In Case You Missed It Part 2 - Steve DiFillippo from Davio's

Friday, October 27th

Restaurateur Steve DiFillippo from Davio’s swings by with some food and stays to talk about the restaurant industry and how its changed over the years.  

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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. We haven't guests who arrived this morning with foods and it is. It is restaurant tour and good friend of the show Steve the political of obvious pain and how are you nice to Craig it's the only we are you happy racy beauty I can't eat anything because it armada diets until they get what did it died Danielle wanted did you bring and John statement and you know that Danielle loves that she's not have a go to stop this job by. It not materialize and I'm certain smoked chicken pennant. I guess I gotta get an. I knew we are all right run like nineteen other things which it would there's nothing rights egg easing your iPod got people nations that are raining every. There with low it's the adults how many how many how many different meats in your moments field beef and pork veal beef and pork. No bull and a secret openly love affair. Yeah now and then the hockey is great hills and it's on the summit yeah. Restaurants are I don't know how I don't restaurant you know yeah usually in the kitchen let's actually realize that you expedited and how we Epsilon ticket times and I got actor and expedited by the way how lauded tickets getting longer. Filibuster table there was problem there was somebody fired its. First course. And first sounds so as an island next vote and I was there it was right up there and I can. It's something I just keep going but I don't we donating six anything apparent as the him and it's gonna try that I can't stand the 86 and Elway and the 86. We had eighty sixes is a feature of the yeah it's a good thing if you see the answer it yeah. I love went out with this restaurant pockets of main exits and now. What is your favorite. Boston because I at the Nokia is it's like there's you know. It where I feel as and I liked pretty much any policy this front and actually yeah I don't know here right now really is and and how many. How many obvious you have just opened Rachel last week his number nine I was there for the opening it was great they that's that's not a 99 yeah and you have my all over the country. Well you know we have five in Massachusetts. And an Atlanta or New York City and we have to Pennsylvania one definitely one mounting pressure. The anybody yet. Not to jinx him but my first day when my area second ex wife. We enjoyed done our first. I don't that's a compliment. I don't know on the second XY or another victim was amazing and I don't moment there and we love each other for a little bit and then now you're not tired of me myself. Among my third at the citizens there elevation or LB showed up looking for the comp what you went to school. I couldn't play at a now here's somebody who wants to know why you might notice. Y 86 is that term when you're out of something in the restaurant industry why is it affects your hospitality and I don't know the origin now. You know Steve. Since the seven and I started. In on I mean it's it's always been 86 it was always 86 or question that a gimmick who got a problem. This is like the Cobb salad origination like they're in nine different stories about where could have kind of originated. Really now most of them are and a couple of different restaurants in Manhattan. And in 86 one was 86 Bedford street style OK I want is another in that they adapted it for something else that it's funny music in the weeds yet in the week yes and I I guess he doesn't slow but I yeah. He's the weeds that means if your servers and you really really busy years in the we see some guys kitchen guys in the back house can also be in the wizard yeah you know we have back announcement from Anheuser in the weeds here's something we're always action is in the lead it's a different. And if that means studio on your feelings yeah. I saw the do you have yours is the beautiful and it's just amazing and then how about the brand new Celtics facility which is going up rapidly right next door here and that we at the Bruins facility and a talking about before they took the view in the consult us so now oldest lookout on the beautiful Massachusetts turnpike. So how many now that you sell the doubt be those. Roles in the spring rolls that are full of steak and cheese please just eating chicken farm you have the buffalo chicken one what else what else the only group in the room and oh yeah the Rubin role brightly on restaurant. Trent I don't know what you say accurate shrimp caught. And then you can do candidate Carl. About this Reynolds anymore you know we have a thirty other products that are sold at grocery stores Leo world country now over 5000 stores. Where'd. You know I'm on QVC I was on Wednesday nine and beyond necks around to sell products on and so he's he's just. Unbelievable. That was. A really good movie with Julie Jennifer largest. The joy did you see them now all of its a great story it's it's still on this lady who invented like this mop. Okay. You know very very. He's like a kind of down our luck omen and invents this mop and and she goes on one of those channels and it becomes a multi multi millionaire and she flops at the beginning yeah an inch ya gonna. Well that's what happened to us either real joy you know she's UNH a sense though she see still that she still so when you want you to look like genital. Another against. LSU looks great but he's not cannibalize. Would you go on TV see like how does that were today they tell you what well you know personal takes a long