In Case You Missed It - Jason Butler Harner

Friday, August 11th

We've been talking about the new Netflix show Ozark for the last couple of weeks and today we're joined by Jason Butler Harner, who plays Roy Petty on the show!


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Well documented. She cleared cows and you know Monica. Art. Outlets is I think Jason is ready to go so we've been talking a lot about ozark which is on Netflix. And Jason Bateman is fantastic and amazing Danielle loves him. He plays financial planner I wanted and I wanted. I am worried about people or halfway through our. But anyway. Plays financial planner and he gets into some trouble and his family goes to the Coast Guard says to a resort and in the in the yields are is that a good enough itself art. And give anything away in. The FBI agents on the show named Roy paddy is played by. Jason. Butler Carner. And I want to thank him for being in on this morning in and and say he Ari I think. I think he is rate here. Hey thanks well I guess I often tell you that people. Get outrageously violent if we issue any spoilers on the shows on gonna have to conduct this interview careful manner right. We looked conducted very carefully and you'll not talk about how viewers may keep my naked but. Really I think would Netflix is people can be and any spot. It in in in ozark right now they can be two episodes and they can be ten episodes in and done but. It's this is a very difficult one not to be in. And guiding you say that people get mad if you tell them and stuff meanwhile Mike Stanley is still like let you know nothing close to lose. You kind. Before we ask about the show in the character I did wanna mention in doing some research on you. And he spends. A lot of your formative years and in Alexandria Virginia where where I just was last week for the first time ever. What a Y. Yeah what I was doing and I was I was doing business in Washington DC and so I stayed at the Alexandria and. Nice I grew up all over. I was born a senior organized group all over Northern Virginia and my high school years I was the TC titan of human and we remember the titans titans. And yes to all of that Alexandria was a big part of rights went to high school. It's a beautiful that downtown areas the adult and lovely yeah that's right went from my run in the afternoon endowments are now that our business is like you know he just started running. So pregnancies and how on the view I'm fifty I'm letting him practice a companies quit and out like yoga and swimming practically. So ambulances ECU to write it on my direction and they went through Wikipedia didn't lie I can't I lived in Richmond three years and I think. I think a big resurgent idea that you hadn't planned. Well. College. And I ended up going to be Q&A getting a really great education and the nights and yet and vocal and and move to New York City residents like twenty years. How often when you're talking with fans how often is the show compared to breaking bad. You know alive which is fine I'll take care if it is so much content now. And Ike odd I'm glad it's compared to bring up that we're bloodlines it's a little bit itself I think the color palette in this subject matter. So I'll take get I mean both of those shows are so great it could be worse wary of him and yeah it wouldn't Wear it. Well I think it's a lot of it has to do all witted. Similarities between. Walter wide and Marty Barrett in the fact you have regular guys I mean Jason Bateman plays that character so well. Is that. He's you know he's not that he's not a criminal he's like you know he's that he's a Family Guy who gets caught up essentially. Yeah I mean the thing I love about this I love Jason. So much we met doing a film called the family saying that he directed in a pretty young Chris Walken and just really really really hit he is a great guy. And what I love about this series and that certainly what I love. About wood Jason. Not only as an active adult who has you know that they had a question here is everyone's. He's he's injured and everyone. Being. Flawed you know every single character even Mike Garrick that if things about him obviously he's a little crazy. But there are these other redeeming factors we like well this is what they're busy with their damages and went there are struggling with so Witten with him and with Marty bird. He's laundering money that tend to not be a good idea yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. He's also. You know he's concerned I think there are areas we did things that are ethnically correct fillets if there is to grab bag of decision making every episode of how he can talk himself. Out of that are state assembly you know I really love that about the so I love all the other so this that this was looking at it again and seeing what made him what made it out. And that I love also episode to put these surprises in you know like there's this scene I'm not gonna I. I had an excellent he's. Cut the chase and stuff like in the pilot didn't let the pilot. But the bodies slammed to the ground so it's like okay we're not gonna that would gonna cut to the chase on this one and the head of the second. Episode is that whenever you when. They had a fight in the car and boys like people have affairs Marty. Do you see these little moments with Egypt or when she. Revealed to the kids early on. You know