In Case You Missed It - Millennials Helping with Technology during the Holidays

Thursday, December 7th

A new study says that 90 percent of Millennials will have to help an elderly person in their life with some sort of new technolgy during the Holiday season!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Your reasonably good with technology right. Yeah I sort of yeah I mean not you know not like Mark Zuckerberg kicked or not. Floundering now you ever need to help you when it comes to tech stuff for gadgets certainly didn't iphones yet. S I would say that I mean I'm not as bad as LB. Who has zero. Understanding of the current technology that does that there's around us. I will uses evidence the discussion that we had on the show last week about. Over used. Phrases and words that ought to be banned from social media platforms and you literally had no clear willingly or did you know that yet. Or do what the compensation was about. So I will add chocolate covered cherries to. Terrell I pulse. It bats. I we'll save that guy I do feel like I need help. From my co workers move for instance of an example last night I was snap chatting. A video. Because those that. And restaurants yes that I that I own and you restaurant yes and Elizabeth who is the marketing director my company yeah I happen to be there and some new attacks and said would you send that video to me because I think she money using social unless you know I said wait it's on that jet how to react and waited yeah. I had no idea how to do that you know she was able to come over and and the confiscate my opponent and you're a step video yet on the why do you have. I ask because. Some surveys done and I think she aryan. And it said that it's millennial 90% of millennial have to be their families tech support person and they're sick of it and are frustrated and they are yes yeah. About 60% of its plan to give someone gadget for Christmas this year yeah but when it goes to an older relatives. It's always the lining of the half men helped them out 50% of instead they've spent more than an hour opening an older relative with the tech gift at some point. This is true I yeah I would like you'd call win or to text in and may be explain. The bad Blake the the worst. Case of having to explain technology to an old person like me yeah like what like what is there. I mean you oftentimes talk about your mom I'm she's she's okay on texting back and. Texting at the Amazon seven in. But she will routinely show up at my house and text mean to elect on the outside know like when they do now. So I'll go outside and she's like a bright it's a male and bright pork chops for the dies and then. And I announced this damn Bluetooth is not working again it's just got a new cars that she's like and I keep try to played on the phone and let let me just. To the little sparkle we own scroll to the right click it down and pick media. She's like item but why isn't just come up I'd I'd complain it on the phone and only get we don't have Bluetooth on the phone to swipe up and looked at the little squiggly thing. Here's a 617 text. I recently got called to my mom's home because her computer wasn't working now it was not turned on rights. That and we joke city that tech support people ask you first is it plugged in and as it turned none. But there are many times where people on the other end of the phone say. Well. Okay I'm all set thank. Here's the 24 year old female 774 or text there says this is absolutely true I am sick. Of spending hours. Helping my mother figure out how or iPhone work yes. You need to get I mean I think. A lot of people in the in an older generation have been forced to adapt to the Smartphone technology. And really they would just rather stay with the flip phone. I plan on boyfriend we got in the Smartphone at one point and don't we went back to the flip phone because it was just. It's just too much it's too much. 339 tech somebody gave my mother a laptop last year for Christmas and not only gonna have to set it up and have been doing tech support group efforts it's. I my mom has the news this than 978 text my mom has the new Google home meaning. And she keeps calling me. Because of global won't answer her she needs. Needs she needs to say. OK Google and she keeps saying okay glow of a little bit. I. Through in. Heidi you know I I guess that's about it I mean that's a small price to pay for the people who. Rays steal again that paid for your college and brought you into the world get your kitchen help them out of their technology allows Serena. I'm sorry man what's up Serena. Not in my prominently into the offense that's holding you by the way. I'm one OK all right some millennial and that is is this problem for you. Yeah all the time I have a 91 year old that my back up left and keep the look background that yes. Via I had. The dial a phone number you feel from the car doesn't look not just like you kind of regular but well. And his like out you can't agree on and then you die. I. It's not like. And I don't I think that everyone has achieved my my about what it's. I checked out and practice you know like out. Here's a Texan says my mom 774 text my mom's got an iPhone couple months ago and after every word she types if there is in the mode you for that word yet she adds it in after the word beat. Because she thinks she's hopes to it that. When I'm on so I'm using a muddies it but it was kidnapped. Moon. Let's see and I am also it's tricky with the volume button on the phone like will we chilled if I got for but I act up in a restaurant at forty she gives me decide I. Shall take a call from my aunt and it sounds like she's taken a landline call to China and ninety seizure like. And yeah I know just paternal loan yeah. And my mom. They can hear you she's like I can hear them and with that doesn't mean you have to yell here's somebody whose mother thought that email was connected to a specific computers Scioscia all share at a Florida if you don't count at a check out. I've got a Massachusetts and now. Corey. I'm man and a little bit the. Let's see you. My mom used to go to bed at 8 PM and she got an iPad and sends me emails at midnight she's been Internet business scams five hours. Well that's yeah that's a real real problem. Let's see 33 year old male here the fourth time this year my father keeps accidentally. Putting media and other people on his blocked list on the and he calls me wondering why in a perk up the a outfield accidental blocked well Larry listen we're talking about the fact that with Christmas right around the corner of the holidays. Many will be given. Some kind of attacked gadget. And 90%. Of Milan appeals half. To help that person with debt tech gadget they're given the for the for the for the for the foreseeable future and their frustrated. If you have an AOL email address you probably need help with tech gadgets I would guess that's probably to area. Let's see my mom sends me the sexy lips in mode Judy I don't think she gets it now the wrong about OG. It's a oh here is also somebody who. Their mom uses the laughing with tears him OG and she thinks it's crying so somebody will die and the defendant that is the fact it I think that and that's. That's the unfortunate. Lowered Bob. Four and lets up or in my household is quite the opposite those guys who love effect saying well. My father ruled by a computer or phone him. On the rubble hopeful about civil war between Iraq and been important and that they've called me out a did not work at. Yeah well it can be here's somebody who there father cannot figure out how to attach a document. That means death. Back to be that commanders that paper clip icons real tricky as it continues and it's you know if you're looking. Here's a 71 text a quote from my father we don't have FaceBook we have the Internet. Not quite share what they are the differences those things. And I dissects and her mom who's in her late sixties. Well texture. And then say text me back and leave her phone number because she doesn't realize that phone number shows up and attack methods. Here's the here's attacks. 