time. You out there yet because you have to have a great product to you have to agree action so what happens is you send the product to them they approved the product takes a a year it took us a long time then you have to go to a class. To get on keep this had to take a class you know while in my age to go back to class you know be used along that path to Miami area of so. I went to that and then you have to go there and go on camera in the holding things like going there now I just went for a whole year of getting the product approved routes we failed. On an approved. And I did the class rate and I go due to an obstacle when they're on the ten people in the room and into just what you know you know a couple of department could make. Mean I do a lot of TV I you know I do a lot of the so yeah now. Also I just my knees I don't know how is that all my tax and I got really nervous you know in and they literally put it on TV with a real holes into practice in and you sit there and an eagle at the film and go the next one and an excellent. A Gerald and I finally I didn't hear him we should do that was Scott from way to send them to radio call. Hello my guys yeah. I know not me who beat her tonight and get a number somber contact I didn't get it is selling what he owed the eight by the autographed eight by ten or you physically and should we should. I'll keep an autistic woman audience. I want you music if they're big big women LP oh you mean it's largely by email went on it was about she she Sheila so. For example in eight minutes I'll sell 8820000. Now in game and the power. Of QVC last unity twelve billion dollars just body to sent via closed so basically there's big and it felt. I definitely Mozart is what's that is Steve people oppose our guests from the obvious. What is the biggest cellular series got in this business in the seventies what was wrong with that. On Saturday working eating that's aren't working as him but I obvious starting 85 what's the biggest change. In restaurants. And in that and that thirty years. Rations of food you know I'm ethnic. You know that that date people cook offs in the morning and the game and service that you know things like we cook all across the border. Yeah back in the day people didn't do it and do you know they just it was too disease. We were talking earlier about food in a box like like for instance I did bring it up chicken baked. You know and my mom. Lots scallop potatoes in the bottle honest I don't preparation ahead of Libya it's nine Ers make there. The field armed chicken farm. In the morning and haven't Castro and the district in Yuma. Do an extractor. And order and I and I think that's the big difference and fresh as they. In what we can have a winter back when I was. We have these types of samples. When we used to make it past oh in the art in August September my mom actually I still do. And because we couldn't get in the freezer now. A days and now we just do it. Due to the restaurant at how. Much attention to. As clean air base and back some kind of but it's something that that's huge. Catch up by the way. She had a huge influence on America adult she brought some analysts used before the stores are listened and she was a spy. Just by you with IA as the big girl issue on. What's a restaurant what restaurant do you miss most. In Boston that that has gone by the wayside. Yeah and I think while some legendary. You wanna say it appears for you know and at the mystery. About your forced about Ian. Yeah you know going there's a kid. In that he was always at the door you know when he was my mentors and now teaching them there. You know. He just don't have restaurant is like yeah I mean I was Michael my life was to mean they are. Charlie's arc as the east great incredible wrestler Kurt was wasn't that they the when he came to revenue the number one restaurant in the country rather well ironically a long period was that point in the Hilltop. And they were they. You know the reason here today in changing America this you know they. You can go so far the toppled Narnia and even though we have a great and I have pop overs because it's kinda liked the almighty field. The old guys yet. Well Anthony's was in the seaport before it was the seaport via IL ER a Z I. He was. You've entered into east it was another restaurant illegals is in and offers those via that was Jimmy's Jimmy was another great place. Great seafood place still alive on fumes and then they have the little that does the belly Jimmy's. Like dollar store place that was it didn't have like another one surgeons was that the one that was the big the big one and and they have a little one and I'm like I don't feel like no name is not the it's still there that don't have that such a calm. Classical podcaster on its own problems such and such a classic we have such a Christian and you know I travel optimal place in time combat the it just means notes LB misses the ground round really. In the hardware peanuts and peanut. An audience yeah beer and thrown your peanuts are currently on the place. A couple of times today yeah anyway we'll stripper an impressive regular ground round Dallas morning light had realized that I thought. Last question how how's the whole. Smoking no blockading reading the whole smoking thing affected. It was the best thing that ever happened in the that's in my. I mean. I'm an anti smoker in 1990. We stopped smoking downstairs its levels and he kept it at the par. We're afraid to take it in the apartment downstairs I stopped in L story in my book about why stuff because I had a cigar when nineties system. I'm jerk that of Edward it was a good idea. You know so smoky it's it's really about the people who work in the business you know