In Case You Missed It - Jimmy O Yang

Tuesday, March 13th

Comedian and actor Jimmy O Yang will be at Laugh Boston on April 6th. He is also on the Hillman show this morning talking about his time spent in Boston on the set of the movie Patriots Day, what it’s like to be an Asian American and the upcoming season of Silicon Valley.


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Our next guests has written a book which is called. How to American. And Jimmy old gang is our guest on the Framingham Ford studio line this morning owed Jimmy. Again very excited rock the exact spot I want my favorite city. Oh yes we got patriots stayed out my first time there and I spent the month staying at the Mandarin on all of the 2008. Is it as well to grade that you know out of the two marathon movies. It was it was it was close in my mind I really I don't know besides stronger did you see the other Khamenei chance. I think in my contract never watch. But that this is pretty good to meet like got experts are Kevin Bacon and that was fantastic in that movie. May head and that whole we kind of live did so the whole. Watertown. FBI thing the follow up was extremely interesting and did you. Now you played the guy. That was carjacked. Anyway. Did you meet him and like interact with him before playing him. Yeah it was great he was so open about it and down yet seen me on an episode two broke girls which is literally in my first job in Hollywood. So I guess he was a fan and he turned out to be like the nicest guy ever and that I'd love them every other day he stolen in Cambridge. Yeah and that peaked yet and act like he's an app makers it's an apple and shouted at our Russian runner at the delivery like the best Chinese food boxes. And that is so we kind of hit it off with I basically play a version of him on sort. O'Malley. And that was great yes that's yes that's. It was I mean that must have been just days crystal ball. You know it is for him to get out of that car and run away like that it must have been terrified but it didn't give them credit rabbit nuts. Yet again the turnout to be eaten Chinese immigrant which I am too and I'm very proud of and issue with the Chinese immigrant that turned out. To beat someone of American hero like elected really the rest of those guys. And you know the what the plant running out of the car I think those two bombers were trying to go to Manhattan. And do their next on. Yeah yeah now speaking of being an immigrants. I recently heard you say that you have finally achieved. The holy Grail of Asia. Of Asian actors acted you that you could you tell us what that is. So arm and the upcoming Melissa McCarthy movie I played her daughter's boyfriend. Affect now that doesn't sound like a huge deal may be but what an Asian bill gets to play a white goes boyfriend. The holy Grail of Hollywood or Asian. I know. I mean listen. There and then I you know have been some legendary Asian actors when it comes to the film here in the United States. If you think about it like like Jet Li never really can I mean he cigar Romeo must die. Tom but Jackie Chan without a quality guy never really got to grow like got because loosely in the area white girl in real life that was nice. I Jimmie well. What about the guy that was in the hangover movies. Job he's one of my best brands. He he's session its upcoming movie with me out called crazy originations. He's a wonderful man and down it merits a very nice Asian woman named Tran and they're like my family. But. I don't know if he ever got the girl animal. It now. You in the in the book you talk about that not only did talk about your experiences. As an immigrant buddies you you talk about. Some of the things. Comedy lies the of experience. As an immigrant and and one of those ends up being racists. Hecklers which is that still is that still a thing you have to deal with the. I think it depends on which they've ever again happening in the south outside of San Diego which happened at the very. Course that's out apparently. And like there was audience member Jacqueline. Like they were screaming out and the words to this comedian was white. Like what is going on and I have to go onstage Dominique I can. The first thing a lot of what state that you just have to attracted you know and I I call them. You know a bunch of I'm like hey what's up you racist mother you know. And I can I got their attention and the rest my that was fine. It takes. And I make it BJ play everybody is Kung Fu fighting and it's. Kind of out of that race and that. There FEMA. So you when you first came here you see you've looked to be sees rap city. For a cultural guidance of weavers came Altidore and language yes I was. Yeah who were the artists that you look to most suit to guy all bark and leader that okay yeah. You know on six go what my guy with a song song. And Pickett had a satellite what have ours came here from all call went out thirteen. I'd I'd I'd learn English some paperback couldn't really understand it's playing I didn't know like what site. Meant you know good and what's up I looked up and this guy is coach teach you that in the school books in Hong Kong. You know so I learn all the slain Islam BT wraps idiot like comic view right. And I didn't even know what Paula I know what Kris Pippen man alert on that. On there and like comic view a soap soap on because that Beck gave me some reference to light. American culture also has its armada stereotypes I even know black people white people. It different thanks. It is and I'll call all we have the Chinese people there. You can you know that you you had no idea that there was such a thing is beer pong. Because it out right in you you talked about how in China it's been pioneers like the national sport. That clicked and it saw the pink clutch and so like Tom Brady basically. And down yeah I. I grew up playing competitively at a giant. Like I was in leaks. Elect is under our electric on leaks like you know I think that's like great like I would compete I almost another like top or something about your site week. I'd like to short of that what apple. Is that Jamie you've got to play probably you'll week. It. Just like club basically they have club in palm like we have club soccer over here for kids. Exactly yeah major player around the table two guys on one side one guy and the other and after rotator on the table over and over and over. All of that's really intense yeah yeah you have done that now great to build. And. Well. Jimmy's book is called how to America and and you see you say that it's really an immigrants guide to disappointing your parents because. They wanted you to be in finance and you're an actor. And your comedian so are you disappointed them right at the. I've very much I think they're still very disappointed. But that's still periodically semi in Muslim career builder dot com all of us and let Jimmy you know real people tired. And the you're next in is life of the party is at the next thing that we will see you in other than Silicon Valley. Yes social rally comes back on in two weeks I'm very excited about it this time and down. Yet like the party come out in May on Mother's Day that's the Melissa McCarthy will be wiped plain white girl's boyfriend though that the monumental movie all of us. But let it's Arnold several techsters wanted to point out that Don also mentally grow faster Dow slid sixty handles all in Apple's app that's gone I. That. At that position eighty history and now. That. I lessons brigade having on CBOE Yang and good luck with everything and hope that someday your parents approval what you done. Now hopefully I'll also I'll be a lot Boston doesn't stand up April 6 it's. Got him there aren't Yakima April 6 that left Boston. I looked it up and get an upcoming studio when he community April would love to see hopefully this will be dominant. But at the time and thank you you know woodwork. Yeah.