that your father's your father's laundering money for drug cartel I love the way this story telling can change. Quickly and just say because it shows that breaking bad and other ones. Well let alone every law and order that we all watch what we're accustomed to certain kind of storytelling. This show because it's on Netflix and with these people think they can just say we're gonna turn that would have tossed the table now and just. When I couldn't think anymore time on the screen dancing around that the kid not knowing the kids are gonna know there's going to be completely complicit. Certainly by the end of the at this did this series and it really complicit. And we're gonna get out of them is gonna survive. Well and you know and when the certainly is not as insufferable as Skyler white who now I yes I react I can't stand Skyler. Or his wife amber and that's I love while they just were like early on in the series they just. Up until the kids does the kids are Smart a Smart kid or figure it out and I like that Ali okay this is that you know this is what we're doing your your Smart enough and you don't know him like he said if he seems like much like Dell also excellent is a wanna waste a lot of time the character anyway yeah. Yeah also this type of when I was they'll let me down. Jason just barely. Have such an incredibly grateful saw sparks sparks part in my heart for him. He didn't he let me learn a little bit for the last episode he used directing which by the way. He's expected to last two episodes I think they're just in. Credible the music choices. They have different episode he used that Radiohead on all the way through that incredible reveal which is not TGI by the way. The evidence that one is the helicopter shot in the Ozarks yeah that is 100% real. And the way he kind of with that music that was incredible but yeah I sat there and watch some episodes within. And I was like I cannot believe I know I'm part of this so much and it's not objective but. I cannot believe how much happens in one hour of television or an hour and fifteen for the last episode I am happily. What happens in one single out. What's Jason Bateman like as a director in LA I know CD is you know he's executive producer Brees directed some episodes and but what does he do what does he do to bring stuff out here. You know what the best thing about him I mean he's just that we know this from his comedy he's just. That some of the economy that guy and he could draw the fanatic he kept him so much language intact effortlessly. And like a look away I flick will tell you everything get the last not to collapse he was just incredible so. What I love about him when he's directing me because I'm very different than petty is and he was an ongoing evolution while we were rehearsing her eminent domain. You know he'll find anything at the beginning he just helps you. Remind you. How little you have to do yet and also to simplify and I mean he's an honest on that since he was like eight years old he directed its first. Television thing that I forget that they young ace ticket can AJ and C. She knows every single person's. Job and what his whole period this whole belief system which he believed to have Merrill and he may happen. Is that we are all making this thing together. He and. They're more fun we can have while we're doing it and the best communication the more good it's going to be because GOP state. While watching that makes sense typical it's gone. Metaphor that I believe in disliked the way I'm not really interested in this direction effort there. Hot make DS it's always that out the side sat that you know that line cook at the about the bar back to The Bus Boys the it's really fun is that expects them this stinks from the head you know he's talking to places where there's the real jerk who's running at you aren't jobs docs and. This is the end skepticism that job it was just add. Jason Butler ours our guests to please Roy paddy. And then Netflix series ozark at the did you. How often did you get to go shoot it in the Ozarks is that. I don't know that I don't know if the tourism board is gonna appreciate those at the way there yeah they are portrayed heavier have you heard from angry. Ozark he ends who are not. I mean I used his body I had been and I was on one of those and had to deal with something I had to call phone. Place you know what whom banquet like every place you call. Now it's that patented an expected high by in the columns like god to I've gotten to this guy he had an accent. I was talking to him thinking like I'm getting at Virginia and north Carolinians. And they go and in the goes dark and then I was like oh boy is gonna go my calendar from his I was just being. The live literally would have Renee and I he he's like you watched the entire show. You loved it he said he really let me like it's over and watch the whole thing had been watched it. Like whoa. And you do that you know I just what it today. Not all people in the Ozarks are like the people. The air. And I know I'm sure I let's hope that its second season is just some good people of the team of commerce were doing good things and then we'll discovered the end that there. I don't know what there's prosecute hole you know changeup in the basement that we didn't know about it. I think the setting is important to the plot though like for instance when Wendy. You