In Case You Missed It - LB: Dumping With The Stars

Wednesday, May 31st

LB checks in on the hotline to criticize Matty and Nick's taste in movies, and to share some incredibly personal moments he shared with big celebrities'... bathrooms.

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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. On your schedule at WAA asked. Well you know special guest on the idea for him forged steel hotline and we do yup. The great the one the only. Okay it's. Look notices. This phone if it. Fatalistic. I'm not. Every. But not are not in this movie are. So wait are you walk. What the what in my all right. Marc and I. Star war. Fifty Star Wars of the day to see you beloved Soviet bloc wants war on all. Natalie and I watched them all I think I've actually seen store hours a hundred times they've gone. They saw so let me let me ask you have to look. Luke Skywalker what appeared with the certainly knew like I've checked that the yes side later. She got out we got us a guy I attitudes who should look like. She looks like if Keira Knightley just like let it go for a couple of weeks but still went to catch him. It is it's like it it's like it's like when they do and he makes character or show what they equipment maker on the check. Just like c'mon man. I don't watch it or so agents out. There I just watch it might sound well I watched all movie by. And I just sat there are where they say so are. And I saw. Come on you wouldn't kick a man who girl out of bed for drinking a warm six pack of Labatt. And there are bad but you're tired sock in my world. First of all that I should three. At eight. Good point that we. I you know proper I try to reject art and were probably eight are so light Saber anger that I suppose. But I I just Pollard because Matty yeah. Great choice do. They QLBs found to have is an all time classic is not. Are you are not serious. You know I watched that and have the greatest partner feasible. The best I got to tell Michael McKean a person that movie changed my life Davidson and of themselves. And all. That I. Well yeah yeah it's outrageous that something very astute or door got opened the LP commodity got to throw me some love for back to the future though come on that's a great move out. Of course well some are not productive back good teacher I mean I I'd have to look beat shares. Yeah I was in Thailand for 38 days and Michael RO. IQ no more shot at so like mark. You are hard. Take him adopted as house now there. That's all the yeah. Helping it's little little things should be obese sit you know dispute that looser. It just didn't need to remember. I circuit. Not not all in Michael Watson. And I just status I took a ticket down didn't Michael Chang. Know aren't too good. Injury dropped almost with an indoor tour for example we don't and is geisha app wanted to bring. This is the greatest film created out cows that graze there all ever Siskel and Ebert look like 2000 puke I honest to god I'll be if you want to we'll make sure that the entire. Video crew here at AF and Entercom is ready to start LB's move your views because I only wanna know. How you feel about a movie based on which celebrities is use subtle effect. OK so so let's not I don't we have you know what I have command and yet know aren't from here are frightening yeah. OK so glad post is a friend of mine. Eric. We want to keep these we will courses in Iraq. And I nailed this chick from answered yeah that was in the movie date and yeah. In here and she beat by a river in. Actor and belt in our meetings are art yeah. I smoke or use our. I had a 110%. I like the movie Beethoven and the career Charles gruden so much more now that I don't you bag credit and confidence and. Let's say well tonight. I'd saw us all and I rent they talk whitbeck guy who's an amazing act of war games just. Our New York City. What this game you know the bad cop. With the French we're. Odd CNN opinion she worked out first full circle she had been on our course. He's sincere and she was thirteen years salts. The back the rock Jerry Jerry wants. Peace. Are still crowds now on your listeners and right now Jerry Hughes English are cheaper than thirteen hero. Are all professional yes you hello Natalie Portman is the time out of the Mormon. You're talking about Gary Oldman. Very old so Jerry all is so that they all remotely. And I rejected an LT gets pregnant I saw what they're immigrants are our mock. These are granted dons in the grads who dons. Robert currently grouchy problem LB. You're the best that's patting myself on the Parker are almost here Friday honor I move it stops our language and I. Here we are in question that you know about it thou shall bear.