In Case You Missed It - Gina Gershon

Tuesday, June 27th

Actress Gina Gershon returns to the Hill-Man Morning Show to discuss her upcoming film with Nicholas Cage "Inconcieveable." Let's hope there won't be any more F-bombs this time around, too!

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Check founded the church of LB kid Jeanne Edgar John is joining us right now here on the Hill Man Morning Show hello Gina. The you're welcome back we were just does. Yeah welcome back I promise he I don't know if you remember or not you were here awhile ago when you swore at us and that will not happen today I promise we we're. I'm tired of everything I do. I remember that. You gave there was yet hey you better it felt. It was the it was the F bomb and it was a it was it we were suitably suitably remorseful we were just talking about cocktail and Tom Cruise. And kind of the fact that he's an amazing actor but just a tad bit weird I don't know if you still stay in touch with camera. I think what I like whenever I see him the nicest guy has always been nice to me I've always thought it was a sweetheart. And he's a really good actor I it's always been very popular ICM. It's like him. Do you TE NT doesn't Scientology's thing does debt have you seen going clear does that bother you a dollar to air Ullah. To each his own kind of person. And let's severity each is not the sort of person. You know like it would ever get it to you today if that makes you feel. More connected persons and it. It helps you through life and you know let it bet your life people so let people live. As they want to live. My life it's my body let me do a lot like it is now. How are you this new movie is is a psychological thriller and I was I was wondering if you have. A favorite film of all time in that specific genre. Part of psychological thriller. I would say hi Rosemary baby. Let me hanging. Ooh yeah yeah. Maybe that shining. And even the act is that Clinton that I know that's where. Or earned more get a victory psychological. Is that it gives it to slip under that category as well for me. In this film aren't you you. You get to work when Nicolas Cage again it's called inconceivable by the way in the cast is great because. A Faye Dunaway is in town. It's it it's pretty amazing cast for this film. Yes and Mickey Leland and I didn't know really these forests and practice his trip second set and it's great to be with you know I have to work with Nicklaus and stay up. That was. Really incredible. You you play this woman who develops a friendship with a this weird lady and you end up offering her the job. The the nanny for UN Nicolas Cage and then of course immediately she's out of the pool swimming nude in all this stuff. One. And then he's starting there. Really hot out that. This I don't know a little weird lady and I hired her to be even nanny in the lives that. I'm playing a woman who got an advocate doctor out on college if I want to go back to work he has a daughter that get along with my daughter. And I need a surrogate. Mother and it just and it actually. Issued. He got the one thing acting out of my character is a little too trusting initially probably should have got a little deeper before they. You know I mean she needed someone and they're she was and able to big mistake looking need. People that. A lot of people a lot of guys are listening and in their same themselves mine Niemi never swims news why does this always happen in movies. The living room. Look in the middle of the night. All of those years. And you know I kind of felt like I can't there was never looked like why would you really hire this super hot. Nanny and I think if you're confident woman popped out yourself to think that you look at the moment they get I really like I want to be around it's not like. If they get ticket there insecurity they don't want the super hot girl walking around that. I don't I felt like and is inflation the professional woman she's a Smart one then you know. And oncologists say that they so I at this base hit a great relationship would and I didn't. It and it turns out that wasn't the problem now coming particularly advocate away. As Mickey anyway so you like Mickey she I mean she's an absolute smoke show fees that gorgeous. I so it's all. Old fleet and it's so great I really adore her I think she's really acting people be really surprised by how this girl. She's she's the kind of factors that Bill Clinton would like. OK I don't know all yeah hello. That's why is Laura may I thought Larry chewed on it seems she's not gonna swear I mean this time no way please LA. Expect our. Here is such a high is such a great. Great great sport and yes I do remember that though do you remember that was crazy that was I was like asking random question in the Bob sort of line. I. You try to forget being on this show this excuse of a show. So. This film what made you decide you want to do this movie. As I'm sure you're you're asked to do a lot of different rules what made you decide to do this 1 June. You know I'd really great friend of mine clearly seeing growth there and tap it might relate as well at some point. And year ago and it took a couple years to make but she showed it to me and I loved it and I was just thrilled when she colleges like that it actually getting native and tightly to do it so. I I I just taking I thought it was time Lee I'd never really done. Yeah I always with a big fan and I am that rocks the cradle that you and I just if this kind of this could be something like that. I think I hate the way lets any. Trying to eat these ours which site not look good for them. I thought the I thought Scientologist that shown up to drag your legs. Got out of the do you are you surprised that show girls became such a cult classic. And I mean I think insisting that. Something so girl's Blake came out. You know at the press all across Kabul style without the board just slip by what is this movie blah blah blah I may you know really lambasted it and then. You know twenty years later people still are asking about it all the time the same people who put it down so obsessed with them. Still my guy I've ever did Danielle loves loves it. She loves what one of those movies you can watch over and over and over again yeah. People love it if people don't get day goes by that I don't CP someone in there like oh my god I love that Salman. I'm glad people without so into that and it still seems to hold that it's been party game is enough that they showed about it. Now it's said that it now have a part of the. I I'd while the new movie is called inconceivable. And Gina Gershon on I am so delighted that we had you on again and you're certainly welcome to join us on this program any time. Thank you so let it take care just as soon. I'd recognize. It hate it and as soon learn who were were here yes words were being right there she is the. Lovely Gina Gershon on and knows no response it's given you're both very well law and she was very Wheldon for 2000. That she's being held hostage by the Scientology's. As I tell you sent a kitten kitten actually selling this eventually but I don't know it is off. Some. All ye nine in the nose sir I'd say all right well we got to go. It's 958. And you get over an hour. Carries show next without any commercials just music. Back to back to back to back the back music and no commercials as the WA AF.