In Case You Missed It - David Koechner

Monday, November 20th

Actor/Comedian David Koechner, you may know him as Champ Kind from Anchorman, joins the show to talk about his new show Superior Donuts which you can check out on FOX!


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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAA. If I'd bring champ kind in the and I join you with the sports that believe them last time. David kept there was on our shows in the studio and we heard that we were like everybody else trying to get him that opponents. To beat champ kind in and I don't think he was happy that David how Mario and the. Although although the happy. How brutal war. And I lied like. Quietly. Why coming back at it lets you don't it's not like we're we say to answer anything like that went out like you know and I I'm. No good. This was splitting. Yeah right and you you lie and Oden should apartment. I know you want to talk. The bit about superior donuts. And it's superior donuts is on CBS tonight at nine. And it's I got that IE a watch a lot of television I've I've yet to see it. But I've I've heard some really positive things about it. Walk like that's well. Let's from coast lotion yes. Yes yes I could follow that and inflation. Wouldn't change who are. Sure last year so that didn't replace lecture. Or. Now we'll all show this year word cute little hit it's strong won't get shot Hirsch should call it yeah. During our while to find the right rebels so those you know what also set or entertainer. Strong show getting. Appreciate you you Yemen had dinner there. You don't feel the pressure. You know what occurred there yet in Iraq Iraq Iraq the squad shirts Austin. I hope to squash all of it. Well I do what they look I can play. There's pure pure all guards out there has grown mental or jugs or that is typical. They've got queens I don't know precedent that's. The Doctor Who had died when your lovely. Was like we're honored you're. He. Wouldn't. Yeah yeah yeah our race day they they take him the rule book machine and to me like 3000 meters and back he had put on top. Your profit runner. Other well. I really want and tell him to be honest it is an early. I'm ahead and I have a guy like 53 of them given no one thirds. Seventeen years younger than me. I don't make a good thing you know and I didn't think it was his grandfather. You know what I achieved it should it ever get here alone awful. Looks like we're Judd Hirsh on the show I mean I know the task you know congressional law. I didn't know which are global audience. So it's sort of course weakened leisure in the horse show total of what it would do look like every week. Our people are secure social well she's I'm not although. It did in the every week is structured trees. Sure oceans and good luck council are ignorant cat bird's nest it's there but I mean it's good for other. That's. It's sounds like a pretty good gig and it's it's kind of I guess an appropriate shelved because there are a lot of brick and mortar. Businesses that are going through changes and you know these kind of the concept of the show is the donut shop that was never gonna change in and then gets the opportunity of perhaps changed so. It's it it definitely is something that kind of applies for the times when it comes to business. Actual war that would no option apple cart issues through so. It is virtual loophole from 00 erotic. Welcome. And a pretty good until superior don't ask. Ultra cultural barometer of many many people said that about the anchorman film series cultural cultural barometer area. All right David. As always any time in town command CS and if you get a chance. Check out superior donuts tonight it's 9 o'clock on CBS. And well that would check out of the slot that beat target. Great thanks a good game good crisis there was a great. There is under a rock song on a horrible cellphones. Alien as you do they'll be anyway thank. Behind the what do you find started his own parents and that's what we we we just seem to get along we have an. Journalists. Not really on. One day he'll be sentenced him. And I get to talk about my life thing and it is no way we're you have nothing to talk about it I know I've done nothing well yeah you know again Charlie Baker best we aren't. In the same town and there's that it would never brought up like anyone that lives you graphically close to you or are there where you of their outbreak that never happens. Wouldn't look. Eight assists and mom wants. And it ain't heavy David can't earn time about Adobe here. That's my Susan according to an athlete a legit question about check out there are now begins at eight. Well that they're not as violently what that interview himself what what what what makes him penises in the rocks. The side here. And he's ball. I really look yeah. They're a little sinus charm that's a whole deal now is hilarious hygienic reasons you aren't the only actor but it is his signature deal. You know has is that the fact that he has the end beside her mom you're like the dad in my big fat Greek wedding because like taking any word and show you how the route that word is green county kids any interview and make it about himself that he won't Q1 and Monique little what was wrong with that these I want to ask us. It. You know I interviewed not about the subject of the interview about him they just upset that I idea I was you know and I do the parlor and yes they didn't get picked up and I think we don't have. I yeah. Are ineligible you you get a pilot and you get beat out by like hope and faith. That's there's this have been listening all morning they believe you have to mention their hero K. Now it's just that is Monday house at them on December there it's simmered down tech down now. It's not just one thing it's gonna. How does not essential to wonder if there was nothing of what this issues. Oh my gosh anonymous you know how hard it is Friday through Sunday to tackle everything just going commanders and you people when you pace yourself with the alcohol that's now.