In Case You Missed It - Elizabeth Warren Joins The #MeToo Movement

Monday, October 23rd

In light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the #MeToo movement that followed, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren weighed in to reveal that she too had been the victim of sexual harrasment in the past. A heated debate ensues between Danielle, LB and the listeners!


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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. So in light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal the meat to movement has been very active on social media we talked about this last week where women are sharing. They're stories of sexual assault and harassment. Whether be in the workplace soared just out in the world. On and Meet the Press actually asked every female member of the senate in 21 of them if they would share stories and four of them decided to one of film. Was our senior senator. Recently yeah. I think she tells it tale about when she first got started in politics and her career. And there was a senior faculty member who. Now we'll tell dirty jokes and make comments about my parents and when they ask me if I would stop by his office which I had that much about and I did. And he slammed the tour and lunged for me. So did the head cartoonist he's chasing me around the desk trying to get a chance on me and I kept saying. He wanted to ask you could you don't want students have little children at home pleased to genius. And trying to talk calmly. At the same time what was flickering through my brain is. If he gets hold of me. I'm puncher in the face. Yeah yeah. It was like a bad cartoon that. Back I was over stimulated swelling obviously but there was a little attention into. Why she didn't name him and now she's that it she told her best friend about it at the time but that was the only person that knows. I you know you don't want to get into it though you wanna make you think that he wanted to share. Like you can't you can't lie. YI. You sexually assaulted a not to say the name of the guy that did that she's coming out. How many years after. Why would you not name the guy. And shame the guy is there apparently a million different reasons why you why you wouldn't wanna do that won't know do you visit dramatic sometimes people don't wanna relive it sometimes people just wanna say hey you know what. It happens and I've been through it and they don't want get into a holding thing about it. That's why people don't report rape. That happens you know I knew not to get too serious but that's what I'm learning a judge somebody they like why didn't you call the police or why didn't you do this or why originally that great group as a whole lot to. Have been somebody or chasing around an office. Trying to do after you and she's now enters its 50s60s. Key Lime Wire notre why wouldn't she naming Darren to shame a guy. If you're gonna rumored that rounding. That's not what it's not easy just to me like he was the guy he Dickey that everybody's gonna question things and it's an eternal hole well no I'm questioning her. Yeah on labor. Now I don't know is why I would because why would she so do you not believe anyone ever says they've been sexually assaulted who doesn't wanna named there I mean name the person who. Is it to life is it bad for me answer the question. Asked I'm I'm answering your question Denny's is it is it bad for me to question. And if someone and why care Gwyneth Paltrow. Was chased around by Harvey Weinstein. Twenty. Eight years ago if she's gonna come out now. And say Harvey Weinstein. Sexually assaulted Mir tried to sexually assault me. Why well that would be naming an I don't know Brit Brit Brit the so let me ask you she said it so why wouldn't Elizabeth Warren name. The person. The women that are coming out are naming Harvey Weinstein. I would hate speech that woods guy what we're named guys and then Lyndon that the link to me. It's enough. Fights said to you yes I've been sexually assaulted before. And I didn't name the guy would you then not believe me just based on the fact that anyone name the guy it would be questionable yes really yes. Dude do you think it's possible in the case of Elizabeth Warren that. That you could be. The she could be an opportunist then right he could. They can be an opportunist and I didn't really believe our elected officials. Would arm RS says that there you don't think the you apologized. Politicians would pick their spots all our senators and congressmen. Here's a 50 wait taxes says LB year not a woman so stop no you can't I can't I listened. I get. If it if it's something serious is read and listen I looked art I'd I would never ever. Hip to be rate to be wrong all that I don't like a bumper sticker. And yeah me at a hearing is don't be listen. Listen if you truly care a book all your fellow women. Okay you need you need you need to come forward you need to name your boss or institution console. And not I don't think. If you are now we know you know I don't know Euro or Euro Lon your fellow women and. I understand. It's the hardest thing on the planet and people are gonna judge you what do you want it to stop. You have to start shaming and naming and putting people in jail tell that to the people who have tried to do that unsuccessfully. News is Jim hello Jim. I've got a call BS on their lighter weight because there is not a chance anybody's actually resolve the old. But for what. Well yeah I think I think that's a really offensive thing to say. And that he