In Case You Missed It - Max Weinberg

Thursday, August 9th

A Top Ten Moment of Greg Hill's life took place on the show this morning! Max Weinberg of the E Street Band joins the show to talk about his upcoming show at City Winery, some Springsteen Stories and more!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'll. And you're special. And not joining us now on the Framingham. Forward studio line. Cranium board is metro less commercial truck headquarters. This. I am going to number. Among the hot and then moments of my life number one. Is meeting Bruce Springsteen at the drop kick Murphy's show. Several years ago outside the house of blues number 20. Would be interviewing Max Weinberg of the street and who joins us right now on the show Lomax. Look at certain warnings to be good here. I gotta tell you something I am I border on fan boy isms so my sincere apologies in advance for this. I don't know we're all afflicted with that secular rough. They're saying I have put myself. Is I mean would you say I mean if you're in the big and with the guy in the have been forever. You have you have a man crush on him and as it is it impossible. To to control I mean that's why would next. Where you got there there have always in the back so you know you to I've seen. Those are not. They you know man crush. Our course. Or us. You know it's been sort. He's. Eager. That. Particular position. That's just sort of that there is always it's always an exciting. It basically it's it's sort of problem ultimately source. Platform cruises also. The plate the way I want to play the drums yeah which is why they continue to play drums. I mean there's not thing. Dad's. Quite frankly arouses me more than badlands and and and here and your work done that I mean I just blur Israel magnets there're so many. I mean it's just it's got to be a dream come true to be for for over forty years. To be playing in that band I mean it's it's got to be amazing. Ordered its what are the dream come true you know I was. Playing in 2000 in the late fifties and early sixties. Concerns that the ages 67 that's so hard and still be able to place. How far worse it is in the eastern and I have to be able to play the wrong sort of completely usual that saying let's stop. So on this batted the the position of trying to trounce east and subsequent success. Our discipline instilled and cold night air you know I don't. My dummy is not complicated it's. It's and certainly some blue I would say he could soon simple load. I generally get to these second place. Fortunately comedian couldn't compete simple response and wanna this year. I have it's. How do you think Bruce keeps going. I don't think musicians stop thinking just keep. As long as you in Jordan and conclude credibility. These you know who. This as far as I can tell we hasn't made any concessions being more on Iraq. That's hard hole users also compared to solve the people who were playing there over youngsters. So I think you just keep going there. Yeah you know. What else are you gonna do sort of shoot outs and I keep playing that's an improvement for these thoughts they had the seat wondering. We hope we don't play these and that is I let you keep playing. And this is different formats needs now slowly which is because at all. Audience recourse sixties and seventies songs. That it just call. In real time and place them and yeah I don't keep much some sharp. Actually. Good society is that you do it wouldn't support it he's got to get out there are contests. You know India. It can be as a specific item yes that's a place to stay you know. It's plots I can eat. That this thing is best to keep your percent are all time client. I think his blog you can do that. What do you play where questions are what he's so he can do. Don't you do that they would all our. That you can do it and some can't do anymore. We're talking would Max Weinberg. Of the E Street and who'll be at city winery in Boston on Sunday August 26 and LB has a question. They Max is still be yeah I just wanna I wanna ask what. What was that like the first time you met. The boss how to decode down. Well it was it was actually I was as much sense or. And was that playing the big issue cold God's goal. I was going to college. I was putting it won't let parents. And I think it's they didn't know. I've heard locally pitchers. A strange you know to. Quote do it hurts. Those planes various court date them you know play a lot of clubs. Just wouldn't all the time. And he couldn't many in the they had put an edited so much tortoise which was cut of course since its. This people remember that newspaper. That quick so excellent use. And it sort musicians and there and that's why they certainly want it homer. Don't junior ginger Baker's. Yeah ginger baker was a classic triple sip testing programs kind. But this was kind of you know we put since June 2 ginger baker. That he also was playing all sorts Giant Eagle accompanist. That's something that succeed symptoms on this one that's sort of some more engaging easy at a it's source sort well. You know addition firsthand what really exactly it was a senate are Columbia records so. And there was no better than I was here you know. And that should get that no apparent that particular time to sort of mental notes shots. It was it was an amazing experience because I think this sort of like source. Moment we play in to a little Brussels on our. Introduced himself that you have got the band class. I consider releasing very talent. And we got right to play this is playing literally within the source told insurgents. I can talk that goes to two point special it was not only would he was doing there was a way that Clarence anything Jerry. We're so loser focused on what he was doing. And that's up arts didn't want war so I have experience. Woods didn't seem to know what he was doing so. It was special. Max several textures on me ask you if your son is still playing with slip knot. Serbs on stressed. In the middle numbers here and the second new roads. Which must of slipped and I. And who do these hardcore terrorist. Let's contestant doesn't a couple of since. And studio well. So yeah it is. Now say ever totally ever covered AS Springsteen song. Oh. As it would be easier percent to cover sprints saw them with us what that's what my thoughts are. Basement. Couldn't quite so it isn't okay himself completely. That vision to. Fifteen resulting besides play. Then the drones wouldn't