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In Case You Missed It - David Duchovny

Friday, January 27th

David Duchovny calls in to discuss his book "Bucky F**king Dent" and upcoming tour and record Hell or Highwater!

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WAA asked. You know David Duchovny from X-Files California occasion in his book Bucky bleeping dent. But he's also a singer songwriter he's not torn fact. He'll be at the Wilbur theatre in Boston on February 22 so we've got him on the line rights is and David thanks for hanging out Matty and. Thanks for having me in Boston. Where where the music began for me who recorded announcement Boston. Are you kidding I didn't know that yeah. Now who we're with the musicians from Boston's not that happy. Yes I mean they the that you originally from Boston. The time we are working they were in New York Brooklyn but they'll they'll match. At the Burton who musica. And probably ten years ago. We just talk about another Boston connection we have you might buddy who's a national. I went out to LA and put it. But the thing is it's completely allowed because it's part of the Oxford English dictionary now so please feel free use it literally like right and then. Exactly which we're gonna talk what is your great great book. But my body JJ went out there became a trainer to the stars and actually work you out I don't wanna start to soften controversial way about it. He says you can't do more than five pushups. And firmer and I. Will you. It. While nick and I were missing a lot to your record Heller hot water. On spending some time last night and we really dig it man's got a great sound super well produced. And I'm. Missing. I love your voice tone of this kind of lead five it's very laid back. I mean you go for styled errors it just you wish your voice. Yes my voice my voice and it. Does Whitney Houston attorney and it's. It is what it is so. You know I find myself. You know. Petty about it of course that he he he never bit. I hear I hear that the melodies and write something about it I can penalties. Successfully. Get them out of my head in the way that I want and I get help from from the guys you know on the ban. So that sometimes that. You know I've worked on my voice and they have gotten better even since one record of that problem. So it's a work in progress but. It's never going to be known. But he says what an instrument now know reserve percent of them. Well I love the tone it's I think it's great voice that's distinctive and talking to David Duchovny actor author. Musician who is about to embark on a very busy February he's touring a lot of places you go see him and on the 22 February. You'll be here in Boston mass at the Wilbur theatre in icy red after that David. Now couple days later you're going to be in Asbury park at the stone pony home of Bruce Springsteen's. Yeah publicly and our pilgrimage. Let's talk about Bucky Dent for a minute if you don't mind. That book was recently. Amazing I IE. I thought it was gonna be maybe you're relationship to the Yankees was completely you know fictionalized account but I am wondering. Andy and needing just inspired us this story to tell McCain to you know. Yet and I can't no you know different strands. In the camps nowhere. Did it it's. You know what sort of biographical other brokers certain touches like for instance I did grow up to new York at that time other group broke him. My father did pitch for reporters it's awful thing. But. Aside from that. Really like the relationship between father. My father was not like on very gentle I think this is the main keys of the story where. Something that happened to me as a young father or my daughter got very ill just on nine holes. And we were afraid we're gonna lose her and the kind of emotional. We'll post went through never had forgotten that and then putting that into another relationship between father and son in the book. And then this idea that is hell. Is determined by whether the talks when it's. And whether or not you can take the outcomes you know whether you can distort reality just because you love someone. And he can do it for awhile but eventually reality resources so so that's kind of the key that came together in the book. Well here in Boston week kind of base all of our realities in all of our health depends on our sports because that's just the that's just the way you roll and you know we have to be big fans of yours. Have you come up and recorded an album here in titled book Bucky. And dent in the we gotta love us and X-Files kept their fornication Alexi come up and do that because dude you've got a lot of nerve Duchovny. You know what I think. I you got to be side of Affleck and Damon giving you their version of Boston. But not enough. I'm the only way it's can we actually discussed last week on the show who you would posture in the age of Affleck Damon and wall bird. Might be mr. Boston who do you think is the most boss Tony and of all our avatars. Discussions make him you know he's. Good question I'm don't Warburg. I itself is Joyce yes he's he's although Casey get the stature of this new Manchester by the seat might be taken the ground game. Oh look you have to go out like a family. That's terrible that's called betting the pool you can just totally taken the Catholic school. It's that it it will be a good conversation they'll play. Much discussion in the future but I think Annika. Yes they were warmer but expect them yeah. And that and that makes that difference out there are as we say which usually like to say that makes a Wiki used here is the album is hell or high water. The artist and I mean artist he's a real Smart guy author actor and musician iams hell or high water he'll be at the Wilbur theatre. On the 22 of February David any chance met got to come and see us when you're here in Boston please do I would not. Try no to see what I think I do have a book signing event that they might do little tactics and I don't 52 days of I would love to have. Well I will be at the show and out root me on body you that we we both love nick and I both love people who put our out in the world and I sincerely with the hearts and thanks and I had hoped to put are working good ship now. Keep it up and go Sox you know having a fit and I don't know I can't deal with that but I do pushups. Get well. Guess.