In Case You Missed It - Dr Robert Leonard, Rob Ninkovich, Sebastian Vollmer, Brian Scalabrine, Chris Gronkowski And Wes Welker

Wednesday, July 19th

Rob Ninkovich, Sebastian Vollmer, Brian Scalabrine, Chris Gronkowski, Wes Welker and Dr Robert Leonard join us in studio to talk about their big event tonight, the Leonard Hair Transplant Associates Celebrity Bartending Night at Del Friscos!

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your schedule WPA ash dust up. On everybody's you were gonna get everybody around a microphone. And on out there and everybody and tell us. What's happening. Bro hugs broke until over how hard body. Niko come on aren't so listen we're gonna I don't know how we're gonna do this. On yeah we have a lot of body. All night are we gonna like it's okay. Yeah. It's oh my god only so many people and hearing what you know you. A by the way I did mention you can't. Can't shake a stick around this country without whacking a good romp brother I mean how did they get involved at every. Thing that's happening in the world I mean this 47 of them I pulled out we get it we have to fit everybody how many FaceBook lives. 'cause honestly I may have to take pressure off again until now no I don't think you might turn out yesterday. Yeah who's certainly tell you go to that my commitment and activists get grab that microphone. While Welker and Sebastian on on this microphone on the guy's got to get close to the microphones we can hear you. And we'll have scout over there on each of your shirt off. I did I tip my show at the question of yesterday. It. Medic was seen by the ladies it was receipt for good now. A nation we L. Now Alison could not the ones from Perkins institute doctor airliner and doctor Leonard is here. Obviously. The dock is down in the ass on the little bits over the last. This is that it was a nice hello. Yeah outlined lunch outside. Sky high even embody the good everything's good and if you look fantastically busy with slimy besides the on the Celtics though. Agree or plane again India and when defy you to leave Bolivia has been in a real pretty good wouldn't it there's a house potentially don't know about how. I. Does he do anything yet as the ice cubes. Are you are you part of its. Not be part of it is our big dollars and in his it liquid water that lives that everytime I talk you always asking questions we'll always Dominique because I don't think your money grubbing former athlete that's what I know about your scale I'm not doing it for free. Chris yeah. Okay yeah I'm having a blast yes I'm not doing it for Zia is how the competition rate really I've been awful so I was accurate and I play my men's league and score like forty PPI yeah like Mercury news gains so good. Men's league ring kind. Temperature now in premium for the playoffs they have me on the roster this year I plan immensely locally yet which ones. A patent on a Life Time Fitness trailer I played and won over by Harvard you know like. Seven slobs on the team and you are now and I want to win. The guys into it and the way to new opinions or anybody else play Welker you're retired you planning I think and the AM men's league at this hour in Ohio. I've actually talked to is zoned for able bout this like dating softball league like we need to do something like that. The gathering and used member of we. We just haven't. We haven't made that point where hopefully hopefully next year but still all together and and able to do something like. Nothing like football. Did you join the coaching staff for the Houston Texans like every former England patriots. Yeah I did it's what do you what do you what do what do what's your official rule. To your question. Basically. An advisor to the guys there now yeah basically entry level of data entry. You know offensive assistant and then more from the returns. They were Sonya and Aaron slate coffee in Finland now and I mean you know is old try and mine you know deuce you're. They and I need your head this video or in Narnia movies you're walking by you know we. Yet there and it's the after running yet Izzo has adults wipes. Yes and no I think he may not make of it you know this right I was in here and you weren't here when Izzo serial. He's focused on telling everybody the have to use the adult wipes it's an evening show me like within the facility in the best place used restroom. He's the don't tell anybody else about it. And now this is where this week can only use this war and and I was actually were to borrow our mascot it's his bathroom. Really only so he uses the mascots that route because nobody doesn't like to be around eleven people and Newsom find out. Experience. Negative ways secret now we want to we won't do that. So. How's the offseason. And for you rough holds good travel around you know and drama and truthful about via. I use do you dread going back are you excited about that I wouldn't say dread is just you know it. You know I'm not that sore right now. Yes we W very soars but one party dresses like allow it. I'm going to be in pain hopefully this weather a stays where I love 95 heat and humidity gets played great apple. How do you feel when I mean obviously. The offseason was a busy one after the patriots and I think. A lot of folks would say that out of any team in the NFL. They have set themselves up that's for this upcoming season. How do you feel about that. Well you know that they definitely every year trying to make the Rosser strong as possible so. Right now it all comes back to you and and training camp and come together as a team. We just we are right now we're just gonna bunch of guys