In Case You Missed It - Natasha Verma

Friday, January 5th

Our friend Natasha Verma checks in with the show to talk about her recent battle with non hodgkin's lymphoma, which she is currently in remission, and her new initiative creating wig caps for women and kids!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I told you. That I had a surprise. News smoke who is gonna on the show this morning and I'm so excited have her on because. I had been I had been wondering for a little while where she was and whether we had done something to offend there. But our that are are very good friend Natasha Vermont joins us here this morning and Sasha and I won't it in the trash how are you. I only got great Greg thanks so much for having me on the show I think he. How are you week we miss you very touch and had a bunch of bunch like a month or two ago. I'm not saying this it. Just tell him ready when I tax cut our you and I you and I were taxed and and I'd say where you know where you there and and use the you have been sick. And moved yeah I would I'm actually that they haven't shocked I was diagnosed with cancer. Won't work product. I bet I'm happy to say that in remission now he's got that news. I'm not pick out passes in a fight did you find its finances that is being used. Yeah I asked at least you constantly are a lot. I went into the doctors think an implied that injury that doctors I would be an injury Q and then they told him I think a little bit more than simply could not sit down man especially in this land. And then the pilot cannot sit down and it really lit up like Christmas tree bite so get much better now. This is really important I think for people think about so. You thought I didn't so what was evaluated Jim injury like what so what week you were feeling pain you're feeling pain. The morning and especially your application pool that I. Probably I'm doing nothing to show that indirect again. It went by being an exit that little bit too much and I think you know in the area to file a lot. I'm not expecting it and think about what that's an air. He I'm ruptured something that aura of something I can go to the doctor to get checked out. And I clearly remember that doctored the fact that while she looked like moving that that really great sign. And he could write me MacWorld lacked a week went by and I realized that. Wiping getting treated like shooting pain level going wait a lot of which you would think opera which shrank it wasn't going away so that's why I went back to the doctor. Doctor also told me you're gonna get bound solidly your body just an entry one of them yeah. You kidding but luckily I don't I don't like OK you just let me just isn't that can't be eclipse I think LA. Obviously first and get picked every airline without sight watching eclipse the lack. Let me purely safety. Cellular able to push through an ultrasound for me very quickly and dad because you look at. 'cause you insist that art which is another important thing that. Now is yeah you do have to take charge of fear that you didn't try to zero help ad says it's because they don't want to do it doesn't it. You know they Ali insurance stuff. Now so proactive I'm crowding into that's and so and and that he said I'd holy cow I have cancer and that standing in your young that's most of you must've been in shock. Shock because you're you and I know that the apparently played Blake actually set that. It's shocking answer yeah I can't let that he can hand corner and that would help now. You certainly is no I have a history like that. You know here here yeah actually I eat healthy there's no way. And my attitude that doctor and heat on the phone with me and both my grandparents on his back accident terrible that the act the way. So he could very concerning that he'd like luck. That the addition hurt fighting like years. Why don't you do an altered hurt if we keep that mind. And I signed I don't without any it and attacking back in his state but how would it secure link from that they keep looking back I mean I think by. It might be let out loud like. You liked what it. Yeah I'm sure I'm emotional shock Nigeria kind of follow a little bit monotonous. What that I said I think he'd probably felt a little Louis. I'm not humanities and he's digging out after that he would have been asking how they link back. I'm you know thankfully he got right on the ball after that he might I have seen jet. Three days after that opening party you know leak later but you're right about the that I noticed that the mean out. In addition I've been reading a lot at story from other people they've been sharing it with me about. A young people come and and air are feeling that I know that doctors like it how it got to be lurking out yeah. The fact that I'm going to take charts. Natasha Burma is our guest there and she is in remission and are you gonna be back on TV soon. Yes February update my all right good. And I know that. You shared a photo. Your hair. Not you yeah and on. You are doing here you're working to raise money. Get wigs for women and children who are fighting cancer. You can't exactly act you know losing my hair this whole losing secretary was really really happy for me. And I think one thing that doctor thome hit an effect