Thursday, December 15th

We welcome in MBTA Policeman Dic Donohue to talk about the premiere of the new Boston Marathon bombing movie, Patriots Day. 

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I mentioned earlier when we were talking about the premier. Patriots day Mark Wahlberg movie about the marathon bombings that our good friend former MBTA police officer Dick Donahue. Who was shot and in no Watertown was going in the film last night and it is actually on the phone right now and I'm wanna talk Dick Donahue about the movie last night how Mario. They don't know Greg good to talk Tia. Yeah you tell you know. So. Give me your thoughts if Bristol always difficult for you to go last night. Not not too much I dirty yet seen a pre screening so I knew what was. In store and to be honest you know I've lived my life that would be very already. So I think guns with that in mind it kind of keep an open minded on that might that it it was a really. Mr. gore and artists are taken into into the city. How could cut that that did you feel like you feel like that that Peter Berg the director and and Mark Wahlberg that they did a good job. A 'cause I think there was a lot of concern. Not only when it comes to a marathon survivors in and law enforcement public concern by. Lot of people in this city that they might not that might be too. To Hollywood might not capture that that period of time. Yeah a little bit had to come come to terms of with with myself that there was going to be different Hollywood is patient. You will of of the all orient and understand that you know they're gonna take some liberties in the part of you know there you know I don't apparently equally so they're they're up sedate you ought to make movies and it felt like it went in to tell a good story and and and respect. All side of the equation. Who do exist that somebody play you. Yeah yeah yeah I attacked attacked in the last night unfortunately couldn't make the they the premiere we parents the civic and audit. You know able to death this is a peculiar declining among the death. Hey who's that who's the actor who plays music. He'll be okay. And welcome back did you see a good looking Fella obviously I mean in order and can't get somebody you know he's nice but it fits into you know your steal the militias like the it what yet Paul hit them in that respect yet of what you're almost right. It must minute in my have been somewhat surreal to see a guy playing new gig you know getting shot in and out however today. They handle it must have been like gays must have been a weird experience. Yeah I think that that part the fort Gordon your finger they'll reader especially getting shot. That but the develop people. Experience and it was a kind of are sitting in a big. Auditorium watching on the on the big screen without another people's kind of put on it yet. I'd say also heard that there were some there are some tough scenes in the movie. Absolutely I don't beat you know they they kept some things pretty pretty accurate and and you talk about. You know Korean accurate in and dangerous and at all that I think that it captured at least the you know the merit book this plywood. Was pretty a pretty tough watched. Step later a a couple of super apart. Spoiler alert Dick lives obviously. The decade senior wife candy posted Sunday about how it's in Italy ambiguous whether or not you lived in the movies at true. But it is true about whether or too much they're. Right it's not that that the older analog. I'm laughing with some of the guys afterward you know they got. Off like they could see got me I'll wait. Yeah that's our principal may seek. Hit it that mentally we don't we all lived through so you know and and and obviously I survived that we have a better story itself. Yes it did did you know did you notice and an anyone. Are some of the viewers not having had a tough time. And there were depth with the people. That that they. The you know there are some extremely emotional and then and I know that there are some gaps than an infant cheer and this is gutless side of relief. A book what the the Bok center. The and the accents. How did you know don't get me spill could not yet we. Don't get me static black student who do what you think they go. Allred. Really. Here's my ears heard a return on. The senate blocked that out in the but it they say about I'd give you this trigger here that we act as. John Goodman did he do the job are you wizards wasn't too over the top. It felt that okay I'm. I. I'm. You know like that that everything as the whole I was in command level like I could tell you exactly what happened up there. And but. You know as far as are they accurate he's it's a decent about it. Well it's the film is patriots day it opens here now. And then opens around the country in January. And I I mentioned this earlier but I do you wanna thank. Mark Wahlberg and his whole team. Third choosing that Greg Hill found dish foundation as a beneficiary. When it comes to their donation. Charities. With regard to the to the profits from the Spellman and I think that's a really really cool thing nowadays yeah really and it's it's really ever gets in other a lot of people are asking all right now how much money in the gonna make on this and I believe they chose Dick you might or might not know this but I believe page shows. 22 charities to support is that right. I'm not sure how many woods to be honest I was really happy that that your charity was sick because Greg human and all team. Yeah you made an effort to to come help you might fairly have it here or French or that a lot. That'll last forever so when outside that you you'll included if there's one really could become. Great health foundation is included as. The farther the charity beneficiary for. But the campus. Don't forget the part when Procter and I came Vizio when he wandered around as it should he wanted to bring me that her strippers and it's an excellent. If I try to make it anywhere in the country. Go give blood go you know donate blood at the very morning I am my appointment coming up for double reds next week I'll make an appointment to let. It abet. How would what did you think of Mark Wahlberg is here last night. You know what I'm jealous because mine is spinning is a growing headache like I would do it today in our. I the other good. I pick Merry Christmas to you though and years lovely wife and my whole family all right. Thanks so much Gregory Christmas and does take care got. Now SuSE that is Dick Dick Donahue. MBTA police officer.