would never work out the presumption that your point and a approves duplicated Manning. You know those little while all of. And really. You know the five heads down on the path that hadn't been putting. I would think a lot of women would want a date. A football fan because then they get to do whatever they want on Sundays and you don't have some guy bothering me the guys play on the dots and I think here yeah girls wanna tag or are there any airframe and revealing they wanna be a part of it right. Times to read during the season do you like an inside the working numbering thing we're guy Texan and says I got tickets for a pats game it's the only one I'm going to this season and bring in my body. My girlfriend is all upset that I didn't ask her and she's not even a football fame. They just wanna be there for the experience. I want you all gear here on locking into Jill I think I need clear bags you get in here. Early on I'm not walking Ali back to PT and but that's in the car camera have to be an exception look at it Biggio. Where women just need to say that they need to feel like they're more important in your bodies in front of the Atlantic that a I don't love you who I am not. Less important than football here's the theory of the wanna hang out with dean of overspending the day with me the craft fair that's ridiculous for that taxes and. And here's a text from a guy. Who says he's been dating a girl for a year. And he still has been unable to be honest about who we voted for Ike I can assume who voted yeah or. I'm at the middle of whole life I'm against a lot of other stuff you're hiding tier I guess that is an issue he had it there he must have lied during the election what kind of I mean that relationship is not built. On. Strong sturdy and strong sturdy foundation of truth to tell which one is I guess 2070. You're lucky you know your spouse is real name at this point and and and that's only if you can find among social media and other people tag them erroneously like wait a minute. Here's a guy 857 text from a guy whose wife grew up in in arbor. And she claims that she made out with Tom Brady at a bar when she was when she was younger. Readable as opposed I mean at Michigan is not exactly small so I pretty much anyone can claim that night. I am radio iron really Charlie locked up but I would like organ and it's like I thought bonding and and that no one dead and never doubt that was a flat out not under. Tom Barrett. If you have heard her and now he's like our clients amazing and it doesn't mean. These are not do it for me now. If you had to have sex with a one New England patriot on the current Robert Kraft. It you're killing him today about it thinking who would you who if you add them they couldn't handle me what Miller wasn't gonna you know what kind of let's assume that they could be ahead of I know it's probably wants its Bob's adds yeah. You'll be on the show next week you can tell that now I'm glad you're going to I don't know I managed I didn't everybody has an analyst and on the roads are ya bumps I. Or nine and now today and I got a settlement in the good looking guy in any case I. I'm Gerri great sense of humor who is super creative and I great customers aren't all the you engine went into it Julian if you're listening to listen when you tell us. As saying that we are still friends record France I can't imagine having to deal with the playbook and going out would Daniel missing on her credit bureau Edwards is just hello Al rock your world including the best million eminently you know or radio persona will. And several techsters say Amendola. It's really a model. Well he had LaBeouf does some modeling too long and I would totally out in the middle of a Bob Dole Eiffel Tower now. I love him and all me me me. Let's start teaching of Jesus please share didn't ram does lose party and wants food like a punch people entering seriously more my speed manipulate. Yeah. I don't even have to fight through the knobs you can fly I don't know where would the soccer this. My little note don't hold me back that way I wanted to just got a text from Sabrina he agrees. She would choose to. Jack camera bugs. This is she Jack hammering about slotted him he should. Pay a lot of techsters are picking. Jude mean girl Apolo nanny got up on no hands. Now not only good looking dude I'd doesn't do it or not not my on my team really can't. With two good looking. It's just day by the Clark shadow you don't there's something about and it just kind of let. I notice about Chris Hogan and Ecstasy crystal yeah maybe you know I can only put a lot of them is gonna be an epic like now. It's like when you meet a celebrity in eastern you'll love this so much the waiting to meet you my whole life and then you get than sucking on pop they're gonna sixteen years of fantasies down the drain. They don't have any bite out of a statement hands on him like you limit the video you watch and cheer our governor Arnold has now iTunes service. Why do you think in Amendola has bad breath and I have a there's odd yeah it otherwise and another went. When you're you're really looking forward to meeting salary that's like super special. Robert Goulet you want to now telling. It's like when I went on certain days of our lives there tonight and you I had planned anonymous yeah they're treated million you're hanging on your ligament.