In Case You Missed it - Damien from The North End

Wednesday, July 11th

Have you heard that Mayor Marty won’t let Starbucks into the North End? Well we talk to the guy who led the charge, Damien from the North End calls in to tell us how he took on a giant and won.  

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And Damian the Pollard joins us right now here on the Hill Man Morning Show on the fringe him Ford's studio line morning Damien. Good morning Harry you're born today I Dolan. At. Now. Damien I'm assuming longtime north and residents. Yeah hammered my family came here than. 1967. And they open up about your regional capitals well they're back in the day. So you know I have been in the that would enable it once you master emerged. Troops there and opened up a restaurant while they're in the bunch back. Came back to the neighborhood. Came back so yeah back to the hood at that now. We had a really interesting debate about this the other day and there were techsters were texting in saying wait a second this is America. Why are we telling business when it comes to free enterprise where. They hand in and cannot do their business and so. I'm interesting in hearing your take on that. Well. Telling them projecting a two different things. Or not I would not tell anybody and it was just. What we what we coal burners. That we don't want you here. And we know what you're up to. Shall we suggest that it volatile. Go elsewhere because if you want to stop and question number one Hanover street. If you want a couple of or if you really want that nasty bitter cost. You know walk. Sixteen your sixteen. Locations within walking distance. Our book. Once and not change their belt. This is what the north and this program it's not enable it. It's not a neighborhood of people who get out of work every day there if pat restaurants and character you all the patient shops and now these. For generations in this families. And everybody work. How does not care verbal back and a lot of large corporations. I have a responsibility. To its shareholders. Franchisees. Not currently able ports. So this is are not in doubt about further. And let me try to that we don't want it be a much in our books well. If you like it you know Damien. Why not let him go in there and let them fail because I know for a fact is a lot like you just that is a lot better places than Starbucks Nolan then okay not know who went in there and then let them and let them fail on their own. So we we don't realize they're pictures not. Amid multibillion dollar. Company we realize a multi billion dollar company so. You know XP take a loss in a prime location to the bill or. For that. And which is what they're not sure you have argued thank you to hear really hurt solicited thirty grand a month. So let's say maybe. Would between Alter expect that it felt they reveal who sent. Which suitable to ask somebody and you must go crazy or did you think capital million a year is gonna affect them. When they can put up big billboard. Right in front of the military and that's that's all they want. So absolutely. You know maybe I think you're gonna lose money they didn't oh. So it's not a man you understand and a lot of people won't understand this sometimes your comments from people. I don't restaurants and look at exactly. All legally Procter and Starbucks okay. Yeah. But I don't expect that enable it probably would let my friends and neighbors. That a brand yet do we think that they will hurt little listens well I think so because. I'm not until home. And I but the Paris when you really wanted to kind of new iris you wanna eat French food right now seem so important to look almost. You know what if something and that they go what of course. There are opening. And receive a way to its corporate. Greed. Damien Wear out by the way this is very important to me where would you say the best pizza in the north and can be found. Our Carol in the area I wanna know something you can get good Pete shut. But I didn't you like Neapolitan. Apparent in that you know overcome hurdles for the Cecilia can't be just delicious. All of these tremendous solace written them a lot. Amy and I wanted to says Dana I'm gonna credit. I'm gonna suggests. Suggests a wouldn't suggest that you tell me none of this comment on this pussy footing around. Yeah I want and I want an answer on artists. Are you wanna know something and I am happy to say. But I'd be completely from every establishment found and that's all good it depends on if you let me all of that out Cilic or Italian American side note. If you are resilient. We had a better future is in the north and now. And we did twenty years ago believe I'm not every order stepped up. It's it's amazing you're not gonna get a bad teacher caught on this. The Sicilian again of that it couldn't be at from bird world that I you know did you know we are. There's there's there's such things are bad pizza right. Right a look at the picture. I must its arguable as to abide by the way Starbucks does that pizza and is not a hybrid. I understand that. You know all that that they come in hand they do wonderful trinkets. You know you're gonna go but not net and the Italian memorial and the best thing at that meeting at all and how big game. They're gonna transition what they think it's good that they're ORD. Year. Well. Yes it's sad and I read I read an article. That didn't Seattle. Warned that certain clothes. And edit suite tax on corporations that make over 25 million dollars. To help the homeless situation where people are these books. Amazon nonstop luck. Put up money let's talk the legislation from passing. Wanna constantly between 400. Employees. To help the burden of the homeless situation in Seattle. You know they'll rule it in Seattle think again Monday did it again India. And now you'll last multi million dollar