what do we get connection well tell us a little bit just. The scheduling conflict between that needs to support an adjuvant. Site call. It was just look at the ideas are higher and so aren't content that is kind of here at double it sort of being replaced coach in place quite so. Yeah. It was actually I'll have been an incredible job and hasn't really seeing. Well when I met Bruce. He showed up to play badly and swing is drop kick Murphy's I don't know. If you've ever seen that. The river. Oh you there OK you were there it was a it was a it was. I was that's also losing less yeah a voice that you and says yeah we went to. Guess it was arm up still. That mattered as well. And that bench they're ultimately that's what we're joined just sort of a sort. There's something Brazil is critical of those same groups. While and one of his son's favorite groups which at its originally introduced. I believe that Serbia. Is there there has to be and you're probably I can say there has to be ace on. That you and maybe the rest of the street and is absolutely sick of playing. And I want an off its hungry heart. What is this what is aside these guys are just when when when Bruce says 1234. And here you gotta be sick of one of those on. Or are certainly doesn't courses toward you know reversals that little. Most of them and ethical sort of goes lower than that without them. Gentle jabs at Harlem's argues that now. Serena happened I didn't know what hardcore. And you have to now use your intuition sometimes. And that is. You know well that spurs that lives there are a lot of politics you jump. And just about to go now and you don't know what's gonna going to. You know you actually saw something. It sort of worked so we sent to just hit a symbol of yoga. You know other it's just a disingenuous. At it's why won't work. Hero bit with Bruce plus 44 years so it. As our national unity damp it and can get is current talks. You know. There's no Turkey's still all incredible play of the old now we got our. Duty to YouTube can can be solved so. Home. It Eddie you know. There really enjoyed it's like they're not being disingenuous currently does it work. It comes across the but people there are a little sort of lower dose would occasionally it sort changed. And you know as far as stock that's wrong and does not. That he's. And usually there's this do all of recognition from the audience. And the only thing that split second. In my mind it's. Max Weinberg of the Easter it's. Her second because it all in one place. We're playing the more you're out there Dirk circuits are well it. That's what we're saying you know. With a Bruce Springsteen song. You have shared so. Notice I don't think anything was get tired of like it. Yeah well I just played those will be. We cannot seem comfortable place where. It may be a thousand times we let it but it may be a source star. And then this is sort of East Coast loose inside. We were playing it for this person has ever current war. And if you embrace Cecil pluses to it doesn't get tired it's absolutely yeah. I don't wanna send out you know were happy but it took the so privileged to be doing that. They got a question earlier gave the city wineries are going to be playing a lot of requests. You just assume Greg is going to be their right of course going to be the critical yes yes and I'm just gonna run some songs some of Greg's they've Orleans all yes all frequently said sixties and seventies on the run by some songs by use that outbreaks favorites a significant player. Shannon by Henry gross. Yeah I. Can't get fired at without sanction and I played cat and now we have gross wells actually went about. What about the horse with no name. Why America. That grin and bear playing that's heart. You know it's funny because. As a drummer. Even if I have played assault. So basically as far as our work horse with they actually I have to let it play additional bad. It's hard to tell our as a charmer her sobs thousands of points. And you know taking your weekly gain in year and it ends you can see the way you're fortunately. It's just so close was. Do you become so we can look forward New Jersey where he has to its success I was an order to solve. That was on the radio if you didn't don't you need to be able to hate you always screw it. And we can get away with that support he argued there's additional. We just continued. Well it's great to have to have any wrestler. You know of of course what sarbanes fortunately it certainly it's a rule adult beverages are. Our sole pro will have equal to those who you know you're in some. Semblance. He'll he'll know me at the show because I'll be staring at the whole entire. Well it is that the city winery in Boston and it's on Sunday August 26. And he get tickets to see Max Weinberg shoe box. And you go to city winery dot com. Slash Boston that city winery dot com slash Boston and do you put words songs when he's not there yet. Okay now. I can't wait Max and we saw. Went. Just save recorded words we play. That says we have on our part and videos creative about purchased salt and people can't really pick. So. And get this resolved. And let's talk Oakland. That resulted besides us that yes then you can get intimate place. Get real close and just had told them we play with the tortoise shell sorts said the saw themselves I don't consider bombshell. And I hate you with us who don't look we'll look if if someone calls and of course was being the only bad news. This way I'd Max has been an honor having on we'll see on the twenties I think on the 26 right now. Point six didn't quarters cent saw lower rough for us and buyer incentives are you know one of the greatest. Thing although we play. Well we played second serve quite. That was an experience a whole lifetime so I want to thank everybody for all supports some sort of user should he has been great I've believed them. I believe they review of Bruce's show in Cambridge was the one that that really set them on. On the track for success. Just playing all those places as well what about that he would let the first player group that essentially. That is course suitable course abuse call. And doctor Java open to listen. And you know I can very that George Harrison street band and I serve or. There by the way all of this. New platform into a big disaster chocolate. From. We'll see on the 26 right. Sample our. I don't think that is Max Weinberg were gonna get a room and will be right back.