might be surprised that I would say that but I think that the wildly offensive things that. Well I I'm I'm I'm calling. I don't know if I believe was reform. Nutrition in south. This is Joseph blow job. Yet chaotic guys let's Al Vieques they've got a fairly good point and I don't think Weinstein is it that. Although this guy's been accusing Rick or to do it. Under the signal that it's immediately tester guy Eritrea are accurate if it's pretty easy for girls accused of salt they. It was a hundred points he should be in jail there's going to be Weinstein is a predator when news got families start to get up in the numbers where it's like in the forties. Or not just important also when Jim is nineties. And I hate yeah I did so imagine and I understand I get the whole how hard it is and the world is judgmental. But in the. And lasts it's not just that LB it's a true enough experience. For most people. If not all to go through whether it's something as serious as rape rape. Or it something is stupid is you know. Dealing with dirty jokes in the workplace it depending and sit certain of course sometimes you want to say like not but it's a you can just sit there and say like well. You'd think if you don't come forward with this and you don't reliving you don't both known what are what are. Ported no means no contract. Why deduction why did that start why that is are blurred lines between knowing yes out I don't know with no no means no no brains op. A yacht a great eye to his junior car. Know when are you can drag me into the backseat now such a mean no means no why did you start there why why did the women's movements start direct. Because they wanna get rid of predators. Meaning it was just the way does it is their men and women are predators their female predators do. Tell me about it but they're all over me relax and everywhere I tell us about talking about Russia or Pakistan cricket crap but I. Justine I was there was a lot of smoke through their dogs eyeballing me like on the meat Albany senate race I didn't have a dog with you I quietly angry for Disney announced I'm now here I felt like the adults who goes to Chucky cheese and voters did what I was that there was stuck without a dog died Saturday. Good they are okay well it is seven and 32. Years. And the Hill Man Morning Show. And this is. That good morning neck. Good morning let's I. Very and I'm really quick there and say I gotta agree with LB comment on. Especially considering. Cool Elizabeth Warren says you know I believe Kirk women you know not only in the commonwealth but in the country I'm all for her politics but I think. She'll need to setup and so Pete sample for all women in the country in her position of power. And all the women feel console coming out naming individuals. She doesn't. I mean listen. I don't I think it's very difficult for men to weigh in on this or I should mean a statement you're right there are men who are actually absolutely. If if you haven't experienced it it's very difficult to weigh in on this topic however. I will say one thing with regard the you'd use it used to your argument yes I'm. She's a very powerful woman who does Jesse she doesn't seem to be afraid to say much. She doesn't seem to be afraid to. A caller president out to look call. The big day every single successful banker every single hedge fund guy out so I'm I'm surprised that she wouldn't mention the person I mean. That being said when the victim men mentality thing it's probably our cars our daughters to. And volleying you for not not naming a name is Wyatt makes people and it's so hard for people look who's in her. Where it it's society Italian and so I went like Elizabeth Warren's hander didn't I key you know like I've yeah. You have the opportunity she has the power to empower. She can't remove many inherent fear that might exist what's I don't love Elizabeth Warren and not to judge this whole thing ambulance flops on Monday Morning Quarterback centric varieties Carter or how Austin and I don't know like. Why he ate it in that happened. Why can't we empower women to quit predators in jail because people often ask the next what did you do are you sure you were clear Don. I know I said no that still happened. Anytime I brought it out and anybody they'll let well you sure. They sure that's really how went well what about who read don't look to help pinpoint what you ask all these questions are really gear you know I don't know I don't have what do you. Don't know I. I'm telling you. To stop I don't know. Stand up. And and and put your fists in the air and this is this is not what went down it's much easier said than simply are simply. In an idealistic moral yes. There's definitely murder. And 99%. Of them. This is court according. Good morning everybody what's going on Courtney. So I wanted to call and weigh in on the topic they gave up a warning weren't coming Al. IE. I'm torn between both young and healthy that is where I think. She should mention Lee Bakley at all that her however it out of our. And arch site that it's hurt ultimately and that's about many people who are affected by actual. I think that's I think that is true I think it's really well there's only been there we all witnessed it we've all witnesses. Someone that was rated their you're dead strategist charged or guy and the guy got away with that and yeah I can't imagine how to Maradona must be your life changing that must be but. It's it's it's it's out process in order to make it stop you. I you know I respect that you would go through that process.