In Case You Missed It - Color Killer

Wednesday, July 11th

We have the punk rock band Color Killer in studio to jam today. They are the youngest band ever to be invited to play the Warped Tour.

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They Hill Man Morning Show earned him. And I acknowledge them online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Thirteen. Working very hard here to get the studio setup and I assume that all we are actually live on FaceBook right now so. FaceBook dot com slash W. Rocks. If you wanna see. The youngest of band to ever play the warped tour play live here studio they're called color killer. And their Nate and their Dylan and Lincoln and Matt. And I believe. That we're able to talked one day a week in one way okay we need one minute. Let me I'm working on a bunch of stuff all you are I still yeah these guys aren't Eli yah de dire. I eight and ten and twelve years all makes me feel like and and but will it. If you listen exit. User where you're doing when you're where you had a band that was playing the warped tour and you're winning or eight years old and now neither was playing with Legos the I was sending army men on fire yeah. And now. I was collecting stamps. All right so. I think we can talk let's talk that Nate I think they can say they can you're talking and we area. Young yes yes all right so Nate how old are you know. On twelve you're twelve your results. And Linkedin. Is the Lincoln's the little guy how old you Lincoln. Usual you're eight years old. And how do you guys end up becoming a band. So live pretty much isn't first there's any you know we're just happens rinks around there just. Plane around like Ollie and we shouldn't have fans you know I'm happy an opponent. From Leslie can really figure out like it could be named just thinking and I think in and then we just came up with Alec I would imagine rain whereas together. Donna Shelby does the sport it's just puts it on Germany and important together. So then well where was. Lincoln ware was here where was your first gig where was the first gave the guys ever play. Well Almonte thinking here because now everything had been active. Yeah and scans and eagerly did. Can parents help you did the talent show and the U his agenda and. And that was that's Dillon who was the drummer and Yahoo!'s general was the drummer at the time. But now Mattis who drummer yeah so was the talent show for school. And what school do you guys I'll go to. I got here Mattel and then she made granola come okay and that's again. And Marlboro mom and Marlboro OK so you guys are from Monroe. And then how did you end up getting on the war tour. We've pretty much. We're just playing really really we got as as time went on we just got there ya is. Payments. Which got better as time went on I mean what songs yet. In one of our songs that got really really popular. Spot. On FaceBook down winner. What's called down with another okay down with a winner on our winner this man here is down with a winner Pachulia like that I know I lost a lot of you guys and you too bluster. Our assets awesome Mike she was in a band back in 1987. I was much older. Another circus I'd pick Eric wonderful not yet groupies we have a lot of like groupies hanging around going of the shows and stuff. Now assistance assistance. Is OK. And do you guys ever like how do you get along the media is there ever see you know 'cause you know like the the Rolling Stone loses they hate each other they've been fighting for you and the guys I mean the guys get along Aristide gets some some flight. Sometimes. When they. Came out. Almost. As old age teens are. Syrian does that present. Me I won't sometimes. Animal alliance. Now almost. The drummer that map that. We stop OK and I demands. Many guys angry eerie yet you met each other does anybody crier you're you're you're way cooler Matt Ryan. Com. Not as. Went that what the point that the and I guess I don't respect of the drummer and yeah don't tell that it. Has yeah. The band color killer is with us in the studio there are eight and and and twelve year olds. And there CD releases on July 20. And that is at the tank in at Guam. Do you guys play can you allowed to play bars the IDs and yes I can't. Now I'm not too hot TV in case you aren't the owners and they compromising Willie. We're like the only ones can be combined experience. Okay ancestors and times Eaton and you know. It's the latest always get in regardless. Isn't there a risk of duties with the with the sisters. Yes I that there yeah via a vigorous concluded that I yeah. I. So these guys are going to be playing. Vans warped tour on July 27. You can check them out on instinct or am I actually. On Maine's two grams or you can see the guys they got now. You guys got the hair dyed. Lincoln is low. What made you go blue Lincoln. Sat my me and Richard I am so I mean yeah there's only a couple of current and my sister's getting an idea there's being blunt terms like that enroll and need to Yasser that is never an all clear air since and my he's. And and me either work what are you look what color is it anchor it was it was. Going to one apart and share. I just plain. It. And I and and map that is what colors maps here Matt's way back map we can we get that Michael Graham I am yeah OK yeah. Announced that drummer. It's boasted that. You've been into possible. I'll lethal blow anyone. Standing. Ali Sam and I was as the themselves telling you about your dad but I am and how. It's. And then. A techsters said that they had seen something about you guys. That one of you has they. A juice box addiction that really interfering with the tour is that true when he doesn't mean mountains that as a senator. Not addicted to juice boxes. In the arms are happy. Your that there does not excessive backstage use of juice boxes and tonight that milk usually like to share template right. You Ryder. Yeah. Stakes are but it is nice. At. It's easy to accidentally microphone say that in the this. It sticks on people's camps and again ordinance say if to get me. Is apparently accidentally. Now who are your guys influences music. Of the Green