In Case You Missed It - Gretchen Carlson

Wednesday, October 18th

Gretchen Carlson formerly of Fox News and now author of the new book Be Fierce, joins the show to discuss her book as well as the Harvey Weinstein situation and all the reports of sexual misconduct in and around the world of entertainment!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com joining us now on line. The Framingham Ford's studio line it is Gretchen Carlson who has written a book called be fierce and with a title like that I'm nervous are you going to be fierce during this interview Gretchen. Well I'm gonna be it's friendly as possible because I'm feeling great this morning and he fears is not a negative at all. But we want our kids to be growing up we want them to go for the American dream and give it their all and. Be feared is about standing up and beaten up or any injustice that you might take in your life and having a voice so it's actually. Incredibly positive message. It's so interest thing went in light of Harvey Weinstein and in light of your experience. That the network that you worked war. That. If women continue. To face sexual harassment. In the work place in and I think it's interesting when it comes to entertainment. Especially. Because. You can attest to the fact that often times. You have these wild lead powerful people who deliver an awful lot of money to their company year to their network. And it's it's very difficult for women to say something. Well that is so true I mean look at the line think situation which actually believe the tipping point after I jumped up my class at fox fifteen months ago about myself. On the excruciating checked to make professionally and take immense courage and I. It's awful late in the prolific and important as these as these revelations about Weinstein a. So proud of those women protecting the bravery and courage to come forward. About the way it is not just to go about Hollywood and TV industry as when night and I like story breakthrough came from thousands of women around the country. It could everywhere I can get it. Waitresses that the teachers that is accountants lawyers members from military is everywhere. And and the problem is those stories the one that's getting any attention. And that was one reason I wanted to write in fierce was to honor all of these women who'd like to have never been hurt and now our next generation. I have two children I don't know if you guys have kids I'm lucky enough to have Q and I want to change for them. And look where we are this is a watershed moment men and women are standing up and saying we're not taking this car. You. You lose some of the women that you heard from. Is said to use that people told them that that they're overreacting. Or that there whining is is that a problem when it comes to us. Yeah I mean as a culture we decided to keep that topic Kapalua to protect the graphics. It's unbelievable said that it especially like you know I think if they knew about the thirty years there's no way. That he could've been acting alone with lawyers and lift. Representative and assistant at center and that they didn't know what was going on. So what that they are cultures that we protect those kind of people and not the victims. And trust me they're way more victims and the car her actors I've heard from all of them and I responded every single one of them. Because I wanted to let them know that they were not alone if the issue that we need to really decide the culture that we are going to take on it and change. And that starts early on and that's the whole chapter about parenting we actually affect its equally especially if I'm actually more importantly. We have to teach and I respect their sisters and their girls at school and when they get to college. With look what happened there factual opus college of rampant at this epidemic. Do we need to really get to our kids early on and EDU two lead and and that helped but in this fight and I really feel that and so heartwarming the last couple days it's easy developing their own hash tags to. Of support. And that can lead is really important part of the equation. Question with regard to sharing your story and you know I'm Greg detention sentence people sailed stop complaining yourself blank. Would you say there's a certain percentage of time that when you talk about these incidents you're met with a certain skepticism like people. Follow up and say well what was the scenario or try to be little your experience. Yes because women are still troublemakers and the B word and. You know not to be believed automatically oh they're just doing it for fame and money is the same one who did that particular with this summer. She had more fame and money than anyone could ever imagine and she decided to come forward and testify in her groping Kate and I am so glad she did it was an amazing message. Millennial that she was gonna put up the fact crap can happen is that. And so she really started to defy the stereotypes. And as they die in pain. Let's turn the ball Monica around let's honor the women who come forward. And shame the people who are sexually harassing them and act what's happening now. A lot of people who have done that two women in the work place where shattering in the Blu-ray now. Because they're they can holding you know lack. These women are starting to speak up and they put their names and faces strict and and I truly believe. That this is going to change and all the work I've been doing for fifteen months putting together these fears as a book. It's coming to fruition and I couldn't. Gretchen I want to ask about and the Weinstein case about Asia are Gentile. Who was from what she describes sexually assaulted. By allegedly by Harvey Weinstein but then afterwards. Had a relationship with him. For a couple years to me that I don't know what the it seemed dot I can't understand how that can happen after somebody sexually assaults you. But at the same time doesn't that send mixed signals. It does appalled by what I have seen it in almost every story as somebody who becomes. A victim. It's a matter the power pendulum. And you know. For example people interact you know right going into cards and notes to their employer to educate hoping. That the situation going to change and psychologically. You can get really. Get really involved in the decrepit way. I'm all about power though I wanna make sure I'm clear about that. Sexual harassment and give us that they usually. It's about power and the power pendulum is never equal in these situations. Trying to written underneath electric on capital all right let's take this secrecy this is that's how we believe that how the pendulum out of whack. The people don't now. We kind of settlement which is the way most of these cases are resolved you can never talk about the people out. And nobody ever talked about what. And the other which result if you go to something called forced arbitration which is prevalent now in employment contract that's how we're solving it. Instead of going to court he gets what it secret. So we'll formally got cultured thinking we've come so far could we never hear about these cases but the recently never hearing about these cases is it their all and secrecy. And so I am doing incredible work on Capitol Hill with a bipartisan effort. To the ability to action to hate the secrecy out of this. And I'm really optimistic I'm ticket both sides comment I have been asking a lot of needy and wouldn't it be great to have a built for women. Because both Republicans and Democrats he female voters. And would it be great kick out of the shadows of secrecy went wrong. Will we see you back on TV Gretchen. Yeah I hope so actually I'm working a big huge project with an iconic Hollywood producer right now the content sprain. Exactly what it'd have been have to run for politics. And that's not in the kite for me right now but who knows you except this time it got so much going on in the book. Pierce has really been a labor of love over the last years. But I want to make in the past twenty years of experience and I have a lot offers so I plan to be working again. While book is called be feeders and and I am sure that it took a little bit occurred derided and and to go through what you've gone through so. Thank you for joining us on the show. All right Gretchen Carlson. Who was at fox and I believe has settled there has settled their team and has written apple which is called the fears.