Thursday, December 15th

Joe LaChance from the Northeastern Institute of Cannabis calls in to talk about the end of Marijuana prohabition in Massachusetts today!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. We are lucky enough to have Joseph Ole chants on he has from the northeastern institute of candidates I'm I thought he might be able to answer. Of the questions that many of you have had this morning hey Joseph how aria. Well our I enjoyed a are doing great I you're you're doing great that's a big day here in this there. Our man would eatery and gratitude. Ground. It's grab it's the fifth on the right it's an all out warming. Now listen we make it clear to people that this is the lobbying past. Does not mean that you can do as a walking to work today and and a spark up. OK I cannot you. Can't about and now you cannot smoke in public however there are a lot of people. Who are looking at this as a business opportunity in and and dark day I think our own Mike Hsu is taking glass. Over there with your guys. Let you guys offer the opportunity for for people to learn and that The Who maybe even. Make some money in this. Yeah absolutely we're the first vocational school for the Canada's industry out here in the northeast. And yet we teach people how to grow and sell weed legally. And when it comes to the growing what does it what really Danielle is really into this all my life insurance program design extraction cultivation 1 through 3 am I'm like. Amy does a lot of ads that it's a fascinating and it. Is it all right. What are you end up would like what are people need to now does it collected. The best way to grow its soil all the stuff. We teach you all the different techniques you could use so we give me your options I mean that many different ways to grow larger now than we showed you tiger products which are your soil we showed you Coco arched we should be all the different ways you can grow it high you can set your growth remarked there's different ways of lighting. Our nutrients she need she used that thing you might run into as far as his whole dorm fights different trouble problems you might have during your growth. We show you all the different options. On what you could do depending on your space hub how much space you have. You know it just depends on what strange you wanna grow. So we really give you reach each year to the many different ways are archer grow and and you choose what works best for New York. Unique situation. Dejudder grow commercial. Yeah I was gonna sell commercial and business BO there's going to be a ton a jobs right in the future absolutely harvesting. You know absolutely right other minority job opening up with the medical industry imagine how many more. Are going to open up now with recreation. Are so yes they're going to be jobs open people can grow and our all and now. We teach you to not only how to do it for yourself. But how to do it on an industrial or commercial level like working it now how he would serve Canada's. To the public in a dispensary situation. Now what do being would be irony if those workers were drug tested there have been. I got myself filling prophecy what are your cats. Drug. You have to yeah. Enough to where it happened at the fifth and the drug testing in order to get the yeah pumpkins I'm of the no earlier there was a. Question about seeds is it legal to buy seeds here in Massachusetts. No not yet not possibly when the dispensaries open you may be able to what I. What he's so what do you do if you are growing you have to buy from elsewhere and and have them shipped yours and and that's what that's Google rank. Now out. All right well it's very very famous thing I don't worse temper for a lot of people you'll be able to see it. You'll be able to see the excitement but a lot of people a lot of and you. Yeah packets out but a lot of people are very excited today. And it's the north eastern institute candidates might she was here I'm a quick question that Kerry brought up yesterday so you can grow marijuana at home now or does can she asked if you could grow it outside like in your garden now. No you can grow it outside its long is it is covered you can't shouldn't only from the air. So how do you know really covered very well out to be very well protected and you can be able to be on the air. Now interesting and there's a note for the Amherst police who who. Dropped in some tactical units on my grandmother growing out there last month I think it's just from the air is yeah yeah usually you don't wait. Now and wait a little bit. And I ate well and junior pick and your institute of com check it felt like you didn't check out well and I don't believe yes and will be over there tonight on easy isn't Stalin's. I Dina about a record. You've got to. You know retain some information marijuana is not good for retaining an unfamiliar personally anyway. You know I want to remember what I learned there been wrecked and at the student or whatever they do outdoors and are out there right now on your business. And I thanks man. Are a great guy thought he I ask this kid OK man.