28 world. I literally have to go to my parents' house once a week because my father has put his phone on airplane mode doesn't understand that he has done that yet. Well at that people need help. What about where it's white black I don't slip away in my swiping and. Here's a finally text my father has duct tape on its own zone number but not well you know beaten. You can we get forget all Burroughs who would those Missouri in our fifty's we get used only after remember one number. A number of visits a a a a. Before. You know. 85 for her and ridiculous. Three my grandmother recently at FaceBook and she always puts LO wealth thinking it means love you lots which is fine except when she's commenting on some of these posts about some shoes the gloves no. Well not enough talent. Oh yesterday when you're talking about elects and I can listen W fun in my Alexis that she didn't and understand what I asked the when we mentioned elects on the radio sometimes. Gets tickets Alexis that I would love to mass of people but I just like and won't do to them. Reminder that you can listen to W gaffe on your Google home or on your Alexa and turn your Smart speaker. In to a radio the greatest thing ever technology is wind events at this point in only have to do is ask school homer ask Alexa nicely to. To turn on WA AF it's that simple. Low rich. Saying good morning guys what's up rich. Not much column my day mother in law we got very. Gmail account. Through all of that because everyone else in the world that email but they're. It's unfortunate that it. This is somebody says every time their parents move any piece of furniture they have to come back over and reconnect the cable and the whatever they're using it is the plea movies and ends like that. What C. My dad called me a few years ago come over quick. He was on a porn site and and put an icon on the desktop. Deleted you need to decide to get rid of it before the mother got home that's carrying value all to get rid of the with. What's the I just left my husband at home by himself when his new iPhone that I helped him find a recipe on. He was writing it down if it went up the screen after I left you he screwed. Don't know how to get back yards to the on the recipe only done. This is. All Nepal what's up. Guys that it dawned on line you. Don't pretty well my father that we should be insert. What I ask you first got into this wonderful world this month whistle while you eat meat you referred outsource our that they. Lawson is yes it would be if you saw it even now to this date still can't figure out that Jack won't and don't like you Greg Egypt actually pretty massive yes. It form. On the national interest and that multi. I don't know how to use or you could say more that goes wild cheers impetus. Here's the texts. 29 years old. My father didn't realize that GPS could be used to get you from point a to point B he thought it just showed you where you work stoppage only god. A very confusing probably still pretty yes Lester action very. Confusing. Is if you've got the match precedent printed directions you're screwed it go back to the house or pull out the red map book. From behind the passenger seat. Here's somebody says their mother is trying to use talked to tax Alan and Tony and never corrects that the tax benefits that. That that's that's later lighting played dangerous game of I think I know your. Can be difficult and keeping figured out pretty clearly but sometimes it's like you'd. Why would you even hit you look data and you know what makes absolutely zero cents. Instead of deleting it starting over use it and then you'll hold on let me redo this a moron. 978 text from when my mom first got an iPhone should call me when Dane told me that it didn't ring anymore because she of the silent button on. Yes yet you don't question when I got that hole oh when here's somebody says their father Tex them. And then identifies himself in the attack death and eight dad at like the if you don't know that you wouldn't know who the text is coming for I'm fine grandparents to that a lot on FaceBook they sign their posts have been like this is your grandmother it's like I had Doris were aware. Thanks. That Danielle brought up this certain day which was the what was it that buys the cherry on okay. Which determined that 90%. Of you who are Mullen heels. Are frustrated because you have to be the tech support expert for your family at Christmas and it takes hours and hours for used to help. Those of us who might be older understand the new technology and stuff hello John. Yeah I don't let's. Now let's say it is elected to let guys know I hit a horrible mistake. Introduced in my other thing about maybe five years ago and eat decided become the cycle expire. DL. LIX. Eight hours and the other a little doubt that response pro cup. On the why do older people always text with the collapses this individuals says yeah it's so cryptic and I don't understand why they and every sentence with dot a dot 22 texts me with an ellipsis yeah. I look at that as Blake GF line collect yourself. Or are. Like there's more to this and I'm not gonna continue this you know that I'm pissed about something that's usually how IC three dot. A. I don't know why you would do that dot dot died like pissed somebody off but all people had to start wherever. Is a 774 attacks or whose mother accidentally put the phone upon. Mute for a pencil frequently when they're calling all young man doesn't understand who I feel like. Well. And you hear me what happened. Let's see. It. My dad's shares other people's FaceBook pages and he doesn't understand that he shouldn't be sharing. Other people's children's photos when he doesn't know them all well and yeah. Public FaceBook. It. You I am. It minimum. FC all right well. I guess. You don't have much choice yeah you did your family out. And they raised UC got to help them hello I just. Good morning welcome you to show you jobs. So I'm I'm the architect you guys and I'm yes and then I read about myself I like LB which I wanna shoot like a better. I now and now leads it is it is an issue in relations if you got him doing a great short screen and beautifully well thank you a member of the UK dedication our our. We miss them you know he'll be back he'll be back tomorrow. And Mike you'll be back on Monday. Are right.