In Case You Missed It - Neal Schon

Friday, January 19th

Neal Schon from Journey calls into the show because it was just announced that Journey and Def Leppard will be playing Fenway Park this August!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Joining us right now it is it is a pleasure to have Neil show on a journey on Neil good morning. Hey Mike are you doing my prayers are I am not join Greg Greg actually he's mart okay great yeah right here on paper that he had gotten market share up our minds aren't there are no listen I'm you know you don't we don't you know. We can be nameless and faceless that's it that's at the famous doesn't really doesn't matter but we are we were just actually discussing because. Caller called in about it we were discussing the series finale of The Sopranos and the use of don't stop believing in. And I'm wondering when it comes to obscure references and all the times. That a journey song we also discussed earlier this morning. Caddie shack in and a Rodney Dangerfield. Cranking anyway you want it from his golf bag and is it you. If the Dallas like one of the Hokies say that that is seen. But what was actually finally went inside years later is that they spread it out beyond belief that would even funny yeah. Yeah that. But that means you have a favorite use the other journeys on me in film or television. Well you know I mean The Sopranos have a kind of hard to be. You know I mean it it closed a whole series it was like. It ended on the Apollo looked like that is a war I world everybody's like messing with the TV wondering if there went out you know. And into the songs continued just to get even bigger and not ever since and. Is you guys are I think it's OK to say that you're coming to Fenway you're touring with Def Leppard. And I toward you toward would them previously Wright was that in 2006. Yeah and we we had a great time last time and so when it was brought up by a management. Everybody welcomed the idea. You know seemed dead you know Paul bans were very cohesive and if we get along well together and our music fit well together. And the timing has since totally and so. The audience was very happy with. Overall shell. On how do you play it I'm sure you have. I mean Fenway is a legendary ballpark have you played at other ballparks before. Yes looney. Like it especially eighties. We were doing a lot of data we were actually the first band ever come up with the video screens. Outside. So that the people open and probably. A little more intimate and so we were playing somebody. I'll baseball stadiums. And that that we had to figure out a way to make it more intimate. So so what would you you know you're you're on tour Def leopard you two of them before. How much do you guys in Iraq while you're on tour when you see a library with them I'd do you do you interact aren't you know. A time. Well I mean we see each other you know. This and passing and Ali how you do break a leg and out. Whenever. We're gonna be flip flopping from night to night is so that'll be fun. And you know hopefully we get to switch out this sad world when he will play some a little different. There when we're close C you know up and down hopefully don't you know we can you dig into our repertoire development. He'll show on a journey is and the dude all the text messages I've got and I've just got to ask about this because. Every we were talking earlier about Steve Perry in about you know how much money debate and could theoretically me if if they eastward. With him I mean is that something that ever gets discussed by you guys. Now that's a little and then you know I mean it I just gave you know it. We're getting paid more now we ever did. So you know why you insist something that even think about. You know. For me. I would love to get together in the right with a guy yeah you know not really taken about a money. Seeing it's it's more that you know on this matter writing partner. And could that. Could that ever happen. I believe to court because. You know much is seen each other after so many years at the hall of fame induction. And and you don't have felt that that. There was a lot of love in the room and you know. Many years have gone by. At least let up at the time you know everybody was in a different place and not so happy about the way it went down. But you know years pass and again. Can't hold grudges and further cement after so many years ago by you to take a look at all the amazing work that we did together. It's. That's where yeah. Yeah I mean he's viewed I think the older you get. The less inclined you are to waste time with team about stuff that happened in the past. Australia now. I I do think I mean lesson there are not me in my it's wise now Ollie and we understand how to basically we we understand it. I mean even. You know you guys that you guys have been together for salon and you you guys said that like. You were bickering back and forth there about the visit the White House if I remember correctly. And that kind of thing happens on the show all the time we just had any Alan LT day a vicious quarreled. Until I mean those those kind of things. Like you see you're you're over that right. Well you know what it is what it is I mean we we we clearly have different outlooks. On the which whether it should be and what it shouldn't the end. Where I was coming from to assess where it's always better. You know we had an understanding with each other since the beginning to ban that would never be involved in anything like that. And so were to happen in and not be notified about it a little taken back. You know at this point like I said it is what it is it is about the music. And I'm there to please the fans bottom line. Neil shot as I guess from journey and they will be. Act Fenway this summer with the Def Leppard and is it okay if I take a call from Jeff Neal. Sharp guy let's get Jeff funny Jeff you're on a meal. Good morning and extracurricular Gregg. Damn I loved. Playing with semi any kind of you know he's so Foley's liked. Very spur of the moment you know could be a Sunday afternoon like around. 5 o'clock and you'll call me and say hey can get down here right now I got a song when I you know you slam is bringing dampen the guitar. Those are some room you know. Crowd like here or not get down there and we'll we'll have a great chance but. He's very spontaneous like I am and last thing I did with them I did you know the version going down there and ended up on this circuit where where it's you know might. And and it ended obviously very cold it was just. One taken one paths live in the gazette. And down even come BSN. But my favorite project was sending gasoline is HS AS on. And I don't know slower boats in the middle a scoring. We were looking for an opportunity. To where we can get together and have enough time to write a record and rehearse and actually play. And so we had three weeks and most of us didn't Boston in the middle of major tours. And and so we decided. And everybody else was vacated we'd get together. And we worked a rewrote the record. In the ninth. It is that you know about a week. And we proceeded to really organized it as well as we could to play their lives because there wasn't going to be enough time to go in the studio. And to a studio recordings themselves. We recorded only two days so only played two shadows. And you know most of the senator's performance. Is what made the record. He'll shot as our guest from journey there any chance of that happening again lives you and Sammy may be it's a serious thing there. Or something like that. Well you know who knows men had a little beach at HS say as we most of the planet I think that was looking. Really good for awhile and then he got the offer to go back into it to Van Halen at that time in south. That's kind of felt through the cracks and if so let you know as they think the capital to turn it off residual call this out with different people and that's please send me and are very tight still. Who worked Neal who are your three favorite guitarists of all time. Of all screwed up I'll talk to some big. Great guitarists that. I mean you know for me Jimi Hendrix was always came up but it depends on what John Kerry talking about. That I listen to you know blues a message out. I listened to rock. I won't last allegedly for electric blues in other teams for a you know. Old old you know real blues. It's you know. I loved Wes Montgomery for Jack and John McLaughlin transfusions. And many others. There's some great guitar players. Doesn't 978 taxer who works with some younger people. And they mentioned that you keep confusing their coworkers when you mention a record. Yeah. They get very confused. And I suppose that a digital downloads but yeah it seems articles go by right now at half. Lois and it has it has been great have a new line and journey at Fenway on Saturday August 11. It is going to be one not to menace and we will we will be there and thanks a lot for for joining us on the show this morning. Thank you guys he had and I believe the tickets go on sale February so. Yes this but you do where you determine your house and I thank you guys what Albania or you will we get there what LB meant to say was don't stop believing in. And cool. Okay. Don't stop loving touch and squeeze in the we never sat down I don't think we can play that song anymore in light of the climate these days some of these songs at the all right Neil nice to have you on. Six that is revealed she meal she chutney here on the Nielsen on has any problem keeping his should. Yeah does that. They bring meals yeah. Why the guys dabble in a billionaire who's not a hundred an interview on I can't multi platinum career to be sent up kid puts. Yeah.