In Case You Missed It - Ken Casey

Friday, December 15th

Ken Casey of the Dropkick Murphy's joins the show at Boch Maserati for the Toys for Tots drive!


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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark are always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I love this guy I've got ten Casey of the dropped into whispering in my years that the band is already at rehearsals led now by. Ernie you know Ernie Ernie told me that kept by like we have around Basra trend continues. Dropped the birthday. Because he just he just got it from Montreal. I think. Or Montreal I was Montreal. Was great we have. You know. They somehow in the promoting boxing yes I've music in. One of fighters fighting on HBO tomorrow and I. And that WBO. In the national title last Michael Sullivan from my own awesome. He's a real character and yet few inches by India. A massive thing for him so really tune in say indeed yes you know and then of course we also have the show tomorrow night down a plane or fire yeah. Dropped it where if he's doing and holiday Christmas body four foundation a lot of fun and also far. Gurneys music drives us and we'll be we'll be playing Christmas songs yeah should be interest in what's your favorite Christmas time. That is is at that it's the same as Mike Shuster Christmas nah I'm on thinkable with doing vs favorites. Would do it Christmas Day policeman like them don't plan is yet again it yeah. We had done Darlene love on the show them that yes yes yes and I mean she's really really really sounds as definitely slightly different take on prescription but you know. Dad it's a twist that happened actually Tuesday. So we have that 66 and in. Food. We'll give it away you know tied to us. Given away a lot of prizes route we get the bingo machines hooked on comes in gets the ball and they get a prize trips the bag as we uncles that should you know huge you know at the bingo machine here. Okay that's you know you're taking again. He really nice event and I and so going into a minute later. Awesome awesome is the show everyone down and Evans Austin also right when that's over we have. Mock Deluca. US marine. He's nineteen you know as a professional. Clinton for the IBA world title at plane or fire hot sausage and it's the world's two biggest opportunities that we've had America's boxing happening at the same time one in Montreal and I hit a. And yet I know it's like should chain. And Arctic. It's in. Someone else LB you know remind you get with the program Kenny always pretends he's bore Pontiac and calm and you know how that alerts and in and in that space surge in Florida as in the in the musician or does that current Saudi it's true. What other plans set first Saint Patrick's Day. In connection there he's so well thought Donna Aldana where she eats at the first day it's unbelievable. You can 47 Saint Patrick's Day shows you know that. Well you know so I said to a man who's though is that what seven than they tasted sometimes. Less is more yeah because it does get like. When you're on the same stains seven days in her own it's that's the deal like Groundhog Day you know we have. Some amazing loyal fancy C in the same faces down front yeah I. Play in the same song till we changed a lot again if we're playing. 56 nights in Boston. Out of a 27 songs that 1920 and only different every night you know. But you of those seven that you played every night you look at the curtain the crowd than my god this is the seventh time dispersants as fast. We're very fortunate you know. Who have had such. Long streak of people. Every year ago when it again and not show up anymore what they keep. He'd come up good economic. They have a lot of it's very it's great LBE 64 to get it's I don't think yeah at this level and I'll be asked to 64 tickets. He's he'll be in the region right. I. And he doesn't sound a bit of is like. This is all noticed. Somebody some artists use to leave a pair of tickets for somebody. Some really like a pair of tickets to Marilyn Monroe were simply not enough on their tickets for Larry Bird everything we've Wayne Indianapolis you don't believe their tickets on against listen in Nazi or hasn't shown as a John out one person that Ricky Bobby you know afterwards Oscars dad yeah. And erase that thought never showed up. Did an interview I want to say either this past year or the year before. Either a musician or someone that talked about that yes I can't who wasn't external now so I can't go to when it might have been me if you look at me in this o'clock o'clock. Our home I'm home I'm not a size guy can come on the show any time you lots lingered you're always welcome now you're gonna perform a song this morning. No sorry you're not lets its. I said you're gonna be hurt your guy you knew you guys have a great Christmas alone there was some and we'll let you. Am. Like we just got back into the bands currently rehearsing now though me you know Golan and meet them and I don't I'm not a soul always does not understand you don't do a cappella song well you know actually in an interview in India. One time and the lady at the end said. So things Hasan says we need an influence from. So I'm I'm actually twisted knee in the singing and active wells on line and piano never happen. That never gonna have a name yet. Actually it may we will play you guys have a great great Christmas Sunday we'll play it threatens upon us yet and I got it back out of the act you know probably won't play at the right I am I'm good this is our last show of