In Case You Missed It - Ernie Boch Jr & Miss Boch-kini 2017

Tuesday, March 21st

The Benefactor of the Morning Show, Ernie Boch Jr joins the show to talk about the upcoming Miss Boch-ini Contest and how to attentd. Simply follow and tweet at Ernie and tell him why you should go!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Tee generous benefactor for this program for many many years are now Ernie Boch junior while bad guy that. Hey hey good morning. And at. Tonight under great tried to 11 comment on the previous conversation you had about it. Jane Fonda appliance. Yes it is at this sex toy yes yeah I'd this is what I feel despite. You know living in the world than being a single guy is that there's him there's an underground movement of women. That are. Purposefully. Not using that device because of their hand in theory. Yes what they do is there. You know they do they have business and and when they when they. When there with someone that. Isn't that they can't achieve satisfaction can this show used to doing it their way without applying high. You don't wanna put a work in earnings on all its not like you could be that you could be spectacular but they have this certain way they want it with this certain thing you UV into an underground movement impounded or you're paying. That they have decided for themselves so that they're not disappointed. Or dependent that they're not gonna use that particular. Item anymore write a business dependency not disappoint Paula I don't know women allowed the extent who does that make remain anonymous letter. Is that true is is. Is the sex toy going. He in the in the future is it going to be virtually nonexistent. Because I Amanda. It doesn't. Are you might have orgasms I don't know always being around but they come to a point that they just depend on it too much they're addicted. And television I didn't predict if you put in the time to mimic vaccines and fascinating well I think in six older age you know really how to please you all. Only the easier way than a spectacular partner you still can't achieve not it's interestingly. Enough for a firm. Number wind it's different. If you put the effort there and frank when she does at her wearing bright. And then you do it your way it's a completely who you guys you you guys solid guys that don't care to think when they have and when women reach. Expectation. That it feels exactly the sand it's different. It can be different in different ways. The Albert kinsey of our show Ernie Boch yeah. I could correct based on these text messages are yes you like I've found in just being in the world yeah like this says I completely agree finally texted by use that a lot. It's harder to achieve pleasure win my husband. So home. Here emails. And and news needlessly. And yet I don't reiterate Ernie is singing. Occasional yeah. Yeah Alexandria. Six. Nine are 978. Text yes apostrophe I am a woman and I agree whole heartedly. Now here's another woman who says you can take. All of my toys. But he'll have to prod. The shower head. From my cold dead and three. Yeah and says. The reliable Shire ads right. One more thing one more thing out so fond being in the world that the that. Shaving from the eyebrows do our own guess is changing rapidly place it's it's not happening or if it's changing rapidly doubtful shaving completely shaved from eyebrows down. Is changing and they're not doing it anymore I think there's there's a movement out there to bring back then the natural look and. Yeah from the very interest in this secret printing Kaymer Ernie says movement I was it's an ally in I did I think this is interesting because that means he's out there and he's experiencing. I'm hey we are getting closer and closer to this year's miss martini pageant April camp yes now. The miss bikini pageant. Is an officially sanctioned. Pageant I I don't know who is sanctioned it but I think it's the organization is in the Philippines right and now Daniel by the last. And we what we do every year is its very exclusive we invite a bunch of view compare gurneys. Beautiful mansion his pool house and we have a party there. All morning line with great booted dated Ernie as a chef cooking breakfast for everybody here from C about motto all of the guys this guy's amazing out of Mansfield Peter from Cuba ma Ciba model democracy Beaumont C Beaumont Tebow and and then we know she don't. Yeah I couldn't call on courts. He goes on attendant. And there's me there's a movement to make it seem the companies selling. So. And then of course the highlight of the event is is the pageant and we try to. Put the crown on line and miss bock Keeney. Every year and sell a week now are we able it did to give passes away yet or what yes. We can we came we can start right now OPEC will be a couple ways beginning. Did it people we gave it be able to come to it through WA AF. Involved so be able to come Stewart. My Twitter at Ernie Boch junior. So we ginger would you like me to have those two wanna look at and you want me to have them to start to start cleaning you are out follow me and sweetly Oka and tell me why you want a com and I'll pick a bunch of people. After the broadcast that can the bar opens yes and it's a brunch from ten to two. Ice on notice you're putting an end time now that he's at a time lag people outlaw a few years not not people it's it's LB. I think let's just be honest I tell my way out of it it's an endless flow of tequila and let's just the other way around the Atlantic. I mean people or Ernie and his family were falling asleep and LB was still there though is the 7 PM at night and LB is the last guy at the par actually LB actually helped me to clear the room only did good by carding. Now. They contestants. Thousand dollars to the first. First place 500 to the second place 302 the third. And by its 1000 some of your martial twin please yeah Ernie right now well will bull I will tell you as we get in fact probably at the end of this week I'll announce the details. On how. You have to you can and there to be ms. buck Kimi and to hold that ground for a whole entire year unless there's some kind of well actually to dazzle. Well there's no scandal because this is like anything goes bikini contest. It did not scandal they get that makes you Lucia I couldn't imagine her doing anything met with the crowd exactly. There's no it is now listen. I have I have a suggestion for this event that I haven't had a chance to bring up with the U yet are kind and it it did the problem with that I probably should have told you. I probably should but this W before I'd bring up in the air because it's in my cost a little bit of money but it's not it's not gonna cost a fortune. Are what are the do you wanted to bring this up all yeah what is it well. I was thinking because she has been in the news. And because she needs our support. That we should bring that we should bring. A a celebrity judge in for the contest Carey and that celebrity judge. Should be Carly gel RBS Ekene but Reese stuff. Who would come in pays these worthy event you can't do it we would have we will have to the only thing is you have to fly here and from can Washington where bikini buries the art yes LB what is that Washington's. Davis and I'll watch me and I'll go to donate the first two or fifty dollars to a place like OL when we get the listeners who if I'm asked our listeners are listeners will blood drop their earnings are Stephanopoulos is still for the winners list in the bikini bar Kimi accident rate read on my bank. Can't help yourself and can I tell you right from Washington to Boston and Boston to Washington yeah that's all right I'll know what he'll do it I'll go get off thank god I. Failure outdoors and in love it we can't forget that. Steel panther is playing in the event yes yes it's still pit and and aren't is there going to be a special guest with them that that we're working on a special guest with steel parent there's so this is going to be. Probably the best one yet well in sometime this plan in Boston right now they're playing. That day. Excellent I'm so. On the house of Booth other I am going to reach right out the Carly gel because we've been trying to find an event together at. And there's. I don't know if you listen the show yesterday or not but there's a city councilor. Out in can Washington. Who's trying to shut down her bikini breweries that shop. Does he thinks it's offensive. And so I think this is just just the thing that she needs. NS this'll put a smile on her face and we'll get her to be IRS celebrity judge you're a genius bar they can open up pot shops on every corner because they can't rain wrapped up. Moves right he's not he's not trying to closes strip joints so I have not trying to and delay here prostitution. There's just throw some young later it's like an entrepreneur that's doing very very well first saw you why he asked to squash it. Well this is probably going to be the best one yet it's April 10 our annual miss bikini pageant. Fifth annual bikini pageant is is that the fifteen dollars their annual that was cool this fall made. Tweet me tell me why you wanna be there out Ernie Boch junior will pick a bunch of people just you know please behave you know the whole deal. On everybody will be everybody will be I'd believe I guess on their best Axl irony argue thank him and I write there's Ernie Boch junior.