In Case You Missed It - Edward James Olmos

Friday, October 20th

Edward James Olmos is appearing at Mega Super Fest in Marlborough this weekend and joins us on the show today. We hear his opinion everything going on in Hollywood right now and his take on the Weinstein scandal!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Tomorrow and Sunday in Marlboro it is the mega super threat Superman if I'm sorry shoe show mega fast. And Edward James almost will be there. Along with many other actors and and you probably know him from stand in the liver and and other great films. And he is joining us right now here on the Hill Man Morning Show I don't. Very good great pleasure to bear in the mob world of that. Looking forward to be bad. Are you guys are you actually you actually in Marlboro right now. Your own yet not yet and let why have you enjoyed any of the local flavor and gone any good restaurants and mom are anything. Not yet. And I get a bit that is so I've just kind of getting into it as we speak so I'll be. Did in my daily work out and then getting involved and looking at the same. Now. When people recognize you like if you're doing your work out at the gym and Marlboro and somebody recognizes you what is the rule you're most often recognized for. Work through them in this region right now for a certain situations probably battlestar. Yes I would but that standard deliver. You know film but school teachers very well respected and well known. That is so lenient and course slamming guys. Yeah it's we were but either way we ever we have the segments every week. Well we bring eat dog in a shelter dog it hopefully gets adopted and a couple weeks ago that dog's name was Edward teams almost. As a lot as odds on he'll. Very good at it. Attacks there a text or wants me ask you about. The blade runner 49 film we think. I like it like epic move media and really appreciate it I thought twice now since. I'd go back and it is so incredibly dense in it's. It has a lot of operations from really really sense. How was a word about it. I was I was Ryan Gosling how's it working with them. It was in a while it was very easy to work her heart was steady at the end the director for and that the boy's secret he's really get that could be captured the world really well. You know and he could play them back to back him you'd be in the same place she'd be in the same world it is. I plan on oil and product about the of course you do already this is their central having a little blade runner special my home only. I. Hey I want to ask you. You work you had made appearances and it in my opinion some of the best. Pop shows of the seventies like action crime shows you were and human appearance in coach Jack. Stars Bihac. Canon. Hawaii five below which is my dad's favorite program on mr. And police story and I believe you you made an appearance in ships also was is that right that I missed one. Yeah. Very my current you know those. Brand very. I was very fortunate in negate the opportunity. To. You know he incentive that those programs and they're very very strong at that moment in time it is suddenly had a lot. Now then was it. You know I noticed some of the roles you played reading up on him was it because they needed someone. You know Hispanic. You know that was a criminal did that bother you always say like it was a stereotype while it's things I don't know it seem like that I'm reading up made an and then. As a parent or parents yet and they're workers that are typical. At the moment than it would true during that you know they needed. Let you know in that position so that they got heroic. Without. Again playing my own culture that ever and still do play it very much as I can because those stories. This historic like. Deliver American me. In so Leno. Told me from media. Those movies would never diss me. We have to port and an adjective cute. It did not Hollywood movie and yet they've become very commercial very across. Habitable with these distributors. It's well we keep on working. You definitely look good I relive the good guys. Yeah yeah yeah. You got to get on the OC at Italian Americans. I am on Monday and then I lose weight is brought. Yeah. Who went quietly on a plea opinion is father on its rates. I totally forgot about that Pena goes back to Texas yeah and and Edward plays like he owns the family ranch. Well yeah. On the river yeah I forgot all. Aspects. I am times I Love Boat both both seasons are fantastic both. Rather very good amidst great dollar. Appreciated is that people conceptual mentioned they've got a lot of problems here and very typical. Of new of their location manager was killed violently against. Cartel. In Mexico last month it is going scouting locations in the next season. Through difficult and so I'm very English sat. BM the movie industry our guest is Edward James almost the movie industry is is in the news. Her a lot of the wrong reasons right now in I wonder you're yet as you said you've had along on career. Eat your thoughts on women in Hollywood and though in the way that they were allegedly treated by