who got to come together and on. Become a good team in a map of the training camp so. You know just like every year last year as a matter this year's you know brand new start and every team. Who's got a chance to read it that's the time now you put in. On whose gonna help you through year. Has Belichick giving you a prepared answer for when they start asking about the undefeated season emptied you know what you're supposed to say I mean honestly that's stuff you really can't think about as. This table the guys with lower than in other media and everybody that you know they've been through high transfers going into the stops and just. Focus on yourself and authority can do now. Doctor Leonard again at tea I can't stop staring a pair of of these guys it's amazing and Nancy you've done amazing work. Well thank you very much stock to look precedent had been working together enough for the last four years since we definitely helping these people as well as. Every other of Joseph and Mary oh era who have problems with me here so yeah. I really appreciate these guys coming in and talking about it publicly because often it's a very private think of people but. We can help them and it's important very important fact that. If someone's losing his or her hair they should. Treated early early intervention is vastly anything in Madison via so. You know this is over thirty years now that have been doing this conduct impressive in with these war years. And we've got a good thing going and I'm blessed to have everybody involved. Now which of the restoration projects was that the most difficult and which one of these guys needed them the most well west of course I'll relax out Welker yes. He is in the paint and not in a month later he ended up leaving Boston so that was a lot of fun out there gas Steve found common back like that everybody and I really yeah great friendship and everything's really lovely. Another dog in boxing great remember the first time when a team in there I'm the editor consultation any kind of talk me through the whole deal is gonna do mean. And muse is done done tremendous work on. I mean it's okay it's obviously it's amazing I mean there's vandalism flow to it and now I know I mean I know. Growing ninety years a man desperately I. Everywhere this article everywhere is really what I'll show you later as a manager he. Yes. A lot of people take their word or take our shirts off motives and now an honor yeah this is very different procedure for the G injures yeah I mean any. Maybe I don't think it is permanent haircuts is my hair different than everyone else's. The alarm red and that's the shaft. I mean I'm talking about the texture yeah. They're what makes me ginger let it happen. I asked him to change my hair color Medea do we'll get you stealing everybody's souls that's that you guys still is the title I don't know why they figured it had I don't know why was it did you find it not nevermind the NBA part of it did did you find that that women find injures more attractive. Now the GA knows window right right as you're older want something different right problem and and and not get any kind my B day. Well down and play any idea how. Yeah yeah yeah. Let me out on the fine play at the same time I talk about it. I didn't play like yeah I I don't understand supports a support the NBA or in the and a wise not the exact same thing. They know we look like it's been a speaker cedar creek. You know what that thing is is that. Rob how he'd been in the NFL it is twelfth twelfth year. Every week you get your body completely banged up beat up to it in west how many years how many years for you in the well. How many concussions. And six diagnosed right right. You guys you know you end up at the you end up. Patriots actually diagnosed still I'd end up at the end of your career. You know he made whatever. And 910 scale now. You know. He he he he would make fifty million in the end yeah I had a back and it happen that would. I bet my. I mean yeah the guy in the NBA guys what do you think Ginobili playing at forty. That's good transition. I'm comfortable pop yo ma good one all of that comfortable on me and I was always you know we played a forty. Get the ball clear where fortieth you're not a quarter. No way. Maybe 35 yeah. On the hair topic football wise can you weigh in on what Michael Vick said yesterday about Colin cavernous there a definitely yeah are not going and I have a commission. All right what about US. Aren't acute care less where reducer but do you think that he doesn't have a job because do you think that Michael's no Michael Vick said he should shave his Afro. Do you think that he doesn't have a job because not. Either you just doesn't damage out of the isn't it. He's the man saw it's all about I mean. You know as coaches you don't really care how a guy wears his hair would be you know those officials up on Sunday some please. Arden yeah plays well unity game. You have all the tattoos here or whatever you want it doesn't matter it's all about performance. You know helping the team went yeah. Honors gala techs who wants to know how many times he's told to women that you're Michael Rappaport. Zero. I would not tell them on goal and we ought. I would never go backwards today. Drew the most integrated. What in the world innocent lives polarized owes me Cubans offering here and I haven't got multiple carrier gloomy as well as yeah. Yeah I saw bodies you're you're you're. The likely Griffin right he's a veteran back. Ballot. In their quarterback Christian C. Ohio it'll all doll I would like Brothers yeah he's got the bug me. Cornerback in the