corporation. And you actually can't 400 and it's full eat out almost. Again about it hooked up. You know when I was a kid I don't think this happens in the north and anymore. But when I was a kid. Instill Massachusetts. And we estimate annual trip in to do the sightseeing in the city with their relatives from from out of states. These two I used to be so transfixed on the ad is that like the Ravitz. Hanging in the always portal very. Good old days. That doesn't happen and to me war. I mean it all. Yet to look at that lo LC. And or acting at all. Ovals Kurt Busch usual scores all up and down goes mostly sociology saw that it plans. Ten years they're and a rather hang in China. Kind of liquid in China problem it was brought about closeness. Yeah I'd be you know almost totally different times gentlemen and I honestly and this total book just thought we won the last you know we have one total got a level. It's so forward to the history. Of them bullet. And and just so if you look if you trap looks and you're opening your channel warms I'm sorry not gonna happen. You know. There are great unwell man and the and the mayor are you surprised that the mayor has the has joined you in this in this in this efforts. Look surprised old man who else I'm excited and has ostrich. And it any concerns in any neighborhood because of what is going on call the local work and and middle Walsh is always ready to listen in and he's also. I'm not the fight the guys the working class. He's the open guy you most what people do everyday and make a Littman project I had. You know little won't come home phone numbers here when corporations we make a salary make millions of follows. They wanted to Malvern and olive garden and over this. It's. Real legitimate and let me tell you let's go to jump back. That would never happen. Look what we're all. It would stand up inside enabling. Rich low of their true. Yeah yeah. Any genes that you'd go to. Honestly I don't want to change at all costs. I put personally I'm marching guy. Yeah you know I'm happy to say it never had a cup of Starbucks coffee and I never well. You write Dunkin' Donuts. I gotta tell you I love don't condone and mr. Johnson and that is their dunks you know done and they want it and I'm excited and what all this rural put on your daughter is. The order locally all. And I don't see portable and that 3000 square foot stocks. 500 foot sign. And tried to insult our neighbor or consult. Our. Big big opponent in the locker room when he caught Obama donors. Yeah I got my X what do you mean with Alexandra yeah I agree there it alone. So what does that everybody's texting in Damien what is the name of of your restaurants. What do they connect ordered a community leader and articulate all of us yeah standing and I could something I've been on the phone with the for the last ten minutes. Nobody's doing anything deal. A much greater I'm afraid I'm afraid to even saying it might might be taken on line elements I have blow. Well I don't I don't I don't can't believe they're on you know I don't Beatles chatter on cereals but still it will do like. Welcome what will get some listeners all over for dinner and I I think I'm gonna we RD and are our last hour now second to last or third to last blind. Food taste this challenge was the best bar pizza out on the South Shore. I think I may do the best north then pizza. As the next blind from dictates that talent on the show Damian it let let me know. We minute we've come in. Our commander we can now look what well the piece of people. He's he's sort of several hucksters one of never never mind LB bingo several techsters wanna play in north and bingo. So nice any time strongly suggest you play in north and things like when Damien says let me tell you found them and that's what's that at the time ago. Or thirty. All right well and we can can we continue to consult on this issue and in use you as. There are our north like every time we have an issue in the north then we want to talk about your course my absolutely. You guys satellite phone number. Texas as the year crazy. It's a 617 texture. Who says you're crazy Alfredo is the best pasta dish on turnovers. Album thank you very much and and I appreciated and actually that this was created when I was you match and burst open light source. Lester audited Julia. I want to make hardly finished elect the story is what like there wasn't school. You know not been to a stranger crazy. Or create your try to create your fruit despite Alfredo chicken so recycle the there's sought and it's a good this content that call us back from learned much from. Our character. The name your place in the and hammers to. It was probably that it was not well I'd. Like between Amherst and look at the book is not Stella there's. Well and acknowledge folder from my shot crate it's now called Arenas and named it after. Daughter. That's on us now we feel about McKiver once they're okay and change right there meet Saturday. Nikki all. And Frankie and everybody else they're all behind us so all you with us on this. He's got to understand guys like that they're not Nicole Richie got reviewed and tightened controls that work there that saw. I am making assembly when they came from Italy. So I don't think history of all these people you don't want to people that say you know they say they won't this lead and they want to work. I gotta tell you may have changed my mind I'm I'm I'm generally like a free enterprise guy in and I don't think it's. Senate feral. Acknowledging that argument I am a little just a little bit afraid that Damien momentum but you know I'm really did you win some of those and win some and it's a pretty good a year Damien laden I mean not for nothing is a Starbucks and Atlantic yeah yeah yeah. Sixteen of them have been marking this this is 100 land and they don't get one of course or