In Case You Missed It - Hot Rods with Ernie Boch Jr.

Tuesday, August 21st

Our old friend Ernie Boch Jr. calls into the program to talk about the new James Bond car, the best bang for your buck when it comes to sports cars and the sexiest new rides on the market.

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Can't send or I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Ernie Boch junior is available on the ISDN lines from the box states. And ready to give us some information Ernie good morning. Ernie here I mean yes. I know it's very found out I'm more about Lama an alarm as little more I know something about Al packaged or Pannemon miniature version of the Lama went second. So I thought you had an an Al pocket and I don't know have Lama. A lot of you know like a big alpaca right. Right now and feeding image is an issue I ever. Place on the vineyard and in a lot of people during the days hang out of the fence and I have scientists say please don't feed them out. What does the mom eats. The hay in the eyes actually like. Lama food that you can buy kinda like term. Like Lima child like organic Lama food yet and is now in the thing about alpaca llamas which is interesting is when they prove. They've proven once fought. Until it's so big that they have to start another wants to be giants circles. Of whoop him and eventually you know goes in the grass but it kills aggressive first. So it's it's interesting because guys crop circles. Now did you get back. Ernie Al packets that. Like Guam as they don't make is all packed as you can indeed they shave them and make clothing right like swell guy you dig it. You are some parts of the world. Alarm oral palca jacket could be twenty grant I mean it's crazy are. Now speaking of money we were talking earlier I don't know if you're listening about the James Bond car yes. You could. The iTunes app from right there are now I can't believe they're going to do it I mean you know and and and I don't know I'm the gonna get away with pity safety standards that they have to put in because those cars work. Absolutely. Gorgeous but not the safest vehicles. Plus three and a half. Million yeah now benefit what you can to get out on the road it's not it's not road ready okay all right well that makes sense because you know those cars would not. Past today's standards would you get one of those. Hurt now I'm I'm I'm you know I just can't keep spending three million dollars from the car again I just don't know what's. What is the most what's the most you've ever spent car. Under a million under. How many of those yeah yeah another instance in today's world there they are actually good investment. Rather there are people are making millions of dollars on these vehicles it's crazy well do you go to the do you go to the auction casino. You out of Barrett Jackson yeah I agree here in meek in in good team in yeah I go to a lot of those auctions. I would assume though that did pass the Marten is gonna have. A giant waiting list for these 25 feet high and at at three million plus and people have to report it's crazy yeah. You know that stand bills variance from. I like an alligator in some other big yeah yeah and you're watching the fight it out over I don't enjoy it I'm sure you've told people befall him on mr. Graham I yes happy she's showing the payment he's when it comes like he's he's already won it I mean he's really incredible. He is one life. Monday that. So I guess so that's what you would not you know we don't need it don't it is Packers or long or lovers they'd be you know you you don't know something that you think is no problem. What we have a donkey in my father used to feet and necco wafers. Well Ottawa eventually killed. Now in it but yeah you never know where our you know fortunately the necco wafers didn't hurt you you never know. What have been tax that would like to know if it would have been an animal crackers effective date fed animal crackers would that have been cannibalism. Opportunity until the end I think what a long time twenty to thirty years. Really big problem Ernie attacks or wants to know if you investigated. Buying that Aerosmith. Toward van and I decide that while I was shocked on the first offer that he made. I was I mean I think it was 22 grand was the first offer it wasn't American pickers that was it at that there was twelve on this 220 and the fingers. Was literally in half you know in India and India so decrepit iPod 22 reasons stand up offer yeah. I am what are the end of the you know and ended up selling for I think 22 now. And if you know we're talking about the animal crackers and stolen. Packers llamas or whatever. Sugar kills your. The animals what are your dogs are people. You know such ish it's not just. Shock courts it's it's sugar it's I don't give your darned and apple don't. Don't feed your animals the proper food because. It's gonna and appeal. Through Ernie eight techsters lines are talking about cars. Eight text or wants to know if you'll get the new Tesla Roadster and 20/20. I would be addressed in that vehicle which has mufti is saying something that no other manufacturer. On the planet. Have fed war has gone Ferrari Lamborghini portion nobody he would claiming. This vehicle will do easier to think he and under. Too second that's not there are a lot of vehicle there's not a vehicle that you provide the lead but god the everything is nothing. That is under two seconds right now on him you can spend 510 million dollar the Ferrari you can't do nothing. He claims that he would do that any also said. You can drive it into a cave and rescue a Taiwanese. Her girls are Thailand I I soccer team. Let's just quickly grew to speak at a car in his just a definitive the best bang for the buck on the market today. For sports car the best bang for the buck who support that yes you absolutely. Terry. Through what the new Corvette offers right now you would have to spend half a million bucks on a Ferrari. I'm what do they go for Ernie there's there's still under a hundred grand right. Now I think they're bigger and bigger there in the made you know buck fifty bucks for carry but still compared to the other cars you can do the same thing the Corvette and the best bang for the where you stand on mosque getting in trouble for tweeting that he wanted to go pride. I've begun to I don't think that's plumber all but I think with ma is that he is you know he's like and frankly he's a guy like that is born