In case You Missed it – Kenny Loggins

Tuesday, September 18th

Finally Danielle gets to talk to one of her all-time favorite yacht rock artist Kenny Loggings.

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Let's get Daniels dream guest on the Framingham forward studio line right now. It is my pleasure. To welcome Kenny log ins and Hill Man Morning Show lake and in. Good morning now. I can't remember if we use them on the show before but it's been quite some time. Or or has has been on since you've been on since I shook it searching since I've gone so. Don't know I don't I don't believe there. And I wouldn't. She is. You're number one fan she is melting right now I can't let. I can't even keep it together right now. And I. No acute and yes I am. I want to question off the bat for you the the mysterious. Glow from the briefcase and archer. Is that the same glowing orb that you're holding on the keep the fire album cover I thought. Yes how did you know that we were gonna we're gonna do then the next. The next installment. Going deep on. Yeah yeah that stuff. That's pretty deep and that's your fan right Daniel was working very she just argue in Florida recently with her mother yes in Orlando. Yes I remember that. They're proud and humbled he rushed the stage together. It was a little slower but I'm gonna servants Fatah and valujet into something I configured out of the bag kidnapping at. Did get a lot of the you get you probably get some mother daughter do those at the shows these days. That's an interesting question. The stock closed nobody now I'd probably get three generations of. Yeah there's a couple of other. How would you Danielle know what you compose yourself out because you're turning red and years you're stuck to your seat on the court. Our kitty and how you are curious how you became for awhile. The movie theme guy. Yeah a little lead analyst at this series a lucky break actually. A net. John Peters when he was where I would Barbara Streisand on star is born and he brought me into look at cash equity. And I wrote a couple songs that and then. One of my good friend sixteen pictured wrote the screenplay to footloose. And so as a favorite dean I wrote a couple of songs for that. And then. With Dayton with the danger zone and top gun that was just a lucky lucky to have this guy on the street recording playing with a voice to the volleyball scene and the that they had lined up to sing English town was Mickey Thomas in the starship. And that the lawyers should really that deal so all the sudden I got a call from Georgia murders not just telling me that. He needed singer like in two days as he had done this on into the movie and that you're never singer. So. Because I happen to be down the street I secured. And Kmart and and saying you know helped finish strong and and saying dangers two days later. I think I had read the day and offered it to like Dario speed Wagner and and and towed oh. And so and so you really warrant and then starship bodies have been so you really weren't the first choice America. Apparently not. Let's get to know I was tortured fit in my opinion that's your light sensing that I noticed I was the people because I was down the block. If it. Have you have you been asked. Do that theme for the forthcoming new rule top gun film and the audience. And I think they're still trying to figure out what they're gonna do have. I put put the word out there that I am eager to try. Yeah. Will you brand new song for gore or new years you know read would you redo he's he's gonna wrap it Kenny Wallace and I can you wrap like Toronto that's can you wrap a little danger zone. That download it on all my cute kid can't. I would you where what would you do it would you would you or would you dual meet him. Well you know I just to give us triumph doing it may be as a duet that. Do you have. What would you wanna do that with it was swift or some of these. Ever write seven times. And you know who I would let you do which issued a citation. And yeah now that's all of the. Yeah I. That's a no brainer and are able yeah have you met Dave Grohl and the. No well yeah it briefly take me out of stretching. It's human WS I was sleeping on the floor. Well I think what you Brandon Flowers that you did the same thing they're doing now that she's scheduled to not to mention act Patton and secure undermine. SP duets Kenny I am and have the pleasure of seeing mr. Michael McDonald twice this week appear locally. Obviously you guys co wrote what a fool believes he'd done a tunnel work together on what initially made you want to work with Michael. I heard Michael for the first time on the did the British record live and on the top line. Had not and I immediately said that that's a great voice that's going to be important to him. I'd love to write with a and so I put the word out there that said I was trying to find him to write them. Connect I heard through the grapevine that he was looking to right with me so we. We got together in the first thing we were together this wonderful believe. That's the first thing why now are. You think I know you guys did. The show back in June Hollywood Bowl orchestra with Christopher Cross another yacht vacation you got do you did you ever see yourself touring with Michael ever again. I'd love that actually had to you know just. A matter of timing and you know planning ahead for that yet we could we occasionally do it and doesn't H around the country I'll all of them. The Hollywood Bowl thing went really well plus we had done Hollywood (%expletive) entity behind it so. That was a really special show I looked at it like a series of children Michael and symphony. Do you like Dick Armey got rocked Jeremy or do you find that offensive. No I doesn't bother me at all you had notes it's actually. You know now that now that what we're doing as that term. There's a whole. John. You know of music out there that. In young audiences to be discovering so I think that's part of why the Hollywood Bowl game did so well. Because no. There's an audience that. It seems as a moment in time that would if we really unique thing we were just in the following the bread crumbs of what feels good that. But it really was. An interest in kind music anywhere but it sort of jazz thing. Net pop and you know much what I did so let me know my work with David posture and legendary record court oriented and of course Bob James who went on to create foreplay which is one of the biggest challenge flexible time. Do you only yachts to me. I tuna don't yet know I don't like it deposition that was. About a private jets the F. No no credit Janet I don't know policy UN United Airlines it's. Jenny and how that rolls your friends via your friends have the shots in your friends have the planes and that's why you don't have to. Hey I'm Tammy Kenny login and friend's lives on sound stage coming out on October 24 via bmg. And your headline Internet 39 engagement Wynn Las Vegas. I think at some points in your going to be doctors right. Yeah no I did hit an OK I was that you like playing the casinos. It was great yeah great audience it's good times have changed it. The whole Vegas thing is it is totally legitimate game. It has been doing l.'s dream to have you on shaky so much it was a pleasure to speak with you any she's going to be sitting in here on should be sending you a dead animal shortly notes. Yeah and Patrick and I and Kenny thanks thanks. 00 expletive they'd be an easier. By that I scare him or did obviously Iran ruining them.