In Case You Missed It - Matty Argues With Yoko

Monday, March 20th

Matty wants to bring his son, Mad Max to the Celtics game but it's up to his wife Yoko! 


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We talked Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. Maybe watch the sell this game tonight and Mehdi for the past. Hour and ten minutes has been arguing with his wife right yeah we have a situation here goals for the fact that he was given. A pile of free tickets to tonight's so this game really good seats thanks to our computer full and wonderful sales department. And now he can't convince his wife to drive up here to take their son into the game tonight because he has it. Testimony as public opinion this right ideally you'll go sane I mean I'm I don't wanna play in all the bad guy there and you know be black. The kids getting diplomats going to be up late tonight he does the test tomorrow and then you don't what do you does that I'm just tomorrow. Two things one since when have you ever given it could damn about public education. So aides who I used at Amsterdam was a country earlier this back and when he and others Eagles is an incorporated. And biggie. This is when Mehdi kits to exert paternal authority there are a few times. When you can use the executive dad override. And say hey I've got awesome free ticket well. The problem is I'm stuck and had to be a little sleep I guess. Stuck here that's so she's known as a driver I'm here it to me and then again next ticket for her obvious what's gonna bust so we've just texted I said that I think. Put him well. Proud a lot of 6 o'clock out an honest and he goes right to the stadium. The train go for the stadium because right so stay right there. She just text and he's still studying the cards he's gotten study cards he's not getting them right any need to shower I'm not trying to be and are not sure makes sense this caller now don't don't don't please as this. Please don't air your dirty family on 08 is going down this thrash it had a basement he wants to go. I was remember this that a term but yes they hash tag based and it's going down a hole. The again I wasn't sure if there was a lighting are things were getting turned to call that number that circled the metal aboard that to a 31. 1800 cars for kids. I'm. (%expletive) we keep up Nazi finally can study on the drive to and from the game exactly. Thank you let's row we're talking about the network we get her on the line. Is when you have to. You've got to make the dead call here I he has your son's best interest at heart as you do it's not like you want to bail out. It's one way you can get these and this is technically and and it is not an age of the wizard the wizards are. Did you explain heard that the wizards game and a half behind the Celtics got thank you trying to explain. Crap beard just too glaze is over. Think she just hung up instances you've done enough Obama got her eye on for. Ones that are its I. Don't go. Wasn't me. You want me to hand the current Colleen. Yes please that's like that's Max he's unmasked. So we don't know whose calling it is on instill governments. Hi yo good to have your permission to put you on the air majority on the air now. It. Hold on why gays. Well she does it tell you legally you have to hang out what do I don't think so where is that marriage they are right. Mikey and bring him to the do deep into the game I don't listen we'll be home at he'll be home and then 1130. And the studies are held and yet. Well rested and the math or history of pollen and realize it was that Howell and still is on my side now too stupid health testimony act. Teachers like pick them up. Still use listen to the car go in fact that's written back here is listen I'll answer the phones in the phone's screen or down to get maximum. This is no way we can get me in here. Oh my god. Colleen how do you feel about your checking. Bert yes he does he get 1012 and it seemed appropriate. So we find. 603 says dissent NET 217. He wants to go I wanted to go you're the only party pooper here Yucca. Yes I am a practical mother who didn't know he needs to rest independence stance and need to get. Is stuck together and meet Sally thinks. I do that every day and nick teller it is against the wizards. I Yoko. And listen this really is an important game if the Celtics lose tonight considering that their only game and a half. Up right now over the wizards who are nipping at their heels for second place in the Eastern Conference if they lose it it might be your fault. Yeah it bank. Yes because I'm on my down. OK with it. We user creative power to decide how but how about a about it and move up. And also really gone well but that's all right so you're saying is so no you're not gonna do this. And the. Now I need I wish we what I want them on the air that is in the great campus. And or are you sure you mean it's not like your husband sabotage June cause you to air out the Findlay dirty laundry fared as drive time radio. I am then. Terrible energy which is Sunday American drag the suspect. We don't have a you're going the other way Bruins coming hole in look I mean look I'm not up unannounced. Doug I'm I'm I'm I'm an amount Larry that's not gonna do any good may mocking her speech exactly attacked from the flora one says the latter Yoko and and that might help may be if you you know flatter you could tell she cents a unease of what. On the phone pictures. Okay when you're tying a no lose out on I'll only say you know go because not that many insist that but I don't wanna remind the audience of what your real name is because your real person who deserves respect. The 774 yes you welcome calling the 770. Term of endearment the 774 says he's twelve years old for goodness sakes how important can one testy and then another text it says. In the 978. Blanket I'll take my twelve year old boys and now we've got him is volunteering to take their twelve year old them an array. Just please please bring him and don't deny me this time with my boy and then now okay here's a great point the 71 says. How is he got to be prepared for college as a twelve year old if he doesn't know how to pass that test after a night party. I'm sure. You've got to raise him right. On a clients of the pro shop he loves it again and Cokie it's all jazzed up on cocaine. Coke cola and I'm sure his mother wants to know that you gonna feed and nitrates and caffeine and high fructose corn to Eric. He should say that he's got to go have a Celtics can also there's some value out that soon I will talk about the soft the air to do more content. Thank you I appreciate that thanks for all the haters have. Now they actually you're getting nothing but love the 86 says you sound hot I don't know why I've read that I'm gonna go now. Instead couldn't see five or won the text. Yards Boehner and that's what have you if you don't I know you better right now but to see. Ginger son's best interest at heart CC that Boehner it's not so that's good wife right there the only time she ever hears then get your ass in the car bring it to me. So what's his game.