once every hundred years you've got to stand behind America. I'm just afraid he's getting into legal hot water and that's what's going to show up so he do you really believe so you're saying that he is like a once in a 100 years absolutely genius at school or like I'm trying to hit the Brent Franklin of today. Now he seems I don't know if you read that the it was a New York Times piece of premium today where. He talks about how we can't sleep they announced that deep do you feel like he's kind of cracking up a little bit yes or yes but I mean. You look at what he's doing space act human half. I think genius that is amazing. This yet this text their use said this but it's under two they're saying that that roads that are. Is zero to sixty and one point nine one point 9 and I am that'll suck it back this year's C nobody has ever done that. That's that's that some days now what else Scalia and anger and well you know I think the weather's a common down here we'll get ready for winter I know it's still you know beautiful summer but I'd I'd prepare ahead I think I'm I'm excited about it via. Now what do you mean like years stocking up on rations are I don't know I don't know I think that I'm done with summer I think it's over what his next case yeah. I hang up and next page next page and I. My son and shut your mouth and now a thing. I don't laugh the suburbs or go till till November around my house on the main after the Q and I'm excited winter burn it on its Delano oh really. Absolutely. Let's see Ernie your thoughts on these sky line. GT are from the text or an analyst that's a Nissan you know very nice very very nice the old ones the BB BB ones from the from the eighties I assume he's talking I guess incredible incredible vehicle worth crazy minor those things. If I had guessed it probably. Seven gray and brand new and now they're well over a hundred. We should electric car talk thing whether people people and I know we should do we should do little thing. Where we invite from listeners down to my garage. Again national law. Yes out of the ball are yet soul of the vehicles hang yes I mean that these if it's a really pools base while we do and what do we do that which we do that to the lakers were doing during the show our average of doing it you know I got it after and and you like of like food and some yeah I you know and I gotta say they'd you know of course I'm Melissa RP one they used to call people like me they still they can still do. We should do something for the great hills foundation which does incredible. Incredible things. Instantly. That was also the foundation like that where all of a sudden something happens in both. Don what the car what is your car. Barnes thing going to be done February OK okay and I'll bet that's him on the level two different things. Yeah that's old inventory and while it. I called downer yeah that's here is better it's a line yeah. Knowledgeable yeah let's do some like that area who know aren't aren't really doing as well that would that would that would be awesome and really excited. Very gracious and and can I bring my corolla I affluent overall I would pursue yes it. A people are texting and about their own cars now they're like how do you feel about the 97 Ford Fiesta. Hey I love for my news. I was fortunate enough to. To get a GT. And GT a real role. Fortunate enough now what's how many of those that they do 250. Worldwide. That over and over about over about a three to four year production and how much are those days they haven't quite priced in yet. Like you order their own price of spot. The ones that have been coming out Jay Leno has on and that Russia where they got in trouble for telling there selling his. But there about you know depending on how you or him 67. Now really when 67 large. Yeah. 60700. You know they're going right now if you can find them on the market there and they're asking two million form. Do you miles and fell to two million you know we should do is. We won we should we should try to get. Try to get light. To bring his new tank. Yeah after the event to did you hear him talking about the tank. Yeah he's he's insane he hunts turkeys on my brother in laws property. Yes he hands dirty hit and he looks like he's going into Vietnam when he got back from an experience you guys see the pictures of tennis in the Turkey no Turkey's. What do I think yeah. They've got their views Chideya giant and he appeared his relatives who literally. A you know I I I used to only feeding them. Will people texting and about this event like this person is like. I would murder LB in the street right now for the chance to go to earnings garage and for great deals foundation are like is that yes yes. Let's do it but please set this up I am a female car enthusiast and I. I'm a female car enthusiasts and I'd be it would be a dream to see earnings Kara you know. All all girl garage great guys great show on velocity or. All Gorham garage three girls they kill him. Helen. Something I'll. And and further from the car fans out there I'm doing a bill with we can big picture right. He's I went out their offer we filmed the first we filmed the first part if it takes about two to three years to do carver Yahoo! gonna do it I. They think it's going to be on on the seventh season with what is this thing where I'm a he's re doing in 1972. Pentair. What's that today that was a that was or. Car that was available to Lincoln Mercury dealers. In the seventies and early eighties it was an Italian body with a domestic and and how does the show work what you going to Europe part of like the build of the car and yeah what happens is she's a very he's very sought after builders so when I first talked to. Like 9 in the morning it was a five year wait. By 4 o'clock in the afternoon. He fetch of the car. Very Arafat so oh good god now you really really good guy there's so many great shows on terrier. I bits and those guys are a bit Gerrard spared they're dangerous and just in. But we're the real deal ever they are out there winning awards in and you know immigrant there they are billed to go for hundreds and hundreds of thousands of all the only you know. Good guy good are at or let's make this event happens and I'm glad you checked in I'm sorry I miss identified you as South Africa expert when your along the alpaca expert is your friend in my friend. Pat badger from extreme skins got a whole apocryphal yeah. You know knee deep in a and now irony.