Harvey Weinstein and and and maybe others is something we've seen throughout your career. Well. You I'm sure that the goodness of the year the time of the nineteen. Twenties and 1910s and twenties and thirties from the industry and started. And of course there are reasons. You know people in it and you know people have power than anybody are you kidding I just. But every single. Situation where this year. People power sentenced her to visit and media use it and they and that not only entity. In it came to business she respects of music again and civil. For. We saw politics which and they are you so I mean it's been a pretty outgoing. Freak he. It's been rampant. In the I'm very grateful that. In that they stopped him in the that the economy stopped it and it's gonna. A lot of people to second. Is it seems like I've. I don't know him at all yeah I've been in the business for like forty something years. Our friend of mine some Frontline where I've been mainly in India independence. So in the years and years ago forty years ago. There was some. We're making independent film clip in the winter break and when we got a record Cortez and obviously can movies. And that. A friend of friend of ours so. Ended up selling movie too. And at that time as mayor backs. And it was really. Very very difficult negotiations he went through and then when he finally finish you negotiations. And they took his Selma me. Started out there and they typically at Wimbledon and they did what they want to do that it in the shelved it for a long time it was. Ugly and I never one to be around. The Weinsteins because. Did you are notorious for. League. Awards being. But you're down there was no longer felt. It was over and you couldn't do it saying about what they were gonna do it within the plant where they can promise you everything. They would they would do whatever their work to do it. It got. So the people that we're in the industry. Realized it wouldn't win over their side to work with that you're giving up your. Your product it was over and I never want to do that because it took too long to wait to see films he. Either completely agree re edited to be done or had taken away and maybe never put out on the Omnia into the market did indeed many films were shelled. And it was shipped. Very difficult people to work with so I never sort of the I didn't know that person at all. Larry it was it'll say it seems like it was really the worst kept secret in Hollywood had you heard about what Harvey Weinstein was when it was rumored to rule. Now I hadn't yet crucial he had not been around and involved with anything I don't know. If the people he was saying and now we're way to Egypt. Been in the biz so long time but he what I saw that did people that he was still in his words that they were superstars. You know young people that were becoming. Who they were going to be that they became superstars. Who is dealing with the Echelon. Of the industry wasn't due. You know what and what the lights of people like myself. Don't sell yourself short now. Yeah I guess that I get he had just didn't believe me now but denied denied it. Well that respect it sounds to me sitting. Sounds to me like it's going to be a fun weekend in Monroe tomorrow and Sunday and it's. Good luck with the work out in joy in central Massachusetts. And be on the lookout for. Edward James all almost the dog which maybe out somewhere around you that. Well I'm one of the look forward now I'm really curious. I got to play it has a lot of people that are it would be it would be it's. Extraordinary it's a good little group of people who are here. From Tom Beringer Q Corbett better person person yeah and team gracious and June. Yeah Lindsay Wagner and Lindsay black's view yes have you ever worked with Lee Majors. No I never that is very been around them. Michael Glazier going to be here and really really efficacy and rather significantly. Is that all brands in my. One of my cohorts. Niki Kline for. Battlestar Galactica. Is going to be here. So grateful that it's in the you know I gotta say it. Coming to these imbalances it's amazing I don't do very many that I gotta tell you I've never in my life been able to. Say thank you should people. You know at any length of time because you angry that airport you're at Gator you do something your movement. When you run into people on the ticket into the picture if you it and share it it would take pictures and erotica Qaeda. If you don't sit around 101520. Minutes of talk to people. You know we couldn't get it questions eat them right but he news he told me it just sitting there in the popular people that so we do. I you know people it'll say what bothered. And so there are certain certain whether or not. What I do that it appeared to really say things into the community. Especially. People come to these detentions. Is this such debate and it's been very wonderful. And great love. But I problem that. It's been great having on for a love fest this morning and and good luck to them again and low level parties in an Edward James almost. Then hit some good.