on about was. Let down here and I know that sounds that trigger the potential that. But for women. Can't and I sanity at those are the beauty we we are so many different things we can do it that. It's a silent partner and popular concert doubt that I'll say good bye and we have like maybe I would not like that that technically have the doctors like. Yeah at soccer indicate that definitely get away and it'll laughing it was really for me to find their lightweight like the right. What did I don't think about applicant Yankee cap on top of that helicopter like man without having a bad thing about my hair. Thinking that it really great differently and I think stocked with hair that hacked. Don't totally out that we see I hit. It out but you know again the way Carolina telling it attempting to get around a lot of high quality. And high quality isn't the only infects children. The women it now what we've played. At 3 o'clock note that it screened for are all family. Dealing with cancer so that that's what I like to do when you put it on there right in the days when I went you know I was happy like. Every week packing now it has created last I felt. Let me get that he would not take it down a bittersweet because I would hate in Hilo and again. During the day that you look at thank you look at there. Eight feet out and all of and I look higher. And they it hasn't looked like I felt sick then. By having something like a week would you sign it looks good on you and you look and then you're like okay well I'll bet I'd. I looked at now I feel better I think that kind of got you going forward. Not your hair. Thank confident that. Hearing is that's nauseating I do yeah and I into battle as examples is important is now 100%. How come how can we help them how can people who are hearing your story Natasha how can they help of this. So right now we're expecting financial that patient and let that it helped but that wait what's that week and then you each woman out there. Lindh the last few days and made the announcement Eric Feyerick has been. Incredible I mean we are planning Hulk and requests from integration application. We're really into round they're having a widget and acting over now to pack in the shirt. We have enough money so they don't wait I thought back clay you can donate. You can go too far and I foundation that court and then on the hook up they donate or even a link to social media as well our life. And probation asked. Baghdad I mean it hadn't happened like that so many cracked coming to keep up with the enhanced. And that I really don't want to turn any of these little. Each light coming following that got you know an eight year old with leukemia and and and as we got patient about that well aren't you. And also you'll wait and el Al Portland. You know I guess it's more inherit. It just felt that there. I heard her right or out or is this is really really it's amazing that you're doing this and I know that. Everybody listening mobile wanna get involved in this so. When you. We'll we'll keep talking about this and when you. When you come back taxes to Boston and and get back on TV in February. You should come in and we'll talk about it again because I think it's really really important. Absolutely I mean it's it every open up the mountain well I can't believe that it could be. Lisa Young woman a very year old who just got like a double effect in the Californians are actually on TV and write your back can't actually reached out to me and she. You actually saying what do I act and building Andre Herring that these these women are very scared. And it's horrible to be there get with the way it. It's so easy to get caught on an attempt to keep that to unify them. Is it that I'm definitely PM I'm doing and it is ankle selling well. We will share the information on the WA AF FaceBook page it's already up on the WA Twitter and my Twitter seeking fun Ali Al flag touches foundation website find out how you can help make a donation every every little bit adds up so even if you are not his only added donation. Every little they'll actually other cowboys want to help another person I don't it's really cool. And then we will. I'm so glad I'm still glad that you're okay we're very fond of you'll over here and any year you know I feel like you know I've I've kind of tried to be broadcast mentor. Bill hell yeah. And so honestly that'll and I I am Matt Ryan I could. I am always available. Should you needed immediate via text that you anywhere is currently. And air but more importantly when you get back to town and your back on TV come on in animal chatted and oh yes and on as if CRI we'll see we'll see you soon okay and and amazing work and we're so glad you're doing doing while I'm. They you'd think that they water I didn't detect that right now I'm dreading coming back. Does he think looking at those numbers don't lie don't come back I think I might be elected they hear what out of. Yes both my sons I think I'm actually yes. Who need it splits like four degrees and everything that's over and I don't ask flooding in yet so that well we'll see you back. Eighteenth and I think. We got. Is though lovely Natasha Burma and she'll be back on TV here soon and what she's doing it it's and I'm not it's amazing.