street on the backs the same at all. I think the way into the matter of. Understand it's not a matter of you have the putt note that opened this city that built the everywhere so you know the seaport so far. Wouldn't want any any any local businesses total. Downtown crossing. There's not much of a popular a resident population. There weren't many businesses there shall there is a plot to that seminary building that. In the local people to do exactly. I mean even if you go to Jamaica Plain political Dorchester. Roxbury use Austin. You ask little Latin restaurants little Vietnamese pleasures of African American social good these particular. The people and small artwork and people. You know free enterprise and you gonna draw a line somewhere special so you have a place that's that most people into that means I don't think so. Can we talk about speaking about he's Bosnian can we talk about Reno's for a minute. Great place man looked colonies are great shots. And afford dynamite. The test though I plan to over there this is it's amazingly here does that hear about it every game as its it's unbelievable it really is fumble. I'd well. Damian the Apollo. Is the man who is saying notice Starbucks. And how those who are getting involved what what can they do Damien like what do you guys got to face. What's yes we. We have a FaceBook page called stop. Stop at north then. If you decide they like that page they will get updates as you never know they might try to closely more honest so. What we're on top of them and what we're gonna look at that hole shall we saw an increase from apple won't. We're strongly. Suggest. That they choose another place to open up right yes we strongly suggests go somewhere else. I and the name of your two places again because everybody wants to go they really like your attitude and wanna go to your restaurants and I what are the places and Connolly and that's. I'm only in it and you don't. Man while will be in touch that we're gonna have you on the show again write him. They are appreciated guys I appreciate you looking into that since uttered the word it's it's very nice you. Hopefully you know look at some other places will hold now let this happen whether it was a hard working community east. And if anything was said on the show this morning that offended you take it out what Lyndon byers a path quote yeah I don't like over network animal Natalie. What what what I'd been to both your play and I think it. The north has been feeding the Boston Bruins for. 75 years which. What movie were you in where you guys in together Lyndon are oxy moron curable so well. Moron so. Yeah I was a boat OxyContin. It might back. I'm tired. It certainly is a suspect things Ackerman on the show and thanks to stand and talk I'm with the I got you back just don't don't appreciate that don't don't invited me in for free meal you go back. Steve and thought it was out of business is put on about sixty cents. All right all walk huh. He's in the a excellence and success is stereotyping and text it while Sanofi wearing track suit right now they're not wearing a track I know. Oh no that's. Trachsel took terrible. People would be wherever it goes I'm wearing just a waste Peter actually. Wanna shut. It's actually possible all the little yeah. Maybe that's costs don't realize they talk like they thought wait a minute on the outdoor. What wait a minute this intriguing plot why do you say sauce instead agreed via thought it was gravy. Well it ordered. Think I think it's that the president shall at. Maybe second third of our generation challenge equate. Show off the ball which I came here when I was three years all my can't release it talks silk. The water stronger waters quite well I don't Grady won't be the dirt. The option of our. Ed gaining usually I equate when we you gravy it would have need and it's not saying equate to like a marinara would you agree. You out but what is it bodes well but what worked game and great leader so hot pursuit or were you pretty. Or gave. Amy. No it's edit it literally be the. All. Let's duke it out and the red raiders are. I wouldn't callable he's gravy callable in costs that orient me you wouldn't call and it. Gravy it would qualifies green because it's a right to your job you'll obviously. Well. Like certain. In. Certain areas like generation like me something that I don't think that should be correcting. Him. What is needed. Damian Jackson wants to go yeah yeah. Are you where are you walking around the north and right now what we're we're gonna Amman Hanover street actually okay. Attacks that wants to know. If you take credit cards or its cash only over the reject credit he's got a cracked it out all the burial. It's it's it's tax there's it's not me it's these attacks. We don't take credit. Resolution and all night yeah. Well. Good luck in this and very interesting conversation. Great to have you on the show and able I'm serious about about call you later about north and pizza blind who faced this challenge does. I want to do that next week. And I want you learn our Ed can you lead the charging tuck the ball over as in docked everybody we'll get. Love but now everybody's so what is needle will bring you these are and ask those that we feel about it and asked those. I guess you could say you know what bill and exploit it. Chris beat ya got all kinds of talkers called outreach and not tell ya I hear you. I tell. All right thank you all right thank you. There is Damian the Apollo. Good guy. Cochran out crazy guy deceit is CEO of Italian dissents I figured it out I don't know I was doing and he goes great he knew all the stereotypes yeah. Thrown about and yeah OK whatever let's move on. Use sounding gray like. When you're asking him about it nick Murano in Reno's. You sound like in ocean's eleven and Indy Garcia is asking Damon's character a guy that.