In Case You Missed It - Larry the WW2 Vet

Wednesday, September 13th

Today, while discussing the greatest generation, the show calls our friend Larry to check in and get some insight.


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Can't send our I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com and. Arab Larry. Yeah it's Greg Hill from the radio station. I don't know yet how are ill. Well good we are very good and I have to. You're going to current. Tomorrow now is this to testify against that rough being who stole your it's. That's yeah yeah. Yeah I don't I am. Yeah now what do you do when you're in court you just identify who he is or whatever. I can do and gloom and doom their debt. Creation and upload and bathrooms yeah and that's exactly what you were. And then I'm doing very little member of the scratched it it's I was told that there have been told. Controls below mutual. Who's worked at two backs. And better or what. Tom what it looked and so he didn't give me I don't remember it slowed as an extraordinary. Move them out. To protect children yeah yeah yeah. That's what we're going to pull that made sure he doesn't work. That ever did you have any idea. Like you don't think you could probably just get a slap on the wrist and a state. Duck. It didn't. Under probation may blow. That is what they're gonna pull among my. And Ed. In him hey hello hello group won't. I'm good look at Walsh so and then Medusa. Well I think that the Peebles C isn't judge or jury what's the you know appeasing. Judge or jury trial. You have to do early trials will be a judge would be different. While the jury you'll look and say hey wait a minute this is Larry in World War II veteran 101 years. All I have. They've got a good one man walked in yeah. There are built slowly. Totally there. Of course pay we were talking about if you could've lived in any other period of time other than the one that you did. What would you choose like millennial would choose. To live. And the baby boomer generation like what if you could of lived in any other period of time in history what would you have chosen Larry. You can really. Logos. I alluded children that tan my boat is. Might otherwise dad would. Turn in now when you do this the women sue. I'm hesitant audio there and now I know it's wonderful filmmaker like this anymore I don't make them why they broke the mold when they made it Larry. But I can't see it says that the web site. Today I say they broke the mold I say you know Danielle thing else here you didn't area Harry. She she she thinks you're such a romantic when you mentioned your wife eleven. Which truce had been proud movement mellowed. I get them but yeah. Who would be able to have a lot of them just maybe it would be good and. 65. Years of marriage. Yes sir law and I enjoyed every bit of it. Well no actually. Not probably but it's my right eye opener and she moved lip. I knew. I was pushed unemployment shoot above. And X seventy. In. And that's. That's led by their own kind of left and went down to feel. Really short Jack you aren't government and particularly. Yeah I'd give him. Now you're not paying. It never paying for a single thing about us. I turned down and I you can still attention Lou I'm gonna pay you. None of those red bloodshed doesn't give you lists. Livelihood. Our allies sorry I mean here you're gonna like it a good idea and obtain media. Now we've got a nice group will be true well that's what we'll. She's a nice purse so I was there analogous. Yeah so are you that news name doesn't mean that the income and expenses to. Yeah you're talking about the news girl that's on the show gave you big hug and everything when when we had dinner. We're are David do this made the appointment. And blue bell I had never met menu. Those steps. We're gonna have steak tips trio. Maybe. They're glad that the sure are glad that bad management yeah I read it straight week showed me a picture of themselves who blew a. Okay hello this. Maybe he says you know what do you guys have I don't know me and. Leave it. YE. I don't know I've just smoked I had good people around mid day also you know. When I didn't show that there whatever they call we have made I don't know what's wrong. The modem never had those shot in blue. Parliament and so when that happens I know ensure that doesn't show as blue bad bad bad Miller about thirty years. Do you go grocery shopping every week. Besides only you. Were my debt load. Yeah what do you what do you both like what's the one thing you buy every week when you go grocery. A groomed. Banished. Look at home. Yeah I'm back yeah. Yeah. Turned back and remember you haven't rollout. Yeah yeah absolutely it's all right. Big numbers in this building knows I don't know he moving van has. This program. Missed shot that really as important as the and then million. They've got a load just blew but I never I mean you. Yeah it. It's any help that everybody in Libya Britain. It's a well listen I'm glad we called Tom mentioned the other day you said we and call on the while so I'm a tell a man attacks Tom and would meet up next week for dinner all right stick tips and. And Rubin. The head until then yes I do jailed. You can't go to jail your does the witness Lannan. Yeah he knows. It meant a diplomat as a it's remote dad I don't remember earlier this. All right I'll let's look bad you have to woo large well truly good to have. I like you tell your great guy. OK I lose flew into battery. Alright pal. Okay. So there we go Larry green bananas yeah secret to life event. Paid close attention that's a 101 year old guy. I have a wonderful way and now married 65 years she shed enthusiasm and she's gone. Toward. I was didn't just she took care of and. So many women are Texan and proud how how emotional that made him. Sony said that can and it's real and you alone yeah. Pants 65 years. Somebody says that they're concerned about his mental capacities because he's. And I was shopping at Johns now are you. Showed up at our shop which I thought I mean I don't. I don't know that I don't know that particular shots man he's talking about yeah. And you show up it shows. Because you're you're you're to turn to knows wise to shop people. And now because you have a vendetta against whole foods and Starbucks are. Otherwise you are a vendetta against them I'm just frugal. Is now frugal frugal you shop at market. And I don't know market basket you know you'd find one technical yeah. Worth the gas money that you spend to drive there it is that. It's. And others I guess negatively what is the I have to. I have the charge him for the statements or does that mean what is and what is his what that means gonna meters with a time and yet that's a greatest generation and something different. Think it did something different.