the year and and we haven't played enough Christmas music so. Would play it since since you won't hear it live but maybe next how about next Christmas we played a live close to commit right now I'm committing right now our final show the actual when we went after you get back lets you want not wanna do it where I want to do here next it next year I wanna do here at this thing in Seattle but I wanna on an area. On hold and to hold me and him actually earning this Ernie write this down there. Can we other we have a commitment. And then so the tour so you've got ticket tickets still available for tomorrow night. We just released that the blocks and shall vote and we just released. Thirty tickets that we will hold them for family and people like LB you don't commit the whole economic figure out there it's there for tonight thirty tickets left for tonight. And just and then you guy's head off on a tour. We go to Europe in January. And ice for a month and come back into the US still evident in Boston and now. And mark we just got back from South America that was great travel a lot because. Televised record than most yeah. That's really true is that you have the bands really have to make their money from touring now right yeah it's funny how much it switched you know in the seventies you do a tool. You know. Not that we around in the seventies but that you do a tool just as promotion for an album and now the album's real promotion for told the tour now and it's completely changed that we are ahead of the curve in terms of like how's the sales hold up just in the sense that the people pretty oil at you know final coming back is amazing that. That's helped offset well lack of sales I think. I think that first week sales of last now album a third of them all by which a sizable lead early. I think nowadays if someone wants. To hold the real thing in hand they want the final don't want to see you write your CD player might well what about cassettes candidacy and then there's those people in my in my variety. Whether it's it's gonna. If you don't get the mines and Ali if you don't have the live performance I hate to break it off odd. Actually she wants another yeah all of the descendants of the assets and business effort member cassette singles as we lead the host I first demos if that hand drive and terrible about myself and I am horrible oddest. And next Christmas I'd bring it next Christmas. While big l.s been upset all morning because AOL messenger is all done made that last night was a last night they shut it down and how much to ask age sex location. For a candidate and it. And I have to ask at ten Casey's our guests got to camera crews did Kenny out of replies I. I have to ask. If you have seen Bruce on Broadway yet. I have not you haven't have plans you have plans plan they plan is that next week. Not next week okay I'm going next we're okay. But you. What do you heard I know you'll feel much do you actually expect it and she added and wrap my hip again. Back I know why you'll. I'll put an award for you. I'm not that. May get on the and it's. Maybe you don't president just take grosans. I mean wants all the movies Elliott thanks David did you grow you know anything about the showed you heard about I have heard about it the way. I'm all like. It's mind blowing them Nancy everybody is gonna go I can't believe you think Bruce. Weinstein integrated Iron Man I mean and and you have. Kenny says this every time he's on the guy is I mean is there a better artists in your in your minds in your minds on balance it's unbelievable that he can bring you right wing. Whack job like you were feeling sorry I'm not I'm not having those days you don't you know I need to listen. Is. I've heard too much about the show actually an enemy got I don't wish it didn't because now I know a lot of article on him enough people to us that bush doesn't belong in death. So you immunity so would you put Bruce side by each with a Elvis. Is it right there is crazy you're crazy Elvis prayer. Colosio I don't see him of course some with Elvis in terms of this groundbreaking stuff yeah I mean Bada. I I just love to figuring get a I've never seen him get excited like this for anyone else. It's very it's very sad things they senate. And you can just put request and for me to go backstage and trying to let anybody out of but it I'm all right well. It's great to see you you. All of that all books Michael solvency is dvi HBO Saturday night. Mark the Lucas Oil will be streaming on draft pick Murphy's FaceBook alive world title fight right here. Leonard's lack Ernie big sponsor of the event as well thank you and it's going to be a great night man can be very night going to be good Christmas body and it's going to be. Better fights all right good and then. A home with the family for the holiday not going nowhere you know gone nowhere and now it's quiet time and asking from from Saturday night through New Year's I will not. The out of my pajamas. I've been asking. I've been asking everybody. We started with a governor asking what their favorite Christmas film was in the governor chose. A Christmas story Taylor brown chose Scrooge. What's your what's your favorite Christmas film starred it is that that was my eight year old has that on repeat insisted there. They drag and let them now. Watched most of with the via good. Well a lot of applause for getting Casey had any. I definitely still not picked Murphy's. We'll Christmas song here on the Hill Man Morning Show. It's our annual Toys for Tots live broadcast here at pocket monster Roddy.