Day pros next. On each are asking it. Eliminates him. Yeah yeah users. Cool while I think we should I think we should have these guys play live for us in the studio. And word FaceBook live right now so that's one way you can check this out. I'll tell you Lincoln Lincoln probably. You see what is it three. Taller than you are just me. Your image and that that now you're gonna show. And I look at our rights though a month ago. I'll I'll get some instruments stuff on this story though FaceBook live. And color killer is the youngest man to ever play the vans warped tour that's July 27 and what's are you guys can do force. Go to bed going bad it's don't go to now that's my wife says to me nightmare. So here they are. Alive on WA AF its color of every as a right. Bottom of a bank. And I wanna go to bed. This way the. Chris says those guys. Had a lot of them I've. Yeah. It's you got. Felt won't. Plus. And yeah I guess I. Well stay in this kind of an outlook that guy that was awesome that is color killer to me and they are eighths and ten and twelve years old and that was really really good that was what was the first sorry guys ever play. You remember. Original cut lines well collateralized it was the first time here at what Powell would be. I think me to write was that the first time. Yes it ain't this press play you guys eating my green. And not to date I know none of you have been on Vietnam and interstates. Right. Now I hope allegedly bent the rules of how do you still love girls. Other heroes I Allen the gallantly. He is painless and at. That particular thing. Via the clue whether she's listening in down on the ice soccer do you the only text and we need to we are sentenced next sometimes yeah. Well let's out of Lincoln has that Jack he's allowed to have snapped what Lincoln's allowed us. Tell friends. In. One out of it. Not a problem and it doesn't know exactly how exactly. And I was on you guys. Old Joe's girlfriend and it was in this and you notice it's always the singer who steals the right don't. All right well. Public The Beatles look all these text messages here see of these these guys everybody saying how really did you Meyer and day. They want all they want in the might turn up a little Leah. And it and they also wanna hear one more hours on the as a Purdue and once there. And I what fuel what do you want to do now days okay I. Well color killer you'll see them on warped tour on July 27. And it's on there also there there's a documentary being made about these guys. Iron bound film's ultimate iron mountain's connecting how's that how's that is it cool to have a documentary made about him. Yeah it's it's been pretty cool yeah okay all right we'll go ahead here we go. Yeah. Yeah. And is color killer 810 and twelve years old. And great job guys I'm so glad he came in here so. CD releases July 20. And your audience to Graham ranked what as an instrument act color killer band color killer and then okay. And it'll be anybody can go to the CD release party at that that the tank and go on that's on July 20 and your play you play alive. And all of us and it's oh it's when are you it's my information it says that the pac. Now he has he'll. Seed in the east. Okay so to get this information. See the old man in the arms and a Sudanese July 20 CD release at the tank in Guam and then on July 22. CD release party adult burns in mob. He knocks. You guys get remembered me right so LB. And they'll I'm not a man and I ticket you guys you crush it. I'm DOD take a look at LB does he look close to death to you how how would. How old would you guess LB is if you if you had to take yes what 66. 96. Yeah as I realized I. One dollar and if you kept and Alan I. Of prices right did help get an event here we gonna talk about that what do you guys do so when you guys get paid fairly gigs in and stuff. What do what happens with the money does it does it get this is it gets get split up. Unit of the week. He might look in. The you have to pay for your guitar you know you'd back because he but use your guitar so yeah that's right Ellis right it does yeah. I aspects dads on the money gets split up equally and and you guys get it or is it like in a bank account there a week. Get most of time we getting and we just we have like a lot to me you know lots in her center later that probably yeah yeah. Help my X 2000 something dollars in the paint him back probably. What about Ford nine. Actually spending money to a sport you know always and is now on on the cats and money the money and it's bad for these whom he. Only I think the 25 media. And I. And what's. It's going. To be limited down brawl in the studio. I'd just and breaking up I notice. I noted rented out and in that document and Nadia that's. This is going to be and this is sorry man. All right guys well what's up for the summer anything other than playing any warped tour worked very excited. You. Who you who you most excited the M warped tour. I don't know what planet annual like I mean like I don't know what planet. I. Like how I don't what drug they dared to planned. And now I know that there's a bunch of good band that plays into. And I can't see it water parks. And Seymour yeah I wanted to play less with less energy total yeah. The area under crusty simply lying. And find all time luck and Angela aunts and yeah see and then again America race. Well it's been awesome having here. And please read like LB said remember us when you get really really big and perhaps we will we will always remember us yeah right. We see a backstage we'll be cooler unanimously you know who are those guys and influence on him call security could do that as broad muscular and and remember he can close. And it cost. I'm well probably look worse than that we do now that's that's the way it happens when he it'll do you guys to figure that out Sunday by. On color killer that they are 810 and twelve years old. And you can check out their website which is color killer band dot com to see him at the vans warped tour on July 27. I wish you guys a ton of success in life her thanks lazy eyes thanks for being there great job people who will be right back.