In Case You Missed It - Erik Estrada

Monday, December 11th

Erik Estrada who's best known for his role of Ponch on CHiPs and this year's host of the Hollywood Christmas Parade, joins the show and Danielle tells him about a childhood fantasy she used to have involving Mr Estrada!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Right now we are joined by Erica Estrada who does not know. That dean L it is gonna share her odd fantasies of the nursing him to tell Eric that morning. That's what it did. Oreo Danielle good morning. So when Danielle was a young girl. And you were on chips. And you're on chips she had this weird. Fantasy that you got hurt and then she wouldn't or shoot back to health was which I think shows a motherly inspect the problem. As that well I I lived in order actor with McGinley yeah and I am I was O for five years old. And I I would pretend that punch on to a motorcycle accident I took my pill in my blank Ian stuffed animal and I pretended it was Eric Estrada and then I was nursing him back to health like I was his wife for his companion. Very interest me I. And at 80. Since that in. They say we go out power because in 1980. I give them an act the way and that's an intensive care. Debate where bunch of old line. Cracked my too much out about twelve where. Am Margaret well my again so I guess the blue. I. Wish that got licked it true. That mud in the first case of the human Jensen action mutiny and at some point he. A there. Erica and you are your hosting the 86 annual Hollywood Christmas parade we age it is airing this weekend on the CW and and that you now you done this before cracked. This is the ninth year that would go to orbit can say. And we've been host to get there on the boulevard. In this year are grand Marshal got. That with all due load she'll well. Then go. Attacks they're Texan wants to know how you feel about George Lopez talking about you when your stand up that's a compliment right. Well I do every. It's no it hits in his stand up he says that the detective says the Lopez gives you that talks a little bit about witness stand. Eight trashes me you know you tell me. You win. The census form yeah artists yeah that was not just this I don't citizens do timer I don't think he was on chips. We now know the truth. It is I'm now good chips that at that that. Is is what you're is people mentioned to you most when they meet you is it chips. Oh yeah of course. You wanted to wage at forty years. We just celebrate them well I didn't celebrate if you work. Let. They had a fortieth here really in celebration. And that. There are forty years and a lot of the officers who first responders. All grew up watching the show it allowed them in this area net there's this in the field because. He implored them atom bombs young kids. Also the show is our native in the classroom in and you know deal that ends at times slot. As everybody is down just Cilic of mom and dad grandma out on top mark just everybody in that is insufficient. So patiently there like a hole I think it is warm Fuzzy feeling they don't offer ever really know why. It's because of that how. Yeah now. My favorite believed by my favorite episode was when you arrested the out of control rock star Lee Gary yes. And there have been enough to remember that one and yeah. Yeah I think that always call battled them and I'm not sure yes yes you're right it has that I get to sing and out on yeah. Side note I think one of them. Yes I believe you sang and Daniel fantasize that you tripped over the microphone cord and she had to come on stage and there's yet. Nurse you back now yeah. It. Now do you get invited to get Eric Estrada is our guest finally punch of course is a bit chips and other things. I do you get you must get invited to conventions and things like do you do those you go to those like TV conventions and Stafford now. Yeah I do like this from the comic con I got one coming up in Miami. Well. In January. I don't feel those two and now I haven't been any mosque and hated you know us. There. Oh yeah I've been about him on camera. On a passenger he. And order raid near Eddie. Real. A text there is just alerting us that you sang celebration. On that on that's. Nazis that's. They did say it say it. Because every time they would give you know they're writers group where. Larry said. Now he's ready to so large sources saying. And then you beside now wanna do it I love bill. And so they still Kagan at lunch. I'm in the mall and learn something real quick. As it is not in the station being out. That load and that they do and then go to warned their situation where I didn't. I mean at the Disco dancing that was pretty hard for me that there was one Shell Oil or Larry. Or third. You know ozone western back at square and you know all of us. And they say hello Larry doesn't wanna do this so you can watch a little bit. About an hour. I got tears adapters and pay now 781 text or wants me ask if you ever hooked up with Charles on the set of the Love Boat. Not all the help without doubt no doubt well I should you can disrupt. One goal and that. It's now been. I don't know why did so with show. In great. Well we're we're worrying grace. It comes and you know story. Right now I've been to LV has been agrees that I don't know that and our thousands got on the interview today it was Yost that it is going to violence. Yeah since instruments. Well on. I'm. Well. And it live. I never got outside in about Greece and musical drama the. Better and he. The and the Bill Clinton the all right. Well it's an it is the 86 annual Hollywood Christmas parade. And it is airing on Friday on the CW and Erica Estrada is your co host for the for the tenth year of the ninth here in. Has been a delight to have you on this morning and should anything happen Danielle is ready to give your mouth to mouth resuscitation are there the. Doesn't this get to every and they get their approval in my hand. Then. There are Eric sites and thank you Raman there is Aaron Pastrana that this is Angel hello Angel. The Golan was up unlike the bloggers say I must say loved examined out the fortnight in Chicago in the late eighties. I thought she put them in golf. And he's the fire a model for me when he used to come during the great season. These and you let me in my book it right and as comparable to operate. Really though that's me yeah and that's amazing. That is that's that's amazing all right.