NFL the man I I can Google idea is still made 47 billion more where that he's alienated a lot is made it even hundred. What do you think I should be serious for one minute so celtics' offseason moves. Is it great that. They signed the best free agent available that would Mexican food and yet they got a C plus from Sports Illustrated that's a that's really another thing that art is you walk around counting everybody's talking your how great Jason Tatum is which. But he he's good. But no one talked about Gordon Hayward as well. I think music it most impact will player recruited guy at thousands of besides losing Bradley because I had to do to cap dropping ya mean what what else could be abducted. You'd think so you thinking changed really tests has done is he's really done a great job done and what if you have a Max contract available and you get the number one guy I knew what else could you do. Yeah I think Celtics I don't think they're gonna I don't bigger better in Cleveland. We're not going to be down by 41 in the first half yeah it is that aren't so we're closing the gap closing the LeBron isn't you know he's. Incredible and he's jerky no is you get beat out what it wants and we care about results right he delivers yet you're in your house. All right well all these guys are here because there's a big celebrity bartender events that tonight to tell Frisco is doctor Leonard has all of his all the guys who have changed or lettuce and change your life. In town tonight and know what time is that event begin this evening. We're now about 5 o'clock this evening okay Briscoe and all of that. And proceeds go to goddess of Nazareth. Wonderful organization Wednesday that helping a lot of people is that the band Nazareth ever you know not okay 'cause I bet they have a lot of Tucker's. Do you know what they're being units and Nazareth anybody. And in many Christiane love hurts anomaly about hair of the dog that's a perfect start for you play after perfect yet that will take dead ends up being so yes. All right and we have some passes to giveaway we have we have four passes giveaway. So if you liar. One game away as a four packs of people can bring their friends is a cool. But I got them all right so if you're the 25 caller right now that 617931. One AA half. And you'll win a pair of passage for Thai unity over 21 years old but you can hang out waited so gallantly Ninkovich and Sebastien and Wes Welker. And go on to what we call you'd run the country's economic. Bryant can what's. Chris come over here to tell us how your business is doing how's everything going with the U business licenses. Amazing now what do what do you guys do you like some photo things don't you tell me about right little thing. I shaker okay ticker bottle I shake my dad don't tells about how interest. On Sebastien about on the market can you graced in the steel doesn't absorb water let the plaza wants. Hold ice for over thirty hours in some degree room. You know the word about warm water warm protein reveal my utility assuming informed all day another excuse to go. Am so if I answered your back Tom and I Amazon. I'm great reviews can get a make a pitch go on compression before you go Ramon Mike. Don't just Rob Gronkowski who month broke loose. Leaf. To fight these. Explode in Wiesbaden in a month ago multiple month through on the might expect you and good. Andy's eye and that while there it's several taxes asked him. I'm gonna address what I mentioned earlier that Welker and I got into a physical fight when time and and into what do we want and I can't play good tennis it was in the it was in the car it was remember that we are down on go down and calm down and I am I want over this now grown over the Sedin and you know it was a it was a it was a fund is joking. Eyes I have my guy would glasses seek generally hit me anyway some Ellie and I and. I mean you must have autism fired back uses light or horseplay. Locker room horseplay like a snappy as well I was more suitors wants I certainly we just kind of shows and only a little softener. What we've we about I was yeah you I was surprised I thought it was just like I hollered neighborhood do real enough boy knows the would you fight. You know what actually your house right here seriously I kicked your ass it's a regular. I heard an unparalleled vision and I'll I'll. Movie drafts now filming me my shirt off access by afternoon. I cannot tell you are with. I'm not not available seat but I will any other happened. The announcement are due later died over here of those gold cans of water and really those ads are a few pounds and I have a feeling and it may notice that by the Miami as market no mentions. I mean your serves falling off your app looks like you've lost the 'cause I'll I have is to act as soon as few years so I its mountain of as a point one. I'm glad I thank you stand with that hazardous previous that I appreciate that. IE guys great to see everybody doctor Leonard Aggies don't mind having tonight at the office goes is an open public. It's gone up a inaudible the public okayed by the winners just the winners okay great. And facts that Chris and to rob and to smash you wanna give us a little German before you leave you can say anything dominant image onto it as balloon. Yeah yeah okay. Yeah that's not the ones I can't translates nicely. And not and there's a lot of able. Another subtle comedian fat. All right and the west great to see body corrected good luck in Houston. Where you guys assessed about us every year over and over again. And scalpel while all look for an on the tube. And if NBA season much OK I won't let back.