Monday, November 14th

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And and yes so. Am. What for many Friday was a holiday so apparently. They missed the dramatic turn of events. Which has led to Danielle Steele being here with us this morning and I cannot I cannot be happier thank you cannot be happier I'm glad so. But we muzzled recap. But he does. Texted the start of the show where somebody said nicer radio stunt to moron. And so. I you know we went over this on Friday quite extensively against we will Kabul times. Today by. I mean really. You're having mixed emotions when it came to leaving the program. And I think it was Thursday literally Thursday. Where's. You came to that being said you know I I just I'm not sure that I wanna leave by of and I love these listeners some. I love coming in. On Monday is not knowing whether LB is gonna be there are not telling it is used that he said yeah I love you love it and you don't know after a big game like last night later. A regular night but it where nothing's going on you on Wednesday he loved not knowing whether the weather as of now. Like you feel that you eat can you explain it to these people yet you just had mixed emotions about it and esteem and you're it's a woman's. Prerogative to change your mind need this I think that first someone's association telling him I heard it so you changed your mind that we've I yeah I am very accurately grappled with the decision to even. There that are. Things behind the scenes whether it's a legalese. Or other things in and that you know you have to think about when you wanna start out by new ventures and leave old ones and it was a very difficult decision and as the time grew closer. And I realized how much I was gonna miss the job and want to figure out a way hike could combine. This job with the things about which I'm passionate kind of do everything in the and I went on the regretted the decision and cried a week and announced that your body of the fact yeah so I just you know I love you guys. He does love interacting with the listeners and he's being apart pretty it's a cool thing it's a really cool job of it can't tonight a great job it's. It's not heavy lifting at it's clearly you know commitment. From this I mean look at some could be here with the yeah. I'm needed. Here is a tax. That says he quipped odd quick exit that's one way to describe it. Well says the budget text messages. Here's somebody wants to know if it's a part of the radio script that Danielle. Decides this day in and LB decides not to show up on Monday and yes that's the the season finale was fried or Danielle announced that service day and and then the season premiere is today where we don't know where LB is or as I tweet it. If we is. With full reference to an eighty's pop classic. It's Monday. And one of our submarines. Is missing. That's a Thomas Dolby it if you don't know if I don't product in feasible ideal right out about it at 6:22 this morning. Let's say. Danielle is addicted to daddy had absolutely true why wouldn't she be show. Love the show if the union laughed the whole thing tank yes that's what's that's myself on the sort of thing and that's in those worried about the only actor. It is very very happy that there aren't I I don't think it was our site and they can it was conspiracy like beyond into Coke. You know leave well enough in our our question while we can. Very Egypt Iran and I'm I don't think to show support and all right but. I don't eat a light and and. Mean either that I was I was panicked I was I didn't know what was get I thought I might have to get a real job but it didn't like in retail or something in on an. Let me tell you it takes this thing out of the patriots lose and they and they also on the air. Well you know what I say did you know what I say how do we misuse view if you did you won't go away and I does that. Rockefeller to the point out that we expanded minutes at a fifty at the end at the back with some. Some jobs around that if there but it.