we call inner gas is pleased with our people back to work in my opinion and more important. Are as important as people come to the front door. And we were all dying you know we can both died of lung cancer never smoke and who worked in the Smith and he's the wake up and went to our if you're toolbar you wake up the next morning and your clothes smelled like signals grandparents. We'd be in smoking I think forget warrior west of Philadelphia still had in in our restaurants still had smoking at the bar. So I would go fly down there and come back yet veteran who if I have a commitment walking out of that. We Philly today if you go to LI IRL as to how we say yeah I'm gonna get I sort of but just being in the environment. Now way it's that I think it was a it was a real positive now there still people who go outside and and wanna smoke it's great and that's yeah would limited product now looking to see what happens with a marijuana fracture yeah concerned about all that's always work well at this do nothing would increase your business. The validity twice as much away and I got a slight editing I'm gonna I think it may affect alcohol sales. Colorado yeah there's lots are you have gone down cells. Yeah I think I think I think the problem with marijuana are there is smokers. Which I I have no problem legalizing it it's far. I don't think marijuana smokers. Are. In the reality of you go outside. And smoke a joint you come in. And you're you're gonna just read the whole place. We don't and I read that side effects it is smoking marijuana is. This stance is ridiculous. I probably that now though is the doubles yeah it alerts are doing we only know him knowing that in the game and L well. You know much serve once in. Whatever you guys are about me you guys yeah 'cause he got his guy got around that prison time and time. At that time and Clinton for about twelve hours. I call my to call my cousin to get me out and told you that eighteen to my parents enough and a comic presence in the bail me out. Coming out of us and which came in I was singing. So in Los each area. And the and again tales of the and the art jail cell of Clinton Massachusetts AF to do. Jack Ellis islands and they didn't do I don't think they did background checks we still don't. And honestly don't know brother wrote an article. Now this is a vitally text asking about your book because. Whoever they are they were using audio as as an example in there manager meeting at work yesterday hopeful was a good example. I'm sure was and they want to note this interview is going to be a podcast and I just wanna mention. That. UN guy. And my good friend and a big supporter in this show John duly. Are gonna do podcasts shortly. Which I Dooley and higher calling our podcast two guys. No and the I'll only get very three guys three guys not as critical shots collect to the three guys three guys know MBA so. That'll be good to be out later about it's or talk a little bit about business possibly your book. It's called topic gets all about in past. Obviously I had committees that wrote it I does that put it it's actually more about. Service and it's from every business in and you know I've gone all of the country you know on the thing and talk and a lot of public speaking about it. It's a lot of fun I think it's a funny book you know Robert Kraft wrote the forward. Now which is really cool in the back of the book on pre organized in the I had a lot of nice friends in this town love the book in. Loved obvious and blast it still be here after 32 years I can't we that you and I we share mister Kraft as our landlord he is a marvelous lands yeah. It's a model models like Jonathan is is of great that greatly actually dating at a party last night and. I know I was I was invited the outlets and actually well I'll. I was like cattle and not the first element totally area let's. Yeah well those with math Siegel her and you know it was like Max Siegel element you Indian ground Mattie was exchanged waiting yeah yeah I wasn't invited I don't get excited about in the the they elite. You can look by partly your job is over us I don't get I I wasn't on the list it's like in the back you bet if ideology that. What's it was of course that new information the opening minutes after I don't want dinner and fans are really tiny little chaotic so I would have. Lest they had a party for is it Israel fingers crossed to have these big huge. International. Thing in Israel next year for lacrosse yeah so all the lacrosse players there and was in England was at the state. This involves all of that that you know large about it. Guess now but there and blew off the I was Lauren opened sailor whose marvelous person you have some great and he's very she's very good she is a little money. Great to have you here they dig into the food and make everybody hungry. And that gets get to the obvious and go by you can buy it now in your grocery store all of the obvious products in grocery why are we just actually just started stock shot these these meals weary by. It's kind of like yeah we would get something home and you make yourself but now what we do is should we give it to Sam indicated the process you take it out and you do it yourself. But it's our qualities our stuff so that's that's all points in and one shrimp on it publicly vegetables pasta. And you know 'cause these other ones you get mail T do you know. Can you just eat it in the grocery store you're hungry because that's what happens to me and Doug cook it. And it just a moment anything from the grocery store I get everything popped open in a car death reform that's why our special diet. Yeah I lost gates is the eighth next avenue and I. Steve people about Bobby goes all over the place.