know can only get. Country and religious radio and TV show or it's this big city guy going and then there's plenty of locals but it's. These little. I job he's divorced over first so many things just because he played a radio man you guys do you need to get. You need to get some of that with either like he's divorced over there. Yeah yeah I love that seem to recede in the car frustrated and then and you know it epitomized in the media. The Munich tree in the commodity that we get a seven my dad lives in Delaware and ethicists. That stretch from Philadelphia the republic beach it's just like. It's a lot of religious and occasions it's drives me crazy. The Netflix. Has really changed it as an actor has has really changed things I mean it's so. You know people use that weather was episodic television or read people had to wait and find out was I mean now you get people who. Art are binging stuff and our and our through within and can watch it any time I mean has it changed if you as an actor. Yeah it definitely has because and you know. Obviously it takes 78. Months to film those ten episodes of television. And where if an incredible group of people meticulously keeping an eye on large even storytelling let alone minutia of you know look at what did mark and chuck is beard growing and as the as the series goes they it is yeah. People who are watching now are more astute because there's so much more contact and we're looking for clues because. Writing gets better and better so it does make it your very conscious while you're making it as an actor the people are gonna watch it back to back. So. Whatever that like. Grace period from when I was a kid anyway if a week break in between. To have to remember what happened last week or whatever. You know that somebody just go on to the next one and didn't even watch that and credit configure very conscious about. He note starts and stops basically like how things left off dramatically and it's and didn't make it fun. So that you can even get facilities for standing it make it on because. If I mean especially diamond. A beginning her there and things like that and it seemed now Iannetta needing thing that happens in the bar with a television yes. You're you're very conscious about. One last week come from different characters and so energetically. Yeah he becomes you'd just think about it a little bit more for the next time you're seeing. Onscreen that that makes sense to become the new tool in your box in a storytelling just because you're conscious that it's pressure and it could be pressure in the audience's mind. Not non ozark related question before you go because you're on ray Donovan did you did you watch that season premiere. I didn't watch it after I get killed in jobs have been buried his stock markets. Yeah. At least dead. Com on our. I and I didn't if yeah I mean I got an island affiliate spoiler and wanna room right can you imagine the series begins in that way this year amid. That you mean like episode 201 of house of cards and their right by Kidman. All eyes should. It's because it it is that Lehman bought in France in Maynard and downs founder's latest news from college. In group in your cup milk now grounded when they and I love them what do they do. What that what what would it look they did I I happen to own brewery be the leader. And yet. Don't listen my friend Dave enjoyed it also is how that struck by lightning last week and burned down and it's dead now they've got they got their dog out back that they haven't been they have a group there amid enjoyed that I think it would give you feel like you know like America on a bluegrass. Music not necessary when everyone injured and you're State's commitment to but they're really great idea. I didn't benefit. Right under the green monster and I brought them further comment about six or company can they put it Romeo and Romeo and Juliet back in the commons in twenty years ago and then that we didn't benefit and I got in the come sing with me. Underneath. Agreement and it was like the most to me denied that we've ever had in Boston is incredible. Sauce come if you come visit them in Maynard. Tom buy a beer at the at the library. I wanted to I would take you up on that and he let autumn can no. Couldn't collection you've made dare you brewery yeah. While it's it's amazing television it's you can't stop watching. I curse Netflix for the countdown noted that the quick count down at the end of the episode launches or amendments continued Telus opinion can you tell us is about a season to yes please give us -- I blew it I'm. All I can tell you is that due writers that are in the room right now there's teams in. Gene can finishing shooting arrested development and that. They haven't officially said. So you never know with Netflix you know yeah it's not official but I'm really hopeful because they're responsive and so great it is definitely second season and I don't know anything it's coming on and I'm so. I'm so excited and nervous but hopeful because this is also one of those those were every character of the bullseye on their. Please god do not I don't Kilroy Teddy yeah. Yeah I get. Jason hey listen thanks a lot and low we'll talk again maybe third maybe for next season I'd love it thanks guys so much Orton and I really appreciated right now. But it. The text or wants to know if it was inappropriate to ask if if.